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Hunk is Autistic: The Infinite List of Reasons
  • black-and-white thinking
  • Emotions are either 0 or 100 there is no in between.
  • Hyperempathy
  • Doesn’t understand the concept of personal space
  • Has a hypersensitive sense of balans (accounting for his motion sickness)
  • Math Genius™
  • Processes information differently from the other characters in the show
    • Constant need to point out the obvious
    • Talks out loud constantly, probably to process information easier.
    • Focuses on unusual things (example: the castle is going insane and he focuses on the fact that he just got attacked by food)
    • Likens a base that folds space and time to a calzone (very similar to how I liken real people to characters from books in order to understand them better)
    • Weird metaphors in general
  • Hyperfocused interest in cooking and (probably) mechanics.
  • Cooking and mechanics are also interests that require very logical thinking and are easy to follow and understand because the follow a certain logic to the letter. These kinds of interests tend to be appealing towards autistic people.
  • Always wants very clear instructions
  • Is extremely honest
  • He does this thing where he pulls his arms up tight against his body which is kind of similar to the raptor hands, but is definitely a stim whether it’s that specific one or not.
  • Panics very easily, especially when things aren’t going according to plan (need for routine)

Other autistic people, feel free to add more!

MAJOR shout-out to Borderlines who have left their abusive or toxic FPs like yall are so freaking strong !!!! You don’t get enough recognition; it’s so hard to leave FPs but you freaking DID IT because you know you’re worth more than that or you want to better your lives or for WHATEVER REASON I’m infinitely proud of you! 💗💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕

How To Engage Your Players

I’ve been thinking about how lately how to engage players at the table when running a campaign as it’s a problem I’ve definitely had in the past. I don’t believe in the whole, in-game punishment concept, so here are some ideas on how to solve that problem and keep things fun.

Give Your PC Purpose!/Involve Them Into the Story

A lot of times in larger groups, certain PCs tend to grab more of the spotlight than others. This leaves other players feeling left out or unimportant. So the best way may be to simply give them more involvement in the story in a unique or dramatic way. Feeling important or vital to the narrative can really boost engagement. Suddenly after saving the Queen of a foreign kingdom, your Fighter is now an honorary knight of the kingdom and gain a small militia that will assist you in battle whenever you call upon them for aid. Or perhaps your party has been captured by band of powerful thieves, but rather than killing you all outright, they strike a deal with your Rogue to steal a highly dangerous magical item. Another option could be a PC gains some magical ability or object that empowers them, but makes them highly sought after by others.

“My Character Sucks”

Related to the ideas above, sometimes the problem isn’t just getting more involved in the story, but that they have issues with their PC. Perhaps their character isn’t useful or powerful enough. Good fixes for this, magic items. Giving players magic items, not even necessarily Rare or Legendary items can help make them feel more powerful or useful, as long as they don’t have a huge advantage over the other players this may work just fine. Or perhaps your player is running a class that feels relatively weak. The Beast Master archetype for Ranger in 5th edition is honestly quite lacking in many ways. My personal fix for this was giving the Ranger more feats from the Hunter archetype (or possibly making their companion creature stronger/more flexible to use in combat).

“My Character Sucks Part II”

Now if your player is losing interest simply because they don’t LIKE their character, there are two choices they can make. 1.) Have them roll a new character and retire the old one. It’s simple, and gives them a chance to try out a new class and have some fun. But this isn’t always great for narrative purposes and can be a lot more work for YOU. Or quite possible this just won’t solve the issue. So that leaves you with the other choice. 2.) Make the character dynamic. Characters can become boring because they are static, they refuse to change and grow stale. This is often why characters in novels are dynamic characters, they need to change to feel real and remain interesting. Or maybe the character is just a huge asshole. Either way, evolving their character gives them a chance to grow and evolve their character in an exciting way. This could also be something they can work out with you as the DM (which should be less work than writing in a new party member)

One Special Moment/Everybody Gets to be a Star!

I often try to make sure each player has at least one special moment per session (although I’m not always the greatest at it..). As I mentioned above, some players may take a larger control over the narrative or action. Making sure each player has a specific moment crafted for them or their character can be challenging but very rewarding.

Active Engagement

This one seems like an easy one but a DM has to keep track of a LOT of things. I believe your players should be your number one priority. Whenever you see a player seems to be feeling left out or receding into the background, try engaging them by asking their character questions either as the DM or even as an NPC. How does their PC feel about the current situation? What are they doing while the party gets hammered in the tavern? Do they notice something the others don’t? Roll Perception.

