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170919 Sunggyu’s Sister’s Blog Update

바쁜와중 시간내어서 와준 아이들에게 너무 감사해요!

translation: I’m really thankful to the kids who took time out to come here despite being busy!

근데.. 저 신나는 노래임에도 불구하고.. 쵸피는 노래하는 동생의 얼굴을 보는 순간부터..

translation: But.. even though it’s an upbeat song.. From the moment I saw my younger brother’s face while he was singing.. (t/n: She left it at that but it is assumed she meant that she teared up/cried based on the photo she included)

Inktober 2k17: where I attempt to draw 1 pic for each chapter of Owlet’s The Long Road Begins At Home.

Chapter 6: On trees and trousers

“Pal. You wear t-shirts in toddler size. Why are you wearing a suit cut for an elephant?”

I was gonna draw the properly-tailored suit, but then I remembered that I’ve already drawn Steve and Bucky in proper white tie, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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So much to love about today’s surprise VLive with the 6 members.

When they were all staring at the camera while reading the comments and it looked like it could be an album cover

Myungsoo’s finger heart (I think at a commenter’s request)

Everyone teasing Sunggyu and him repeating “Ani-ya, ani-ya, ani -ya!”

Woogyu ♥️

(At one point sunggyu was checking out woohyun’s muscles in the context about talking about sungyeol buffing up - I guess woohyun said he’d been working out too?)

And overall, lots of noise and laughter.

Oh yes - not forgetting lots of hair flipping from sungjong (he was clearly enamoured with his absolutely fabulous hair), and dongwoo mc-ing most of it while munching away on snacks.