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The story:

The story of “Hong Kil Dong” was the first novel written in Hangul and dealt with a big social issue: the mistreated offspring of the children of noblemen’s concubines.

Hong is the illegitimate son of an elite family. He leaves home, learns magic, and soon becomes like Korea’s Robin Hood. When soldiers come to arrest him, he creates numerous replicas of himself to confuse them. He can contract space to “appear and disappear like a ghost” in several places at once.

He eventually reconciles with the court, serves as defense minister, and later sails across the sea to create his own kingdom free from discrimination.

The image:

Yoo Jae-suk is literally EVERYWHERE in Korea. He is “the nation’s MC.” He’s on numerous TV shows and multiple commercials. I remember seeing him in:

  1. Running Man (런닝맨)
  2. Infinite Challenge (무한도전)
  3. Happy Together 3 (해피투게더 3)
  4. A chicken and/or pizza commercial I can’t quite recall

I remember flipping through the channels and seeing him on at least 5 different stations at once.

“Look what I found, Gina! This book was in Henry’s room… Will you read me a tale?” Roland said as he jumped on the bed, under the blankets, looking at Regina with his big Bambi eyes.
The queen’s face curled in the cutest expression, taking the storybook in her hands and opening it while Roland wrapped his tiny arms around her waist in a hug.
She cleared her thorat and smiled:
“Once upon a time there was a not so evil queen, who thought she had lost everything she had. There was no hope in her life, no light…”
“You are the queen, Gina! The story’s about you!” Roland exclaimed in excitement, lifting his head to look straight into the woman’s dark eyes.
“Yes, Roland. It’s me.” she stopped to smile, first to the child, then to the man who had just entered in the room; then continued: “one day… She met an outlaw. Who actually saved her life… But that’s not the point.” She could feel him smiling, even if she was doing everything in her powers to not look at him and get lost in those eyes. “He was her second chance. Her happiness. And she didn’t even know that then. But now she does.”
“PAPA! It’s papa! He’s in the story too!” Roland was so damn excited about that invented story, he absolutely wanted to know how it ended. But that was exactly the point: that story wasn’t going to end.
“Yes. He is!”
Roland’s smile disappeared from his face quickly as he blushed and asked:
“You love my daddy, don’t you, Gina?”
Regina finally looked to Robin, straight into his blue eyes:
“Very much.”

Ed Sheeran - I see fire (Kygo Remix)
Sage the GeminiIamSu - Gas Pedal
The Hood Internet - Infinite Starts (Drake vs Baauer & RL Grime)
Dawin - Just Girly Things
Miley Cyrus & Jay-Z - We Can’t Stop (DJ Scooter Remix)
Jay-Z feat. Pharrell - I Just Wanna Love U (Jean Tonique Remix)
PARTYNEXTDOOR - Break From Toronto
Usher - Caught Up
Major Lazer - Watch Out Fi Ska (Mungo’s Hi Fi Remix)
Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharrell - Beautiful
Kid Ink - Show Me
Beyoncé & Jay-Z - Drunk In Love
Childish Gambino - Heartbeat (GRiZ bootleg)
Yarin Lidor - TURNMUP
Justin Timberlake - TKO (Black Friday Remix) Ft. J. Cole, ASAP Rocky & Pusha T
The Hood Internet - Say Yr Name (Destiny’s Child vs Slow Magic)
Jeremih - Birthday Sex (Yarin Lidor Remix)
The Hood Internet - Mirror Vibe (Kendrick Lamar vs Cashmere Cat)

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