Wrapped Around; part 3.5

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 1.9k words

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Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff

A/N: yeaaaah needed to get this awkward transition out of the way but also some key background stuff but ya know lmao sorry this is so late.


The message tone on Jimin’s phone sounds and he quickly digs his phone out of his pocket, hoping that your name would be the one showing up on his screen.

Tae: Yo lunch at our regular place in 15 mins?

Damn it.

Jimin swipes to reply the message, simply answering with a thumbs up emoji.

He clicks on his conversation with you and he’s almost embarrassed just by looking at it.

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Humans are remarkable… You possess limitless ambition, near-infinite determination. The same drive that sends you out into this dangerous wilderness in search of new lives, new opportunities, can be harnessed, chained if you will, to accomplish anything.
—  R. S. Belcher, The Six-Gun Tarot

So today is May 25, which means it’s Towel Day. While I’m not nearly as into Hitchhiker’s Guide as I used to be (people who knew me in 2013-2014 will know exactly how much I was into that series), I still really love it, all versions of it, and I knew I had to do something for it.

So anyway, this is me in my Ford Prefect cosplay. It’s the only cosplay I took with me when I escaped my old house. (It’s also the cosplay I wore to the first and only con I’ve ever gone to.) I used to make the “Ford Prefect face” in all the selfies I took (you know what I’m talking about, maybe). I haven’t took pictures with that expression for a while but I I hope (like in the first in last picture) I’ve still got the knack of doing it. The last picture is blurry, which was not intentional, but I encourage you to imagine that it’s Ford taking a selfie just before the Infinite Improbability Drive is activated.

I’ve still got my copy of the Guide. I’ve still got my towel. Even after everything, I still know where my towel is.

Warp Drive

You offer your coffers
and I drink the gold down
A new energy to move faster than the speed of light
Explorers not imperialists
You’re a continuous gift
as we delve into the rift
Infinitely anything for this

© 2017 Ryan William Foster

Bleach characters, you just learned that Kurotsuchi has been the big bad of Bleach this whole time! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

In my big bad series, we imagine that various Bleach characters have just been revealed as Bleach’s secret, ultimate big bad. So what would happen if Kurotsuchi turned out to have been the big bad of Bleach this whole time? How would everybody react? 

Ishida: Oh my goodness. How will I ever contain my surprise.

Ishida: You mean that the guy who tortured a sweet old man to death and then showed photographs of the old man’s mutilated body (which he apparently carried around in his robe) to the sweet old man’s grandson is somehow EVIL?

Ishida: I will never recover from the shock of this revelation.

Szayel: You’re super right, Quincy!

Szayel: I mean, the guy was always really humane.

Szayel: Why, when he killed his enemies, he NEVER used experimental drugs to ensure that their death lasted for thousands of years in personal time, thus dragging out their torture for a seemingly infinite span and driving them into helpless madness. 

Renji: Good point, espada!

Renji: He also never used his “daughter” as bait, forcing her to undergo pain, humiliation, and near-death just to make his job easier.

Ishida: Nor is he the sort of guy who would stomp on her spine if she were to ask for medicine because she was dying.

Renji: DEFINITELY not!

Renji: He’d never “accidentally” poison the people he was there to save, either!

Ishida: Ha ha, no way!

Ishida: That would be evil!

Hitsugaya: And he’d never, EVER use experimental drugs on his fellow captains when they were unable to consent.

Matsumoto: Wouldn’t raise a zombie army, either.

Hitsugaya: Oh no. Never that. 

Hiyori: And it’s not as though he was in JAIL before he joined the Gotei-13, right? And it certainly wasn’t the sort of jail where they put people deemed to be WAY TOO DANGEROUS to be roaming free!

Rukia: Yeah! And even if he was in jail, he was freed by Urahara Kisuke, and that guy has NEVER “accidentally” helped the bad guys!

Rukia: Like, the sort of guy who creates a super dangerous device and then “hides” it in the body of Aizen’s coworker is NOT the sort of guy who would ever decide to make somebody evil his successor….right?

