Do you play Infinite Crisis?

Take up arms for the commonwealth as Emerald Patriot Arcane Green Lantern!

You too can right civil wrongs while wearing a dashing tricorn and spurred leather boots. Notice the lantern-shaped belt buckle and tattered Green Lantern flag, sure signs of a minuteman who’s been out fighting to free the multiverse for a long time.

Grab this iconic ode to Americana in the Infinite Crisis store today.

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Rough concept of Corrupted Elsa from a series I’ll be developing called Disney Otherworlds.
It’s based off the DC MOBA game, Infinite Crisis.
Full backstory and higher res image on my deviantart (link on my profile)

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SoCal Hal will let you be a bro with the best of ‘em. He’s got the backwards hat. That’s a pretty clutch start. Then you got the sandals and sick black socks. Pretty good! Pretty good, dude. But it’s that collar, yo, that popped collar is way baller! Then you got the accessories to match the green power ring—the watch, the necklace, and that sweet Green Lantern jersey.

Yup, seriously bros, slam your pain plane in style and pick up “SoCal Hal” Green Lantern in the Infinite Crisis Store today for 650 Crisis Coins. Killer!

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