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The OMAC Project (2005) #2 (of 6)

Oh, the lead up to Infinite Crisis. What a divisive and confusing time it was to be a comics fan. 

A good part of my reactions to Infinite Crisis and the general atmosphere of the 2005-2007 landscape of DC is due to my own experience as a brand new DC fan at the time. I was twelve/thirteen through much of it, had only started reading DC comics regularly about two years before it all started, and the landscape felt like it was so connected that I inevitably became aware of characters and teams far outside of my own starting bases with the Teen Titans and Young Justice crowds. 

Unfortunately, I was only becoming aware of a lot of these new and interesting characters because they were… dying. A lot. 

The times were strange. 

And I distinctly remember that while I was becoming more and more invested in DC in general, there was a definite shift toward the nasty around this time. And that, as much as the fall out and general disappointingly lack of staying power this time period really had outside of that evolving darkening tone, has fed a lot into my general preference against Infinite Crisis and its buildup titles.

That’s not to say these don’t have good in them or that individual titles masterfully built up to this event – I’d say this miniseries as well as the Villains United miniseries both were genuinely well crafted comics that are enjoyable even if I don’t particularly appreciate what bore them to begin with – but for the most part they’re not that interesting to me because of the nastiness around them. And I find they’re not great jump on points for new readers because the relationships and histories needed to understand it all are so complex and intricate… yet are only dooming new readers to the knowledge that investing in them leads to this point where they’ll be ruined.

So, that’s my explanation for why I’m not doing the full miniseries outside of this issue. 

As for my reason for doing this issue at all?

Cassandra Cain has a one panel cameo.

What? I have a mission statement. Cut me some slack.