scoutforth  asked:

I really apologize if my tattoo offended you. That was never my intention. A friend and I got matching ones in Hebrew and apparently didn't give enough thought to it. But please keep your comments to yourself. This tattoo is on MY body and I'M the one who's going to have to live with it. Pouring bleach into an open wound isn't going to do any good. Again, I apologize if this offended you in any way.

Haha, there is no way we are going to keep silent when people trample on our history and steal from our culture. No.

Yes, you’re the one who’s going to have to live with your own lack of research and dumbass decisions, but what you don’t realize is that your tattoo HURTS US, and so long as you have it it will continue to HURT US, because cultural appropriation FUCKING HURTS.

What an incredible night.

I was supposed to work all night, but for some reason I felt like I needed to get my shift covered and go to worship. So I did just that. My best friend, her brother and I went together. Little did I know that the guy I’ve been interested in lately would be there. We finally got the chance to talk outside of Twitter and Instagram, and it was absolutely wonderful. We have so much in common and I think this will turn into at the very least a great friendship.

The message that Dr. B preached tonight absolutely wrecked me, in the best way possible, of course. After the service, I drove out to my stargazing spot to just reflect on the message and how mighty and wonderful our God is. He’s been drawing me towards Himself even before I knew Him. I spent a good hour and a half just sitting in my car, listening to worship music, and praying. I’ve been really preoccupied lately with improving myself to make people (specifically men) like me more. God just smacked me with love and contentment with who I am and who He created me to be. I headed home feeling loved and hopeful for my future, two things I hadn’t felt in a long time.

There’s this song by The Civil Wars called “To Whom It May Concern,” which is basically a love letter to your future spouse. Usually when I listen to it, I get upset and feel hopeless because I feel like I’ll never have those things and I’ll just be alone with my cat and blog forever. But tonight, the Lord gave my heart rest and gave me hope for a beautiful life filled with love for a wonderful, Godly man, and our mutual love and pursuit of Jesus. As the song was ending, I noticed a figure walking on the sidewalk that was unusually tall. It happened to be the guy from worship earlier (the one I’m slightly interested in). I pulled over and we had another wonderful conversation before parting ways for the evening.

I’m not sure if that was God telling me to pursue this guy, but it doesn’t matter. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen. I don’t need to worry about little things like whether or not I’m going to eventually date some guy. God will make it all work for His great plan for my life. I will trust Him to lead me wherever and to whomever I need to be. And I’m finally content with that.

“Dear whoever you might be, I’m still waiting patiently.”