Active Engagement (Among Players)

To add onto the idea above, ask your more active players to encourage roleplay and decision making between each other, especially when another player seems to be left out. This can help immensely. Creating strong ties between PCs too can help create a unique and fun dynamic that is not only interesting for the story but can also keep everyone involved.

Removing Cell Phones & Other Distractions

Most everyone keeps their cell phones on hand, so texting, snapchatting, tweeting, etc. can be pretty distracting. Obviously all of these can be used correctly and politely, but I’m sure we’ve all seen players who take this over the top. I had a player who spent nearly an entire session playing an app game, barely looking up except to do something ridiculous or hazardous to the party simply because THEY were “bored.” Taking away one person’s phone is pretty controlling and could even be embarrassing for your friend. So instead, offer that everyone put their phone’s in a bucket when you start playing to keep everyone totally involved in the game. Your own phone as well if you don’t use it for the game. Only times you’re allowed to take them out is when you take a break or need to look something up. (Oh and emergencies too, of course. And ordering pizza)

Discourage Out of Game Discussion

It can difficult to immerse yourself in the game if everyone keeps interrupting the game to talk about their plans for the weekend or a funny picture they saw on Twitter that everyone NEEDS to see. If this is a problem for your players, make sure to include an appropriate amount of breaks while having a session.

Talk To Your Players

If all of the above don’t seem to be working, the best option may be just to simply talk to them. Outside of the game, ask your player(s) what’s preventing them from engaging or involving themselves with the game. There are an infinite number of reasons why, a direct conversation can help bring these reasons to light and give you a chance to work on them. Meet your players half-way. You may want to talk to them directly right away or give them a few sessions to see if the issue resolves itself.

What If None of That Works?

Chances are, maybe this just isn’t the right campaign for your player. Worst case scenario, they just aren’t interested in D&D. This isn’t necessarily a reflection on your DM'ing abilities. It all comes down to personal taste.

Also keep in mind not every player enjoys the game in the same ways. Some players are engaged with the story, but just prefer taking a backseat and watching the others, participating when they feel. This isn’t bad, as long as someone is helping drive the story. I also have tons of players who like to doodle while playing but still remain heavily active and engaged in the campaign. Even cell phone use isn’t a problem for me, especially during combat. In the end, it all comes down the individual. Make sure you get to know your players and what works for them and what doesn’t!

This is all just personal opinion so feel free to add your own ideas by reblogging and adding ideas!

Inktober 2k17: where I attempt to draw 1 pic for each chapter of Owlet’s The Long Road Begins At Home.

Chapter 9: Mission protocols violated

“Barnes. What are you doing in the closet? Is this helping, or are you punishing yourself?”

She’s too smart for anyone’s good. Barnes scoots farther back into the back corner of the closet. She will try to make him come out. He’s not allowed out. Steve is damaged.

