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by wspj In honor of Betty Shabazz who, through and in spite of her marriage, which for so long was dominated by Malcolm, shook him to his core in fervently and unconditionally demanding that he learn,…

Identity politics has become a game of lines, rules, intra-factional speech-policing and infinite divisibility. While it is undeniable thatdiversity is infinite, that very infinity of diversity makes it nearly impossible to draw solid lines in any landscape of society without exercising material political power over what people can do, how they do what they do, and what they can say in and about their doing. Blackness means any infinite number of things that people who are marked as Black through colonial domination and demarcation are doing with their lives. Black means woman, Black means trans, Black means Muslim, Black means British, Black means Caribbean, Black means American, Black means South Asian, Black means Palestinian– but Black doesn’t mean those things if we are disallowed from saying so at critical junctures of discourse. More importantly, in ‘post’-colonial modernity, “Black” means abject, signaling and forever calling upon death; it means being born into ghettos, slums, occupied territories, and on reservations; to a White world Blackness means a totality of all that is disreputable and in this world that includes Islam. Black is beautiful and resistant when we see Blackness as more than its colonial demarcation and we imagine Blackness beyond the essentialist confines into which it was born….

When we ask folks to stop using “Muslim Lives Matter” we are in fact saying that in this moment “Muslim” is something other than “Blackness”; this has never been and will never be the case. Any differences between a group of Muslims and a group of Black people undoubtedly also exists between groups of Black people, between groups of Black Muslims, and between groups of Muslims. Black life includes many things, is iterated in many cultural formations, and as such should be spoken in its various varieties. Patriarchal, transphobic and homophobic arguments have been made upon the same faulty lines of reasoning, that LGBTQI advocates and feminists are hi-jacking a conversation that should be about black men. Of course, this is outrageous because though Black women, Black trans folk, and Black queer folk are policed and governed in a variety of ways, the central notion that non-white people don’t matter in Western post-coloniality is based on the fundamental premise of the supremacy and superiority of the rich, white, straight Christian man in the world.

Please do not stop saying Muslim Lives Matter or Trans Lives Matter, because far from being ‘co-optation’, it is inclusion among oppressed classes and solidarity among the world’s sub-altern peoples. Recognition of Blackness, not as a biological or cultural essentialism, but as a political situation, a resistant artistic livelihood of productive material culture, and a diversity of lineages that have been forced into that historical moment, unites a global class of people interested in uplift, liberation, and the disintegration of their common oppressor and its globally oppressive regime. Much different than “All Lives Matter”, Muslim Lives Matter will never bring comfort to White thinking or White thinkers and will never bring silence or sloth to an urgent moment of political resistance. In whatever way saying “Muslim Lives Matter” could erase, elide or silence Black bodies in this moment, so could patriarchal, classist, and hetero-normative iterations of “Black Lives Matter”. Saying “Muslim Lives Matter” or “Trans Lives Matter” instead signals and reminds those who would otherwise ignore or forget that Blackness is not about Men or Christians or respectability but about the deadly persistence of the systematic oppression(s) of Others in liberal/Western societies, the deadly force of silence, and the beautiful possibility of resistant and resilient lives.

We should oppose folks who pose as liberatory agents while sneaking in agendas of patriarchy, classism, racism, hetero-supremacy and trans genocide. We should correct people who can say “Muslim Lives Matter” but can’t say “Black Lives Matter”. However, we can do that without losing touch with the historical and ethical reality that patriarchy, classism, racism, trans genocide and hetero-supremacy are global agendas and are discriminatory regimes that will, at all costs, and by any means necessary, in an indiscriminate way, discriminate against those who stand in its way. For that reason, in the history of mobilization around resistance politics, we have to see that diversity and unity are in fact two sides of the same liberation. Muslims Lives Matter because no matter what your skin tone is Muslim life is a Black Life, and no matter where you thought you could draw the definitive limits of Blackness, think again.

Legal Time and Legal Numbers, Part 2

Eventually it was decided that the infinitely divisible nature of the legal second is too divisive, so a brand new number ζ is defined. ζ is not a surreal number; it is a special kind of number that only exists in legal circumstances. The number ζ is defined to have these properties, for all a and b where a ∈ ℝ and b ∈ ℕ:

  • aε < ζ
  • ζ0 ≡ ε; ζb ≡ ωζb − 1
  • ζω ≡ 1

ζ is also named the severity of a zero-length crime; a crime that has a greater exponent on ζ would be considered infinitely worse than a crime with a lesser exponent on ζ, though effectively both crimes yield zero punishment.

This is also known as ζ-formulation, because the legal quantities can be defined without using ζ by means of tuples. In tuple-formulation, ζ is replaced with a tuple, so a fine of $(8ζ³ + 9ζ² − 2ζ + 2300ε) is identified as a fine of $0 + (2300, −2, 9, 8). Whether ζ-formulation or tuple-formulation is used, it still means the same thing, and the choice of formulation is up to the individual law court assemblage to decide.

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More than Luck: How Gold Trading is letting the Unbanked Secure Wealth

The bitcoin-fiat exchange market has exploded over the last year, but it isn’t alone. In 2015, amid currency swings in the Russian ruble and the Euro among others, an increasing number of traders are looking to gold as a natural fit for their bitcoin holdings.

The debate surrounding the relative merits of bitcoin and gold as a store of value has been passively continuing since the first trading options appeared several years ago. On paper, the similarities between the two assets are easy to see: a finite amount, almost infinite divisibility into smaller amounts, a mining process to make them usable.

