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I hate how 99.99% of the time, most of the companies don’t give a shit about an idols well being, feelings, opinion or situation. The only thing they care about is profit, and maintaining an image, which in turn just continuously exploits the idol. I sometimes wonder just how much pressure and exploitation idols and trainees have to go through behind the scenes that we’ll never probably know about. It’s a scary thought just thinking about it.

When you start getting into k-pop more, you also start seeing it everywhere more often. You’ll notice small things like someone having an idol as their icon, even if they’re not talking about k-pop. It makes you wonder how you didn’t notice it before and what you were even doing before you got into k-pop.


이게아닌데 - TAEYANG cover by HOYA

color experiments continue with me doing all these in serirei (sorta celebrating the 200 kudos and now 2K hits on my fic)

this one is ♠: One character adjusting the other’s jewelry/neck tie/ requested by @sandflake

i’m in a good mood so have an extra tie-pull tiny kiss on the smoft cheek

(you can affect the order i’m doing these by requesting them btw!)

INFINITE REACTION: To you asking them to be your first time

Scenario: You’re dating for two years


“Yah… Do you think  am that easy?”

“Yeah, that’s right… I am…”



“Hum… Hey how are you doing? So sudden like that?”


“How about now?”





“Excuse me?”


“You… I’m watching you…”

~ADM Cherry Panda and Misso~

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Now is not the first time I’ve caught tears falling on my cheeks on this street,
I’m almost disappointed in myself
I promised that this wouldn’t happen again.
But now, here I am…
In the middle of this street, walking swiftly amidst the rain that only falls on my cheeks.
I don’t think he knew what this meant to me,
I don’t think he knows what his words meant to me
And I’m not sure I know what these became to me.
I trusted again, let go again, loved again
But now, here I am…
In the same place I was years ago,
A place I’d rather forget,
A place that reminds me that I’m not ready for love.
—  exodus.king