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|1513 White Fly|
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[Minimalistic Video Games IPhone Wallpaper]
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Games I CANNOT Wait For

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| the aesthetic from video games concept arts part 2|
| i very love the concept arts from video games!|
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[Colorful Concept Art Style]
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Things for which I'm grateful to INFINITE

1. having a perfectly sensible, meaningful group name.

2. giving their fans wonderful, meaningful name.

3. always singing live, performances to concerts.

4. ALL the members singing live.

5. being caring towards their seniors, friends, each other and fans.

6. being humble, even after 5 years.

7. top-notch fanservice.

8. naming an album after INSPIRITS.

9. the concept of the infinity logo changing with every comeback.

10. giving their best even when they’re not feeling their best (Woohyun performing with injured shoulder, Hoya performing with ankle sprain, Sungjong performing with scoliosis).

11. absolutely amazing and cool album titles (First Invasion, Evolution, INSPIRIT, Over The Top, Paradise, INFINITIZE, New Challenge, DESTINY, Season 2, Be Back).

12. subunits that reflect the members’ strengths and artistic choices.

13. going all out on their variety shows and making us laugh.

14. proving you can dance AND sing at the same time.

15. being sweet to fans, even sasengs.

16. loving fanboys as well as fangirls.

17. improving and evolving with every comeback.

18. having mind-numbing teasers which are treats for eyes and ears and           leaves us begging for more.

 19. performing brilliant remix versions of their songs.

  20. killing every dance battle/competitions with their performances.

  21. using fan gifts and reading fan letters.

  22. saving the year-end music shows with their brilliant performances.

  23. releasing gorgeous original japanese songs as well as japanese versions.

  24. always being polite towards everyone.  


okay so here’s the deal, i’m broke & got bills and i also got all these kpop albums so if y’all are interested i’ll be selling the majority of these for $10 with the exception of the special edition albums and the 3 signed albums and if you buy 5 or more i’ll take $10 off. send me a message if you’re interested in buying something, albums and prices will be under the read more. 

update: i made this post at 2am so i forgot to mention shipping. i’ll ship anywhere in the US for $5 and for international shipping just message me and we’ll discuss a convenient price.

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