infinitely hood



I am in a realer state.
I am property not for sale–
skipping bail, shifting sails;
I’m scared to fail
but I’m terrified of succeeding;
bleeding is believing–

the scars are just words on a page 
the difference between life and death
is like white juxtaposed by beige
crime wizard:
pimp, scholar,
warrior, sage– 
rat racing,
chasing my tail in a maze;

pendulum phase, swing your facade, 
forever in a night and daytime in a minute 
rendered infinite;
broke psionic, hood mnemonics– 
hooked on chronic– reality is bent.

—  3:11 am: bathroom selfie– I’m terrified.

girmtales  asked:

Can we see the family in their Halloween costumes? ..... And maybe some Mephinite cuddles?

mephiles- werehog
infinite- little red riding hood.
xenox- princess (infinite made him wear that)
kai- didn’t dress up.


                          ❝ Hey…  What a coincidence! ❞

                          Askr was a strange place with even stranger 
             rules.  Henry had met all sorts of people he’d been 
             convinced were just fairy tales in the past…  Among
             the great heroes and peerless warriors though, were
             surprisingly people from what Henry had understood
             as history.  The Hero King Marth, for example, had
             laughed at one of Henry’s jokes, and Kiran, in all
             their infinite hooded wisdom, had put Henry on a
             small attachment with the infamous Emperor of
             hellfire: Arvis.

                          He’d been taught a few things about what
              a terrible villain he’d been, in life.  He’d been taught
              enough, at least, that he should have thought to 
              stay away, or at least take a more cautious approach
              to him.

                          Instead, he bounded up to Arvis with a wide
              grin and twenty questions.

                          ❝ I’m glad we’re stuck with each other!
              I’m a huge fan of fire myself, though Kiran has me
              using swords?  Nyahahaha!  I’m Henry!  And you… ❞

                          ❝ You’re the dread emperor right?  They said
              you went crazy and killed like, thousands of your own
              people!  I always thought that was a little suspect,
              since fire magic doesn’t really make your blood go
              bonkers.  That’s dark magic.  I’d know.  Can you
              tell me about it?  Ooh, can you burn some one up
              for me?  Nyahaha!  I’d love to see it! ❞

The story:

The story of “Hong Kil Dong” was the first novel written in Hangul and dealt with a big social issue: the mistreated offspring of the children of noblemen’s concubines.

Hong is the illegitimate son of an elite family. He leaves home, learns magic, and soon becomes like Korea’s Robin Hood. When soldiers come to arrest him, he creates numerous replicas of himself to confuse them. He can contract space to “appear and disappear like a ghost” in several places at once.

He eventually reconciles with the court, serves as defense minister, and later sails across the sea to create his own kingdom free from discrimination.

The image:

Yoo Jae-suk is literally EVERYWHERE in Korea. He is “the nation’s MC.” He’s on numerous TV shows and multiple commercials. I remember seeing him in:

  1. Running Man (런닝맨)
  2. Infinite Challenge (무한도전)
  3. Happy Together 3 (해피투게더 3)
  4. A chicken and/or pizza commercial I can’t quite recall

I remember flipping through the channels and seeing him on at least 5 different stations at once.