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Kpop Companies as Your Friends {Requested}

YG: They tell you to call them anytime you need something, and that they can pick you up whenever you need a ride, but their phone is always disconnected and they’re always late. When they finally do show up, they’re dressed like they’re on their way to a pajama party at the Zoo, and they make enough noise to even bring Harambe back from the grave.

JYP:  They play every sport and do every after school activity. You rarely get to hangout because they are always so busy. They’re very smart and know a lot of languages, and if they weren’t so obsessed with the latest dance crazes, they would probably take over the world one day.

SM: Always telling you that you would look better if you lay off the cookies and laid on the makeup. You lowkey think they are only settling for you as a friend and that if they meet someone new you’ll be gone like yesterday’s Chateau Lipstick.

BigHit: That skinny wimpy friend that got buff and hot over the summer. They went from no friends to partying every night, and you use their name to get into anywhere. They try to act very mysterious and knowledgeable, so you just go along with it to make them feel important and secure.

Pledis:  Very wishy-washy. Can never stay with one interest for too long. Has changed their major 4 times in their first semester of college. Wants to be rich and successful, and will follow every wild goose change to reach that goal.

StarShip: They have no shame. Will beg and do whatever anyone asks for love and attention. You try and tell them to have more respect for themselves, but they’re already back on their knees grinding the ground in exchange for an extra serving of mashed potatoes in the cafeteria.

TS: They are always borrowing money and saying that they’ll pay you back later. But they never do. They tell your mom that you’re not sick and that you’re faking it when you have the flu just so that you won’t miss a day of school. You kind of hate them but you still need them, and you’re hoping that maybe one day they’ll change their ways…..Then they get sent to boot camp and come back completely humbled and contrite, and start finally thinking of you first.

Cube: The friend that pretended to be friends with everyone but was secretly only bff’s with the popular kids and told everyone’s secrets. Built a house out of lies and deceit that crashed down horribly on top of them. Now has no friends and is struggling to remain part of the cool kids and not a loser on the bottom rung of your social circle.

JellyFish: They’re stable and reliable. You’ve know each other for a couple of years and they have never let you down. They don’t make new friends often but they take good care of the ones they have.

Woollim: Has had a lot of friends come and go. Holds onto you tightly and lets you know regularly how valued you are to them. Is a perfectionist and sometimes has a sharp tongue but apologizes as soon as you point out their wrongs.

RBW: Your new friend. Hasn’t been around too long. They seem legit and trustworthy but you have been burned before by bad friends, so you remain hesitant even when they do nothing but give you gifts everyday.

My theory about how“Kontrol” is a tribute to the Inspirit that we all lost during the Sewol Tragedy

In the beginning, Sunggyu’s at the sink, trying to submerge his face to see what it might have felt like to be underwater. 

The fishbowl represents everything that she was reaching for; it has her hopes and dreams and it was submerged in the water. THERE’S A YELLOW RIBBON IN THE BOWL TOO.

And after that, there’s a girl submerged underwater, and two scuba divers jump in to save her.

The alley is where they dreamt together. 

Gyu walked in and he couldn’t bear to see all of it and he’s so distraught.

Then, the two of them are standing next to each other in the dark, with lights shining on them, almost as if they’re underwater, and light is reflecting on the water itself. Gyu grabs onto her hand and holds it, possibly to let her know that she’s not alone. That he’s always with her.

Sunggyu sits down and looks through her box, and it has Infinite’s “Nothing’s Over” photo and it looks like the box of a female fan’s.. is it perhaps the Inspirit we lost? TT A TT

The girl is also putting things into the fishbowl, things like her hopes and dreams and things that she wants to accomplish.

Gyu then takes that fishbowl with him and he starts walking. He’s walking with her hopes and dreams in his hands. He’s travelling to the places that she wanted to visit and see and he’s doing the things that she wanted to do, but can no longer do them. And later on, you can see her walking with him, following him on his journey for her.

Then, he breaks down and the fishbowl is dropped, like she can no longer reach her goals and hopes and dreams. Gyu starts crying and he’s so distraught and upset.

He starts running for her, towards her.

And finally, on the beach, looking out toward the ocean, he’s sitting with her.

She’s dripping wet, almost as if she just got out of the water. Gyu reaches for her hand.

And then he hands her a house in a globe, similar to the one she was building in the beginning of the MV.

Then at the very end, Gyu looks towards her direction, but not at her directly. As if he’s looking at where she’s supposed to be, but is really not there.