Sernei, the Winnower. One of Zoincailla’s Winged Guardians. The Guardians each watch over one of the solar system’s eight planets; Sernei’s planet is Seht, the homeworld of the Elutara.

Sernei is a figure associated with reality, perception, and the numerous ‘divisons’ that give meaning to the world. Sernei does not see the world as a single unit, but rather the sum of countless infinitesimal forces that are in constant interaction, combining and separating with each other in an endless, chaotic dance. Serenei views everything through this lens - to them, water is not “water”, but a mass of hydrogen and oxygen. A “person” is a symbiotic relationship between a body and a soul, shaped and molded by countless unique events and experiences. “The universe“ is just a loosely-related collection of matter and energy, of which everything else is a component. Sernei is constantly aware of the infinite number of divisions and distinctions that exist in the world on every level.

Sernei’s powers are based on the concepts of combination, separation, and dichotomy. Sernei can instantly comprehend the physical and metaphorical composition of anything they see, essentially allowing them to always know “how” or “why” something works. Their magic always manifests as  combinations of starkly opposing forces, such as “heat and cold”, “light and dark” or “life and death.” Their powers are very broad in application, but everything always has to “balance out” in the end. If Sernei creates fire, they are also cooling something else down by an equal amount. If Sernei heals a person, an equivalent amount of pain is inflicted to someone else.

Sernei’s wields a unique artifact known as Inverevni. Resembling a large pair of golden scissors,  Inverevni has the power to “split” anything that it is used on. The most obvious and straightforward usage for this is to merely cut things in half, but the action of “splitting” can also be applied on a much more metaphorical level as well. For example, Inverevni can be used to “split” the oxygen from a heavily-oxidized metal object, thus restoring the object to its former strength. Other examples include turning one larger object into two smaller copies of itself, or instantly splitting a machine into a bunch of loose disassembled parts.

An old tale states that ­­­­­­­­Inverevni was the tool that the gods of creation used to divide the world into two, thereby separating the land from the sky, the past from the future, and dreams from reality. This legend is actually even older than both Sernei and the pair of scissors that they wield, though.

Space: The Final Frontier

Maria Corte Maidagan

“The mind of man has perplexed itself with many hard questions. Is space infinite, and in what sense? Is the material world infinite in extent, and are all places within the extent equally full of matter? Do atoms exist or is matter infinitely divisible?”

-James C. Maxwell


Shall I pour forth words from the shallow pools of my mind, and push them over the precipice of precarious articulation into a precocious communication of whatever I have to resemble a soul?
Shall I speak
From the hearts of
Dead men and women,
To raise them through
The actuation
Of their
Grand Collective Legacy?

Do I even have a choice, or is each moment to predetermine the next– producing perpetual propagation?
And am I nothing but a process of change through space and time?

Look closely, and you will find that
we are all as infinite as asymptotes.
If you divide my moments into halves, you’ll find within infinite divisions an infinite number of different beings.
They all blend together–
Sharing an identity for the sake of building the next entity.