As cryptocurrency trading has opened up, however, investors who had previously had nothing to do with the gold market have found themselves in possession of a gold-like commodity – Bitcoin. In the face of bitcoin’s volatility, decreasing as it may be, they have been looking to secure their wealth in a way which does not make them vulnerable to the pitfalls of bitcoin-fiat trading: constant market tracking or trusting a third party to track it for them, declaration of profits (jurisdiction-dependent) and others.

The advent of bitcoin-gold trading options – not just professional platforms but simple merchants allowing purchase of precious metals with bitcoin such as Amagi Metals and DigitalTangible – has meant that investors have unprecedented easy access to the gold market. More than this, bitcoin allows for considerably less paperwork, money transfer fees and the ability to trade a lot more flexibly which goes along with these benefits.

A new type of gold investor

While DigitalTangible was the first operation in the world to create a 100% online Bitcoin-gold marketplace, customer reserves being stored in a Swiss bank vault and recorded using Counterparty, the one-stop-shop approach for gold acquisition has been expanding considerably. As of February 2015, it is even possible to purchase gold and silver from a Bitcoin ATM.

Joshua Scigala, whose company Vaultoro became the first real-time bitcoin-gold exchange on launching in February 2015, says the ease with which bitcoin can be used for wealth security should make it an infinitely preferable option to investors as time goes on.

“When I first started trading gold I would see an opportunity and want to buy, then would have to fund my gold trading account with dollars, taking 4 – 5 working days because it was an international transfer. I remember paying around US$30 in transfer fees for a US$2000 transfer and to top it all off there was a relatively large minimum buy. Talk about aggravating,” he told CoinTelegraph. “Then when I needed the cash again you would have to go through the whole expensive and time-consuming process in reverse. With bitcoin, we can do it within 1 hour for an unlimited amount of money and the cost of around 2 cent miners fee.”

Scigala created Vaultoro, which also stores user funds in Swiss vaults – even in their own name – not only to target lay investor but as a way of empowering those for whom fiat trading is out of the question. Specifically, the strain of adhering to stringent anti-money laundering requirements faced by fiat exchanges all but shuts down unbanked users in developing countries from benefiting from Bitcoin security.

“I see gold as a great way to hedge against the volatile bitcoin market without the massive KYC regulatory burden that comes with fiat trading,” he continued. “Try getting KYC compliant documents from some unbanked person in south Saharan Africa! They need to hedge but can’t, and this is where Vaultoro steps in. For the first time the unbanked in developing countries have the opportunity to hold gold in investment-grade Swiss vaults.”

The Vaultoro model could well become a pervasive one. While many options exist for traditional investors in the developed world, to empower those untouched by the banking system would take the significance and prevalence of gold investment to a uniquely personal level. Like mobile remittances, it would also provide another method of funds control completely separate from banks.

CoinTelegraph reached out to Scigala for more information on his background and the Vaultoro project.

CoinTelegraph: What do you think about the idea of Bitcoin becoming more popular for gold trading? How and why do you see growth expanding in this market?

Joshua Scigala: We see people that got into Bitcoin because they wanted to be part of an alternative economy. The problem is that the alternative economy we all enjoy is priced and hedged in the debt-based centrally-controlled fiat currency that we all wanted to leave behind.

Gold compared to bitcoin is relatively stable and it’s also a great place to park your wealth when sleeping. I have heard from many traders (and their partners) that bitcoin trading really disrupts sleep because you never know what you’re going to wake up with; with gold the price might move a little but you know you will wake up with a similar amount than when you went to sleep.

Moving away from fiat is generally a good idea and something like gold has stood the test of time for a good store of value to trade in and out of. Time is money and money is bitcoin and gold, I like to say!

CT: The bitcoin/ gold argument is one which is often discussed. Do you think bitcoin has the ability to become a store of value which rivals gold?

JS: Maybe one day, once bitcoin has found its “fair price” but currently people still find it hard to quantify bitcoin’s value. I feel that bitcoin is worth a lot more than where we are now but the volatility really means the market has no clue yet and is still figuring it out.

Throughout history Gold has mostly been used to back currencies because it’s too heavy to carry around and every day I hear more and more traders wanting to back their bitcoin value with physical gold. Why? Because it’s another private asset that is globally recognized as value, and just like bitcoin, it’s borderless.

CT: What made you get into this sector and start Vaultoro? 

JS: I have been obsessed with Bitcoin since it reached parody to the dollar, for me Bitcoin represents a peaceful evolution out of the crazy global financial mess the world has found itself in. I instantly saw the potential and threw myself down the rabbit hole.

In late 2013 I got smacked with the closure of Mt. Gox (or ‘Empty Gox’ as I like to write it). It infuriated me because I saw this beautifully elegant way of revolutionizing the global financial order and instead we got uneducated news story after news story about how the CEO of Bitcoin had taken everything and run or that Bitcoin had been hacked. None of it was true of course; we simply had an exchange with no transparency steal or incompetently handle its liabilities.

This inspired me to create the most transparent exchange in the industry, an exchange that would show the world how to have radical transparency while keeping user privacy in check. I wanted an exchange that would be both publicly and privately auditable; I wanted an exchange that would be inclusive to the whole world and an exchange that was bank and fiat independent for its users.

We raised some money and started work, and one year later I am proud to say we’ve launched the world’s first real-time bitcoin-gold exchange and after two short months have had 600 members sign up and more than 3000 grams of gold traded. The gold is secured in their name in vaults within Switzerland, which means that even if something were to happen to, they can always get access to their gold.

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