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spring follow spree

hello everyone. im looking for new people to follow. my dash is lacking content im interested in, so if you blog any of the content in the list below, please give this post a like or reblog! if you do so, i’ll check out your blog. please don’t be disheartened if i don’t follow.

  • animanga like hunter x hunter, durarara!!, pandora hearts, code geass, death note, studio ghibli, kuroshitsuji, noragami, natsume yuujinchou, shoujo in general (ouran, maid sama, akatsuki no yona, hnr, etc)
  • anime and manga in general. i need more anime and manga on my dash.
  • musicians from the west: ed sheeran, vampire weekend, twenty one pilots, foxes
  • infinite (the kpop group). this is the only kpop group im really looking for, but girl groups are welcomed too. if you’re a bts blog, the chances of me following you are low tbh.
  • harry potter and other fantasy series
  • aesthetic photography
  • history!!!!
  • literature
  • tbh even if you don’t post any of these things / people and you want me to check out your blog anyways, then like/reblog this post.

i would appreciate it if mutuals would give this a reblog and help me ^^ thank you.