infinite room

Seven rooms in an infinite library

1. The room that has slowly grown back into trees and skin. The trees have not yet shed their ink so you can enter into their crumbly trunks and read most of their secrets still, although you will need a torch and some patience and to know the right song to open the tree back up should it slam shut on you. The skin is mostly confused; it has formed back into limp, meatless cows which flap in the breeze from the air conditioning unit.
2. The toilet. Legend has it that there is only one toilet in the library; it is merely very busy in space and time. This is why there is always the same dog-eared book of cartoons on the shelf. Enterprising explorers have been known to stash energy bars in the cistern for emergency retrieval once lost in the booky depths.
3. The room you get into by opening that very small book on the bottom shelf and reaching your hand into the hole on page twelve to flip up the latch in the room beyond, after which you can open up the large book on the stand and enter through any of the doors on pages six, twenty-eight or one hundred and sixteen at your leisure. I do not know what is in that room, because my hand is too big for the hole in the small book. But yours may be smaller.
4. The large large print romances section. No, larger than that. Larger than that, too. It is not so much an area for the partially-sighted as a lobby for massive letters to hang around in, posing and slouching and occasionally making words, but mostly making out with each other. At least one of them is probably a colossal squid and not a letter at all, but every time it faces suspicion it covers itself in ink and that will do, for this place at least.
5. A room of propaganda. It has a number of entrances; based on certain aspects of your appearance and personality, the librarian will recommend an entrance for you if you want to first be exposed to propaganda only against them and not you. But the room is so designed that you can always look up and see them as they sit and read texts about you. Given the vast asymmetry in the amounts of propaganda available, its geometry is a marvel to behold.
6. The room where they keep the books that you write in your dreams (not the ones you would like to write; the ones that you write in your dreams). You may not remember the dreams, but there they are. It is a round room with one great spiral shelf, starting with the tiny books you wrote in infancy and progressing onwards and upwards through taller and thicker tomes. There is a ladder, should you need one. You are not sure if they stop at now or not.
7. A room of infinities and of their puzzles and paradoxes. Perhaps surprisingly, this is right at the entrance of the library. Of course, the way back out from there is infinitely long. There is a sign stating this at the entrance of the room and for some reason, perhaps some slavish devotion to conventional notions of space and time that we in the library have quite transcended, nobody takes it seriously enough. Anyhow, there is a mirror in there where you can find your other sibling, the one who always when you never and vice versa and so on.

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While in use, this facility was the largest anechoic chamber in Europe. An anechoic chamber is a completely echo-free room, where the walls are coated with materials made to absorb all reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves. It’s also fully insulated from noises coming in from the outside world. The effect of this is a simulation of being inside an infinitely large room. Anechoic chambers are used to test everything from headphones to aircraft. This chamber in England is abandoned, and was explored and photographed by the talented and adventurous @forgottenheritage.

Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana Del Rey and Sylvia Plath TOC

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TRAGEDY QUEENS is an anthology that brings together two powerful muses: Sylvia Plath and Lana Del Rey. Sylvia’s voice haunts us from beyond the grave. Her words cut like diamonds—sharp, deadly, and forever beautiful. Lana Del Rey’s dark themes and enchanting vocals resonate with listeners from all around the world. Both of these artists explore taboo topics. They find the words to voice the things they are not proud of, the things that haunt them. It takes courage to do the verbal striptease. Let these two extraordinary muses guide you into your own heart of darkness.

TRAGEDY QUEENS will be available for preorder in September 2017. ARC’s will be available to reviewers at that time. CLASH Books will also have copies available for purchase at the Brooklyn Book Fair this year.

Official release date is December 1st 2017.

Contact editor for ARC’s email:

1. Stephanie M. Wytovich - Because of Their Different Deaths
2. Ashley Inguanta - A Room of Infinite Cat’s Eyes
3. Lorraine Shein - SP World
4. Gabino Iglesias - Gods in the Blood
5. Larissa Glasser - Ritual of Gorgons
6. Monique Quintana - Sad Girl
7. Tiffany Scandal - Loose Ends
8. Devora Gray - Pipedreams
9. Cara Di Girolamo - Sphinx Tears
10. Patricia Grisafi - Crazy Mary
11. Rebecca Charlotte - My Pussy Tastes Like Pepsi Gnosis
12. Brendan Vidito - Stag Loop
13. Christine Stoddard - Going About 99
14. Manuel Chavarria - Dayglo Reflection
15. Kathryn Louise - The Blacklist
16. Farah Rose Smith - The Land of Other
17. Tiffany Morris - The Lazarus Wife
18. Laura Diaz - Without Him (and Him, and Him) There is No Me
19. Victoria Dalpe - The Wife
20. Max Booth III - All the World Drops Dead
21. Lisa Marie Basile - On the Elevation of Pain Through Art and Beauty - a Diary of Muses
22. Jerry Drake - Corinne
23. Selene MacLeod - Panic Bird
24. Laura Lee Bahr - Catman’s Heart