then you haven’t been hugged properly. it’s like an emotional heimlich. someone puts their arms around you and they give you a squeeze and all your fear and anxiety come shooting out of your mouth in a big wet wad and you can breath again.
You're Either In Or You're Out

Louis’s tone is maybe a bit harsher than necessary, but he still stinging from the suggestion that he was staring at Harry. Sure, the way his legs are encased in those skinny jeans is mildly intriguing. But Louis is here to be the next Top Designer, and he’ll be damned if he lets a pretty boy with a sinful mouth get in the way of his dream. Especially if that sinful mouth is spewing phrases like bohemian pantsuit. Honestly. 

Or the one where Louis tries out for Project Runway, Harry is his stupidly gorgeous competitor, Liam is Tim Gunn, Zayn is the supermodel host, and Niall is the guest judge who knows nothing about fashion.

By Anonymous



Perché distruggersi per un Amore non corrisposto, quando siamo noi, poi, a non amare veramente la nostra stessa persona?
Perché disperarsi per un abbraccio mancato, quando, poi, siamo noi a non voler abbracciare il nostro corpo, perché ci fa schifo?
Inutile cercare di riempire i propri vuoti con gli altri, se, alla fin fine, quei vuoti sono irrimediabilmente causati dalla nostra stessa assenza.
Vi auguro che la vostra più bella storia d'amore inizi dalla vostra faccia.
Dalle vostre mani.
Dalla vostra bellezza, che non è ascrivibile ad un fisico “perfetto”, ma ad una voglia di essere veramente in tutte le cose del mondo, senza paura.
Che possiate essere felici con la vostra stessa pelle.
Il resto verrà da sè.

i’m no superman | a mix for remembering scrubs and its many, many musical moments | listen

superman (lazlo bane) . good time (leroy) . overkill (colin hay) . winter (joshua radin) . american girl (tom petty & the heartbreakers) . in the sun (joseph arthur) . hey julie (fountains of wayne) . dreaming of you (the coral) . how to save a life (the fray) . boston (augustana) . guy love (zach braff & donald faison) . stolen (dashboard confessional) . i will follow you into the dark (death cab for cutie) . over the rainbow (the blanks) . ain’t no reason (brett dennan) . our love (rhett miller) . a bad dream (keane) . africa (toto) . hey ya (the blanks) . book of love (peter gabriel)