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  • Grid theme, highly customizable
  • All colors are customizable
  • Sidebar styles: clean, gradient brackground, image brackground, solid color
  • Post styles: clean, boxed, gradient background, solid color
  • Number of columns: one, two or three
  • Infinite Scroll
  • Built-in audio player
  • See second image for permalink page
  • Navigation links powered by Tumblr pages


Feel free to edit whatever you want, except the credits! Please don’t redistribute.
If you have any questions, ask me here, I’ll be glad to help you! ^^

ps: I always answer privately if you’re off anon.

updated endless scrolling post

in a nutshell: cody sherman’s blog was deleted along with his infinite scrolling script, which most theme makers were using to add infinite scrolling to their themes. any tumblr themes using the cody sherman infinite scrolling script will no longer work.

solution: here is my extremely simple tutorial for how to re-add infinite scrolling to your blog.

issue #1: an endless scrolling advertisement keeps popping up on my blog??
this has been fixed.

issue #2: it’s not working in chrome??
this has also been fixed. it’s been tested to work in chrome, firefox, safari, and IE.

inspiration theme

preview // code


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  • All Post Types, Custom Colours, Font Options, Custom Images, Hi-Res, Slideshow with options for six images, Optional normal header image, Localization, Infinite scroll, Pages support, Font awesome support, Responsive theme, works on all devices + more

classy theme

preview // code


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  • All Post Types, Custom Colours, Font Options, Custom Images, Hi-Res, Localization, Infinite scroll, Tags, 500px Images, Font awesome support, Social media sharing, Google analytics, Tooltip, Responsive design (Works on all devices, big and small), Pages support + more
Mooooooore long overdue replies
ciarasia replied to your post “ciarasia replied to your photoset: Why though?  …”

i wanted to read in chrono but the infinite scroll on your theme doesnt really work for me for some reason :// do you have problems with it too or is it just me? :$

I’m not sure. I hardly ever look at my blog. LOL. It was working the other day but I haven’t tried it on mobile or anything. I may set up a new theme before long, I’m not entirely convinced I like this one. 

ciarasia replied to your photoset “Random first night (and morning) shenanigans.”

i love how only 50% of them are wearing shirts lmao

They’re almost always in swimwear or athletic wear. It’s hilarious. They change out of their sleepwear pretty fast when they finally all wake up. I was showing some stuff to a friend and he asked me if any of them own shirts. Bwa ha ha ha.

ciarasia replied to your photoset “Hey Darian, how’d you sleep last night?” “Not too bad, the bed was…”

them being in the pool and talking about fabricated drama is giving me bigbrother flashbacks lmao

Oh man, you know all these reality dating shows have fabricated drama. We don’t ever see the cameras but, in my mind, this is definitely televised. LOL

ciarasia replied to your photoset “Good morning, Rufus, how did you sleep?” “I slept just fine … No…”


His traits make this not so surprising. But poor Nissa.

ciarasia replied to your photoset “Yo, Caleb. I know I saw you in the pool earlier but I didn’t get a…”

so now we know who was snoring hmmm? ;))

Oh yeah. Yeah we know :D It will probably remain a running theme along with the vampires. LOL

ciarasia replied to your photoset “Hey, Ethan. I feel like we got off on the wrong foot last night.” …”

i like to imagine dean was lowkey jealous of someone who can actually surf lmaoo

Yeah, considering one of his traits, that’d make sense. It’s funny, too. Out of all the guys, he has the highest friendship score with Ethan.

ciarasia replied to your photoset “Dean! How’s it going? You slept in pretty late, yeah?” “I was up…”

also yeees dean teach her boii :D

He’s almost always working out! If he really could train her, he’d probably be awesome at it.

ciarasia replied to your post “You guys should know I have a plan for all the bachelors after this…”

cant wait to see!! do you already know who the winner is? like is your game so far ahead of the posts? or are you just making general plans? :D

Just making general plans :) I wish I was that far ahead! LOLOL

ciarasia replied to your photoset “So, I get that you don’t really believe in vampires but I …” “Let me…”


I know! This was one of my favorite sets of screenshots, though. Everything came together absolutely perfectly during their interaction. The dialogue almost wrote itself.

ciarasia replied to your photoset “I know this isn’t any more comfortable for you than it is for me. So,…”

okay i’m starting to think he knows something about vampires :o

He just might …

More later! Time to play.