Harley Quinn Outfits

Every Harley Quinn outfit ever. 



Roller Derby

Suicide Squad (New 52)


Christmas Bombshell


Ame-Comic (Injustice)



Akharm Asylum

Akharm City

Akharm Origins

Akharm Knight

Assault on Arkham

Suicide Squad (Live-Action)

Power Girl


Crisis On Two Earths


DC Superhero Girls

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles

The Batman

Batman: Brave and the Bold

Paul Dini

DC stories that need to become animated movies like yesterday list

Infinite Crisis/Final Crisis/COIE:
Look I know..these storylines would be very hard to do especially under standard movie run times But at least put out a mini series on one of them and slap them together into an awesome DVD bundle even do a mini theatrical release. Something!!

God’s of Gotham:
I’m going to need someone to explain to me how this isn’t already an animated movie. The premise is ridiculous the bat and wonder family team up to defeat Greek gods that have possessed​ the bodies of gothams rogue gallery. Cash the check DC. I’m going to need this set outside of the new 52 mess they keep on trying to incorporate in their movies tho also bring Tim back.

Court of Owls:
Done right(Batman vs Robin dosen’t count )

Kingdom Come:
This comic is so pretty if there was ever a movie for DC to flex it’s animation muscles this would be it. It will never reach Alex Ross levels of gorgeous which is a point against making it but if DCs willing to put in the money I believe it can be done. Due to story reasons it would probably have to be a two part movie for it to be done justice.(Also if I’m being real I just really want to see Mari Grayson animated)