Life Span Of Makeup Breakdown Check List 

Before using any type of makeup, especially makeup around your eyes, you want to be absolutely sure to check the dates. Checking the expiration dates on the back of your makeup will enable you to avoid eye irritation, infections or acne breakouts. 

Mascara- 3 months

Foundation - 12 -18 months

Concealer- 1 year

Powder- 18 months

Blush/Bronzer- 18 months

Cream Blush- 12-18 months

Eye Shadow- 12 months

Eyeliner- 18 months

Liquid Eyeliner- 6 months

Lipstick/ lip gloss- 18 months

Lip Liner- 1 year

Nail Polish -1 year

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“DYI” Mascara Remover

Eyelashes are very delicate and must be treated like fine lace. Using mascara daily to enhance your eyelashes can cause dryness, that eventually can lead to lash breakage and hair loss. Try using vitamin E oil, coconut oil, extra virgin oil or baby wipes to gently remove harsh thick mascara residue before going to bed at night.