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:D I found you link hopping through B.A.P tags one day. Then reblogged aaaaall the things and started looking forward to your tags for everything~ because most the time it’s basically me, B.A.P makes me flail so much omg

Whoa I haven’t been in the tags for a while XD Lolomg you read my tags you look forward to my tags omg you are a saint how do you do it LOL I hope my tags aren’t disappointing nowadays haha

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What are you talking about

The voodoo teasers…oh gosh the voodoo teasers. I love love love pretty much everything to do with supernatural concepts and this is just so many levels of yes good. I was excited anyway, because it was their first album and I love this group so much and I’m so proud; I would have loved just about any concept they could have come up with, but this is just perfect to me. So excited for the actual MV to come out, I have such a good feeling. ♥

(Haven’t been able to buy any physical copies of albums since I got the Super Hero one from Otakon last year, but I’m definitely getting this one. Yes.)