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It’s silly, isn’t it? How one person - out of several billions - could consume my thoughts so much. All I could think about is him when I could be contemplating about the infinite and unexplored universe. But then again, he is far more phenomenal and mysterious than all these things.
—  January 2, 3:00am

So I just saw this post on instagram and as a korean fan I feel ashamed that another Korean fan posted this in our name. Yes, there are indeed many Korean fans that think they are above international fans because they have the opportunity to see their idols more often and of course because it is ‘korean pop’ so they feel like they own it. I, as a Korean fan, can say that international fans have the same values and the same rights to love, listen to and see their idols just as Korean fans do. I also want to remind the Korean fans thinking that way, that most sasaengs, the majority, are indeed KOREAN and not international. And sasaengs are disgusting. Think before you speak people.

Anime: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! (Rikka Takanashi), Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Chrome Dokuro), Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride (Gisen Yagyuu), Infinite Stratos (Laura Bodewig)

Manga: Dragons Rioting (Kako), AR - Forgotten Summer (Miyako Asuka), Ultimo ( Mizho), Tower of God (Hwa-Ryun)

Anime: Hamatora (Ratio), Black Cat (Sven Vollfied), Wolf’s Rain ( Lord Darcia the Third), Tegami Bachi ( Dr. Thunderland Jr.)

Manga: Are you Alice? (Jack), Muni-Kiss (Kreito), Vassalord (Harold Wayne), Zan (Kai Toujou)

It’s funny how international Armies claimed BTS surpassed INFINITE when they’ve never been to Korea. I encourage you to come and visit so you’ll know how popular and influential INFINITE is. They’re the most mentioned boy group that come from small company, even institutions are not afraid of mentioning them since they don’t have malicious issues. Take the example of when they released Bad, they achieved all-kill although they’re up against the nation’s girl group SNSD (Party) yet they managed to surpassed it. Stop blabbing especially when you don’t know how things work in Korea


The memes always know – Infinite doing the “Why You Lyin’” meme for anon

exo-infinite  asked:

Gig reaction when you are an idol and tell that you love them on weekly idol and said it like "be mine" song (nego ha ja) OK?! What will they do or react ?! Can you also do a text reaction too sorry if it's too long on you !! Hope you understand me


Sunggyu would love it so much, but he’d try his best to hide his emotions because he wouldn’t want the hosts to tease him any harder than they already do.


Dongwoo would start singing along with you, not forgetting to compliment your amazing voice (regardless of how you actually sing, you voice will always be Grammy-worthy material to him). 


He would shoot you cute faces and other cheesy aegyo while trying to contain his feels.


He would start dancing along to it, because what else does the dance master do?


He’d be cheering you on with that big gummy smile of his.


He would be so bashful throughout the entire performance!


He’d shoot you a subtle wink because deep down, he knows he was born to be serenaded. 

~ Admin S

Hearing that Dongwoo and Woohyun were advised to leave Infinite was awful. Hearing that Sunggyu had thought about leaving during Nothings Over era was maybe even more awful, being that it was his thought and not just something someone else said. I would have been heartbroken.
Those boys are perfect together and I think they’re one of the most incredible, talented groups, individually and collectively.
Each of those seven boys is irreplaceable.
I can’t imagine Infinite without any one of those boys.
I will support all of them no matter what happens, but for now I want to pretend that they will be together forever, even as 80 year old men. :P