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kpop male groups as students
  • BIGBANG: been in highschool for 10 years. super smart and funny but have been held back because they all managed to fail their tests. still cool though and the younger students throw rose petals at their feet as they walk the halls. one guy managed to pass the test so everyone is sh00k and super sad. savage but cute
  • EXO: memes. everyone likes them except the teachers. lost a few squad members as they transfered countries. hard to keep track of but they still c00l af. everyone knows their jokes and they all have managed to get hella good grades. also hella rich and have their own table with aspiring ceos and football stars lol
  • BTS: teachers hate them. stand on tables and throw books because they refuse to be apart of the schooling system. started riots during exam period but didn't get expelled. hella cute and are involved in every club. sometimes problematic but everyone somehow loves them hehe
  • SUPER JUNIOR : most of them are in uni. everyone knows like, that one squad member because he was savage. sometimes that one guy comes back and they have a ceremony but people forget him eventually lol. senior students still remember them from freshmen year. used to take up the whole damn cafeteria cause they wouldnt stop recruiting members.
  • SEVENTEEN: lost a few guys in primary. replaces suju's spot in the cafeteria and eats all the goddamn food. everyone knows them when they're walking around in the halls as a group but separately... nah fam. sometimes you can hear the vocal members in music class from the otherside of the building
  • GOT7: gets shit grades but people love them. one guy made them hella popular because he was too extra in class. some members are unpopular but they still have freshman chasing them lmao. sit at the front of class and you can hear their laughter from outside. ruined the school play by dabbing everytime they went on stage. became viral tho so it was worth it
  • MONSTA X: freshman love them because they're extra at the appropriate times. Too early or too late to trends but they're still a crowd pleaser hehe. teachers hate them because they got scholarships for "no reason" (even though they're very smart!!). photo day is their day
  • ASTRO: everyone loves them. teachers love them. the principle hates them because they distract everyone with their happiness. pass all of their exams and are involved in many clubs. everyone only knows that one guy tho because of his photo day picture (he looked hella g00d)
  • BAP: got expelled for doing the same shit as bts l o l. but the principle called them back in after a few years because he realized that they got scholarships for a reason lmao
  • INFINITE: no one knows every single guy individually but they can sense their outgoing atmosphere, yknow. everyone ignores them but they also don't want them to graduate and leave lol
  • VIXX: no one talks to them because they're scared they will get roasted and become twitter famous lol
  • KNK: known for being the tall freshmen. no they dont play on the basketball team. no one knows their names but its because they seem shy when in reality everyone's too lazy to look up all the time and talk to them so they just ignore them
  • SHINee: did they graduate? no. the teachers won't let them so they have to suffer a few more years. worth it tho because they inspire every student. sometimes bring chaos into the school but the principle is cool about it lol
  • NCT : freshmen who appeared from nowhere. jk they were in their rooms srudying the entire time cause their parents were hella strict. had to be split up into groups according to favorite subjects because the teachers felt sorry for the cafeteria ladies at this point. some guys are in more than one group tho cause their parents hate them yikes
  • BtoB: no one remembers their grades. they just know them lmao because they're handsome and speak in a lot of ceremonies. seniors who look like they've been friends for 15 years. kinda quiet but... also hella loud lmao
  • WINNER: one guy left the school and everyone cried. got shitty grades because the teachers forgot about them. had some amazing test results but no one noticed
  • iKON: were supposed to be studying music but somehow their main subject became japanese. no one knows what they do because they all spend their life in that goddamn japanese class room. teachers pay too much attention to them but do nothing oml
  • Shinhwa : older than half of the teachers. no one remembered them but they still walked into school 5 days after reunion day and somehow everyone kind of did remember them... idk lol. got good grades and sort of encouraged the students after them to pursue their dreams :'). still hella old tho

I intended to draw something with them first, or at least do this by hand, but I didn’t find myself with enough time or emotional stability. To be honest, the time they’re taking to settle things and all the talks we’ve heard have all made me very anxious (to no one’s fault but my own), and part of me doesn’t even feel like I can properly celebrate this anniversary. But regardless of all that, Infinite has been there for me during 7 years of my life now, and they’ve certainly made them better. I struggled with what to write underneath, not knowing what may come. But I realized that regardless of what happens, there’s one thing that hasn’t and won’t change: My love is Infinite.


My favorite parts of the movie, Call Me by Your Name

This is INSANELY long (so obviously an insane amount of spoilers), jumbled, and in order of when I thought of each item (except for the Montaigne stuff) As long as this post is, there are tons of other moments that stick out, but one has to make choices! I tried to keep comparison to the book at a minimum as one can judge adaptations on their adherence/truthfulness to the source material or completely as its own thing (both are valid), and it’s easier to do the latter in this case. I’ve also kept it mostly positive, though as I’ve mentioned previously, I did have a few issues with the film (feel free to ask any questions you might have about that or anything else CMBYN related). Also, I need to see it again. As soon as possible.

*When Elio has the nosebleed (no footsie though ugh), he goes inside and sits on the floor and Oliver comes looking for him. The way Elio asks Oliver to sit with him breaks my heart. Just a subtle hint of plea. Everything that happens during that sit-down also fucked my life. It’s burned into my very being. Every look, kiss, touch, word.

* There’s this wonderful housefly that, throughout the movie, shows up occasionally to hang out with Elio when he’s thinking about Oliver. I could probably write a paper on what I think the significance of the fly is, and my feelings about the fly, but really, it was just a fly- a nice touch by either Luca or Ivory.

* The desperation in Elio’s kiss after he breaks down crying during the peach scene. How is Timothée not actually feeling that at that moment? Talk about acting. It was spectacular. Everything about his reaction was spectacular. The crying, the sad embarrassment for crying, the clutching at Oliver. (Aside:Oliver not eating the peach was unacceptable and Elio’s reaction being switched from being overwhelmed that someone felt something for him so strongly that they would do such a thing to being upset that Oliver is leaving soon was annoying.)

