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Request: Combined [Dongwoo]

Request: A combination of a bunch of requests I missed out on all for Dongwoo ; 3; Sorry I’m late.

Hi. Long time no see-nario [Why did I make this my terrible catchphrase?] I haven’t really been around. I’ve been swamped with work ; 3; And lazy. Also planning for a vacation for a couple weeks in March. Paid vacation, excitingly enough. So. This is to make up for my absence. Also for the missed birthday request I see in my inbox. Sorry I haven’t replied to asks/messages. I will try to do that later when I’m in a better mind set. I wrote this at the end of January….and I haven’t proofed it….Still I hope you enjoy?

You told him not to worry about it. He didn’t have to take any time out of anything to spend time with you. Sure, you were a little sad you wouldn’t be able to see him on Christmas. Or New Years. Or your birthday. Or Valentine’s. You sighed at your desk. Maybe you did regret it a little. You would have liked to spend one of the holidays, or your birthday, with him. It was just hard to tell him to make special time for you when there was so much going on for him.

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In my apparent quest to play the latest and greatest games of 2013, I also started playing Bioshock Infinite yesterday. I’m only a few hours in, so my impressions are probably subject to change. I also have somehow mostly managed to avoid being spoiled (aside from an awareness that Some People Liked It A Lot and It Really Didn’t Work For Some People), so no spoilers until I’m done, please. Thoughts thus far below the cut, if people care…

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i’m going to say it louder for the people in the back: closeted ≠ ashamed of one’s sexuality

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Last movie you watched: Leap Year

Last book you read: The Last Boy and Girl in the World

Last thing you ate: Waffles with butter and maple syrup

If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?: At home, in my chair with my blanket

Where would you time travel to: The past, maybe to meet Charles Dickens or Shakespeare?

Fictional character you would hang out with for the day: The Doctor :)

Time right now: 17.35

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idols from different groups who should be friends unless they already secretly are 🙏, suggested by queenofattolia. dongwoo&hyoyeon for double happiness and randomness and dance badassery; sojin&victoria because they’re both cuteweird ‘86/'87 liners with lots of kids to take care of; hyeri&key so they would have someone to fall on the floor laughing with; eunji&sandeul, busan power vocals that i need to see interact more in any form; suhyun&tiffany because tiffany fangirls all the girls and could be a great unnie for suhyun. 💗