Kira: And it’s not as though Kurotsuchi has ever slaughtered thousands of innocents without permission in the name of “balance.”

Kira: Because anybody who did that would no longer be captain, am I right?

Weirdly Handsome Squad 12 Guy: He never blows up his own subordinates, either.

Weirdly Handsome Squad 12 Guy: He probably doesn’t even know HOW to turn a human being into a bomb.

Weirdly Handsome Squad 12 Guy: And even if he did, that certainly wouldn’t be his FIRST plan to capture a couple of ryoka! ‘Cause that would be crazy evil!

Akon: Never spies on people either.

Akon: No secret cameras originating from Squad 12, no sir.

Urahara: And even if he were a little evil, it’s not as though he’s also smart!

Urahara: Why, the words “evil genius” never come within a hundred yards of ol’ Mayuri!

Unohana: I imagine he would never so much as threaten to lock his coworker and a teenager in a garganta, “just to see what would happen.”

Unohana: Not a man like Kurotsuchi. 

Byakuya: Plus, if you wish to know how good he is, you have only to look at the manifestation of his soul.

Byakuya: A poisonous monster-baby with spikes coming out of its neck?

Byakuya: That is the mark of a man who is both sane and good. 

Ukitake: So, um, how did that guy remain captain for so long?


Kyoraku: The Gotei-13 doesn’t have a ton of oversight.

Ezekiel Jones Headcanon

Ezekiel Jones is going to go down in the history of the Librarians as the THE Librarian who is the Father of Technomagecraft.

Like there will be theories by him that future technomages follow as gospel.

There will probably be a whole new coding language created for Technomagecraft specific purposes created by him widely used.

There will be a magical cloud drive with infinite storage where he’s stored a digitised version of almost every book that the Library has one day that he’s created.

No fuck that, the he’ll find a way to PORT the whole Library to the cloud in case of emergency.

Like Flynn is the Librarian who lost the Library. Ezekiel is going to become the Librarian who made sure that the Library is impossible to lose and probably found and founded a whole new stream of magic in the process.

galacticicegay  asked:

would you rather have Michele and Emil mutually pine for each other but never get together or have them be in a healthy, happy relationship as best friends only

what’s up you loser ;’) 

I did some thinking on this question, and I’ve decided that I’d rather have them have a happy platonic relationship. Honestly, I don’t want them to suffer and the infinite pining would drive everyone i n s a n e. I personally would rather be someone’s best friend rather than not having a relationship with them at all, especially if I had a crush on them. 

Of course I’d like them to be in a canon relationship, but even them being just friends would satisfy me because Mickey needs some friends. I feel like their ship is good both as a brotp AND an otp. 

So, yeah. thank you for sending, i love youuuuuuu ♥

Nominees for Black Lemon Award Show [MyungJong Celebration] 2015

Best tumblr

- milk-caramel

- es2pido

- mjsista

- kmslpabo

- hanseochan

- infinitelovelemon

- jaexstar

- myungjongcouple

Best fanvid


- 엘성(myungjong) - kiss by moohanJB

- 엘성(myungjong) - 사랑을 글로 배워서 by moohanJB

- INFINITE KimSungKyu 60Sec MyungJong ver. by CMJOY218 さんのチャンネル

- [FANVID] Memories of 2014 || MYUNGJONG♥엘성♥L種 by sweetlemon31393


- COLORFUL Memories of 2013 || Myungjong♥엘성♥L種 by sweetlemon31393

- 엘성(myungjong) - 여름(summer) by moohanJB

- Myungjong Sweet Moments by Castless KJ

Best story: - Daesung 6 Bonsang

- Falling in love wasn’t part of the contract

- Leave the soul alone

- Marry who? The arrogant myungsoo?

- A silent angel and a spoiled prince

- Infinite Force

- Tentacles Of A Dying Breed

- his absolute orders

- Baby Blue

- Taking Lives

- Sungjong’s jealous!