* The hilarious lunch conversation with the extremely talkative, not very polite, guests. This conversation needs to be witnessed and experienced, because it’s so funny. At some point they start insulting each other- someone gets called an “asshole” I think, but the expressions and tones of voice of everyone involved stay exactly the same, so it’s hard to even tell who’s being called an asshole, etc. Like this is just everyday conversation.

* After Elio says goodbye to Oliver at the train station, he sits around for a bit trying to process and calm down and then, because what else to do in this lovely family?, he calls his mom. As he asks her to come pick him up, he breaks down (I did, too). The shot is perfect. He’s in the phone booth and we’re outside and a bit away. He starts off the call facing us, but during the emotional bits, he turns his back. He’s hiding his crying from the world (including the viewer), but not from his mother, who can hear him losing it. This is a lovely private family moment, one of many that we’re privy to throughout the film.

* On Elio and Oliver’s trip, there’s a shot of Oliver’s face as Elio sleeps, looking completely at peace. Oliver is sitting on the bed, looking wrecked, and remorseful, and like he wants to stop what’s about to happen. The next scene is their goodbye hug at the train station. I wonder if Oliver sitting there that night knows that very soon he’s going to break Elio’s heart. Not just by leaving, but in telling him that he’s getting married (Over the phone? Really Oliver?) I’ve never been totally sure just how “on and off” Oliver and his future wife actually were. We never really get to know much about Oliver. In both the book and the movie, he’s more a mirror of Elio than a separate character. We only know him through and via Elio. So, in that way, is Oliver’s “on and off” relationship the same as Elio’s “on and off” relationship with Marzia? Where they hang out and fuck, but Elio holds back everything important? I don’t know.

* On the phone call when Oliver tells Elio he’s getting married, Oliver asks, “Do you mind?” A perfect, though strange, bit from the book to carry over- those are the words someone uses when asking permission to do something. What if Elio had said yes? Was Oliver seeking an admission that Elio loved him and wanted to be with him? Was he looking for an ego boost? Was he just asking an awkward question? Oliver is such a mystery to me.

*Anytime Armie/Oliver danced, I laughed. Man, that was some awful, but adorable dancing. The only time I didn’t laugh was when Elio got up on the dance floor and danced with Marzia right next to where Oliver was dancing. That time, I held my breath.

*The morning after they have sex (make love?) for the first time and Elio goes after Oliver into town. They walk a bit to have some privacy and while walking, for a few seconds they “hold hands” with just a finger or two tangled. So insanely lovely.

*After Oliver and Elio talk about how open Oliver is about showing his Judaism by wearing his Star of David, the next image is of Elio coming up for air while swimming in the lake, his Star of David around his neck. It’s a rebirth via water being symbolized, so a baptism of sorts. Oliver, simply by being Oliver, allowed so many hidden parts of Elio, parts Elio felt ashamed of, to be reborn into things that were not shameful, that were beautiful, things to be celebrated and nurtured.

*After Elio receives the note that they’ll meet at midnight and subsequently becomes seriously obsessed with his watch, they’re sitting outside, Oliver, Elio, and Elio’s mother. Elio gets up to leave the table and Oliver, so nonchalantly, asks Elio for the time. It’s such a sexy and funny way of Oliver reminding Elio what’s going to happen that night. And ratcheting up their respective anticipation.

*Sufjan. Sufjan. Sufjan. I can’t even.

*The way Elio says Oliver’s name. So often he says it as if he’s asking for everything he’s ever desired. There’s so much longing and affection.

*The sight and the sound of Oliver eagerly removing his belt the first night that he and Elio sleep together is super sexy. He’s kneeling over Elio, who’s lying between Oliver’s legs and they both look desperate. The sound and look of the leather as it’s being pulled quickly through Oliver’s belt loops is the perfect symbol for that desperation.

*It was completely genius, whoever’s decision it was, to have Elio constantly pressing himself against Oliver, whether it’s Elio’s head against Oliver’s chest or Elio’s whole body as he’s, literally, climbing Oliver, jumping into his arms, pulling Oliver against him as Elio leans back against a wall, etc. It’s like Elio is trying to absorb Oliver into himself. Like he can’t possibly ever get close enough. Like he wants to crawl inside Oliver and make himself a little home in his tummy or in his chest, by his heart- maybe take a nap surrounded by Oliver. Like he simply cannot get enough of this man.

