Infinite Reaction: You As Dongwoo’s Sister

Sunggyu: Turns his head left then right and will ask you to repeat yourself.

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Woohyun: Laugh and probably ask for proof.

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Hoya: Completely ignore what you say unless you repeat it another ten times.

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Sungyeol: Move five steps away from you.

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L: Feel sorry for you.

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Sungjong: Don’t think he has any words for you.

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And Dongwoo here showing off his sister towards the other members…

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Woohyun: *surprised* I didn’t know you were so eager….

Doongwoo: How about another?

Sungjong: *happy maknae* 

Sunggyu: I…I was gonna do that *blush*

Sungyeol: *shy* this kid…*kisses you again*

Hoya: *smiling uncontrollably* 

L: *trying to hide his blush* *thank god I didn’t have to do it first*