- The Boy Who Borrowed Dreams

- Falling In Love Again

- Silent Friendship

- The Emperor’s New Clothes

- The Informant

- The One Who Makes Life Come to Life

- Roaring Silence

- The Sky Can’t Hold Us

- Meeting You is Our Destiny

- Through My Lens

- A Coward’s Crush

Best Myungsoo

- The Hired Help

- The Boy Who Borrowed Dreams

- Eternal Fate

- Sleeping Love

- To You (Things I’ll Never Get To Say)

- Infinite Force

- Broken & Taped Together Again & Again

- Speechless

- You Didn’t Dare

- Roaring Silence

- The Sky Can’t Hold Us

Best Sungjong

- Mission.Accomplished

- One Little Letter

- The Sky Can’t Hold Us

- Alone

- Infinite Force

- Infinite Revival

- Drive

- 90 days with Lee Sungjong

- Roaring Silence

- Explosive Tears

- Thieves Before The Dawn

- Of Stage Lights

- Tentacles Of A Dying Breed

Best Author

- eunichii

- AveniA

- idreamofjeju

- katingatrouble

- Reene777

- deliberatemistake

- Alljong1201

- analeigh

- evangeline101

- whitelady

- lucypher_

- shukurimu_daisuki

- Limebrus

- Rosechan


- Infinite Force

- Leave the soul alone

- Do you know?

- Sacrificing for you

- S&L

- The Informant

- The Battle Over Your Heart

- The One Who Makes Life Come to Life

- A Fleeting Dream

- Hi, I hate you

- Silent Friendship

- On The Edge Once More

- Will You Follow Me?

- 8finite: Part 2 MyungJong’s ver

- Roaring Silence

- Behind The Cloud

- Silence, Speak. Sun, Smile.

- Train

- The Sky Can’t Hold Us

- Come back just for Christmas Eve


- Once An Arrogant, Always An Arrogant

- The Doll

- Infinite revival

- Because It’s Not A Choice

- Prom Night

- It All Started At The Airport

- A Coward’s Crush

- I don’t dislike you

- Romantic Slavery

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- The One Who Makes Life Come

- marry who? the arrogant myungsoo?

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INFINITE Universe/Canon

- Love through a cracked lens

- 8finite: Part 2 MyungJong’s ver

- a subtle kind of love

- Cessation

- MyungJong Collection

- If the World Believed You Wicked

- When Love Knocks You Down

- My Crush with Double Personalities

- Love through a cracked lens

- Confession of an Idiot

Crime/Mystery/ Action/ Thriller/ Horror

- Killer Instinct

- Cold rain

- A Fleeting Dream

- Taking Lives

- The Storm That Broke The Bridge

- Hunting the Past

- The Creation Sanctuary

- An Account

- Reflection

- Midnight Murder


- The Two of Us

- I’ll Be There; I’ll Protect You


- The Triangles Of Gael'in

- Seeking Eternity

- Garden of Pain

- Eternal Fate

- Escape

- Infinite Force

- A Prince And His Suitor

- Blinded by Light

- Beauty and the Beast: a Myungjong fairytale

- A Promise of End

- Seeking Eternity

- Explosive Tears


- The Two of Us

- A Prince And His Suitor


- Maknae Rebellion

- Flavor of Life [One-shot Dump]

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- Message

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- The leopard in my bed

- Living My New Life With Pervy Kim?

- MyungJong

How I Imagine Infinite When They Drive

Sunggyu: “HEY! HEY! DID YOU SEE THAT GUY!? THAT WAS AN ILLEGAL TURN! Young people these days…!!!!”

Dongwoo: Has trouble keeping his eyes on the road and is always talking. 

Woohyun: Blasting ballad music and singing. If you try to turn down the music he’ll threaten to kick you out of the car.

Hoya: Plays rap music and raps along. Gets too hyped up and nearly gets into an accident. 

Sungyeol: Never ever stops talking and always takes his hands off of the wheel. Doesn’t wear his seatbelt and you’ll have to put it on for him because “Who still wears a seatbelt??!!”

Myungsoo: One of the better drivers but rides with him might be awkward because instead of being able to enjoy a comfortable silence he’ll tell awkward jokes and blush. Super cute 

Sungjong: The best driver and will let you play your music and can hold a conversation, but he’s terrible at parking.