*Elio’s hairstyle at the end of the movie & every single time Elio did his slide dance move. What glory was that?

*That one lovely shot of snow before the last scene. Foreshadowing the cooling off of Elio and Oliver’s relationship, and letting the viewer know that their summer, which was, vicariously, ours, is officially over. Also, snow is just beautiful.

*The night that Elio confesses his feelings to Oliver, Oliver comes back late. Elio, thinking that Oliver has been out with someone else, is restless in bed, and mutters, “Traitor,” as Oliver uses their adjoining bathroom. Then when Oliver closes the bathroom door without acknowledging Elio, Elio rolls over again says, sadly, “Traitor.” The word enlarges Elio’s desire- makes it so much more than just lust. He’s saying that they have something important together, something that can be betrayed. The fact that he doesn’t consider his actions with Marzia to be traitorous makes perfect sense to me. He knows his own feelings, that Oliver is, for whatever reason, infinitely more important to him than Marzia. But what Oliver feels is, at that time a mystery.

*Elio tells Oliver that they have to sit in the backseat of the car because Anchise usually drives as Elio’s father navigates. Then Elio’s father comes along and tells Anchise that he doesn’t need to drive and then invites Oliver into the front seat to be navigator. Elio is adorably upset that he doesn’t get to ride shotgun (understandably!). But also probably a bit unpleased that he doesn’t get to share that small backseat with Oliver. Ha.

*This part right here, when Elio asks for a truce and Oliver offers the hand of the statue. It should have been funny, but it was actually just very sweet and hurt my heart a bit.

*As Oliver and Elio leave on their trip, Chiara rides up on her bicycle. She’s late, though, and they’re already on the bus which is pulling away. The borderline sarcastic wave that Oliver gives her is pretty funny and Elio’s mother inviting Chiara to dinner with a thrown in, “Bring Marzia with you” is just ouch. But the look on Elio’s face as Oliver sits beside him, like this is everything. He’s sitting here with Oliver, going away with Oliver (!!!) and he seems so joyful, but also overwhelmed by that joy, and like he’s seconds away from crying. Lovely lovely acting by Tim.

* Elio’s father is pretty much perfect at fathering fatherly. And Michael Stuhlbarg is magnificent in this film. His final speech to Elio about Oliver, and love, and life is spectacular, both in the book and the film. The line that always makes me cry, whether reading, listening, or watching is:

We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster than we should that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty and have less to offer each time we start with someone new.

I’ve had one of those lives where this would have really been nice to hear when I was younger. But since I kind of want to rip out every memory I have of this book/movie, to cure myself of too many feelings, it might not have mattered.

* Also in Elio’s father speech is my favorite quote about love. I was ecstatic that it was in the book so having it in the movie made me doubly ecstatic. The quote, by Montaigne about his platonic male friend, is untranslated in the book (& I don’t know if anyone bothers to look that stuff up), while in the movie, there are subtitles (the translation in the movie is different than my preferred which is below, but whatevs). Below is a larger portion of the quote, the part in bold is the bit in the book/movie:

Si on me presse, continue-t-il, de dire pourquoi je l'aimais, je sens que cela ne se peut exprimer qu'en répondant: parce que c'était lui; parce que c'était moi.

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than it was because he was he, and because I was I.

From the book:

“You’re too smart not to know how rare, how special, what you two had was.”

“Oliver was Oliver,” I said, as if that summed things up.

“Parce que c’était lui, parce que c’était moi,” my father added, quoting Montaigne’s all-encompassing explanation for his friendship with Etienne de la Boétie.”

I can’t explain why I’ve loved particular people most in my life- we were just the kind of people who would love each other. We spoke to something in the other. I’ve always appreciated the joyful, but also, almost resigned (potentially tragic) quality of such an acknowledgement. “We were meant to love each other” alongside “I couldn’t have stopped it even if I’d tried.” It’s perfect for Elio and Oliver.

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Justice League Dark is getting a live action film. I think it follows the comics more closely than the animated movie, though, so it won't have Batman.

you know, if i was in charge of the DC movies, batman would be in every single one. he’d be the stan lee cameo. he doesn’t even need a solo film, you see, because this explains batman better than any movie plot ever could.

he’d be in the wonder woman movie, for fuck’s sake, and it’s WWI. he didn’t even exist then, but is that going to stop him? no. he appears on krypton right before it blows up, the camera pans for a moment during the aquaman movie and there’s batman, in the cave, glaring back out at you. he gives you a thumbs down. he shakes his head disapprovingly at hal jordan during the green lantern corps movie.

and the law at DC headquarters would be that that, whenever asked about the bat cameos, you go on about the mandela effect, you laugh it off. the bat cameos don’t exist, i, a WB exec, say. behind me there’s a panel clearly depicting a picture of batman buying a bag of grapes from the flash movie.

maybe after the joke’s gone on long enough, in further parody, i order an after credits scene. maybe on the man of steel sequel. the after credits scene is robin’s patrol camera, and he’s talking to batman. it’s revealed that they’re planning to party crash the gotham city sirens. in the next movie, robin and batman can be seen inside mcdonald’s. robin is waving. he has a milkshake.

Woollim, INFINITE & Golden Child: a clarification post about contracts and debut...

Hello everyone.

Seeing as even after my previous post asking people to stop sending me messages complaining about GNCD I still got messages doing exactly that, I decided to write this post because I am literally 99.9% done with all the silly things people are saying in my inbox. I am not attacking anyone, I just seriously want people to look at this whole situation rationally.

1. GNCD’S DEBUT HAS BEEN PLANNED WAY IN ADVANCE Okay, this is important. Debuts are not something that are suddenly decided a month before the date like “Hmm yes, let’s just debut this new group now.” Often they are planned a year in advance. There has been a steady build up over months (see W Project) to create hype for their debut. 

2. IFNT WERE ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED TO COMEBACK IN MAY Because of Sunggyu’s rib injury, this was initially pushed back. If they had indeed had a comeback in May, there would have been no clash with GNCD’s debut whatsoever.

3. WOOLLIM WERE PROBABLY OPTIMISTIC ABOUT CONTRACT RENEWAL AND DID NOT EXPECT THEM TO TAKE SO LONG This is possibly my most important point tbh. The biggest complaint I am having from people is “Oh, but this is so poorly timed! Why are Woollim debuting a new group when INFINITE are still in negotiations?” Well here’s why: as I said in points 1 & 2, GNCD’s debut has been planned for a long time and INFINITE were meant to have comeback already. And I think Woollim did not foresee them being in talks with INFINITE member(s) for this amount of time. I believe they thought things would be settled quickly, in time for them to comeback in early July and for GNCD to debut just after promotions ended. 

4. BE MINE IS INFINITE’S REPRESENTATIVE SONG, THE ONE THEY ARE BEST KNOWN FOR. IT HAS BECOME AN ICONIC KPOP SONG If any rookie group is going to cover INFINITE then it will most likely be Be Mine. They had it on Produce 101 Season 2 as one of the iconic songs by senior artists and two groups covered it. On Boys24, a group of trainees also did a cover performance of Be Mine. At KBS Gayo Daechukje last year, members of different girl groups including TWICE and GFriend covered it too (and it was awesome). 

5. NO ONE IS TELLING YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO STAN GNCD JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE FROM THE SAME COMPANY AS INFINITE But there’s no reason to go out of your way to hate on them unnecessarily either. Please keep in mind that these kids have worked just as hard as INFINITE did when they were trainees. Because of INFINITE’s hard work and incredible success, they are able to debut and achieve their dreams. I am sure they are extremely grateful to their INFINITE seniors for all they have done for them. 

6. WOOLLIM HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF BEING TERRIBLE AT PR Look at how they handled Myungsoo’s dating scandal back in 2013. Look at what happened with Tasty (yeah, remember them?!) and with Epik High. They are also absolutely awful at promoting more than one group at a time - I’m actually amazed Lovelyz solo concert is being promoted as much as it is, considering how bad they usually are at juggling two things at once. 

7. THE LACK OF NEWS FROM WOOLLIM ABOUT INFINITE IS FRUSTRATING, BUT IS NOT GNCD’S FAULT I can’t believe I even had to write that, we all know how Kpop works, guys. Artist’s don’t get to make decisions about when they debut or what information the company releases about them. End of. 

8. ONE OF INFINITE’S ACTUAL, HONEST TO GOD LITTLE BROTHER IS IN GNCD And Sungyeol has said in an interview in Japan that he is proud of Daeyeol for debuting and being the leader of a group. Sungyeol has also MCed their variety show WoollimPick (and was incredibly savage and amazing, what an absolute pro).