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Everything in the world has an expiration date. Just because you cling to it, doesn’t mean it won’t expire. It has been decided from the start. The scent will fade.
—  One More Time

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"Dear, Roega-daddy, I am too big for most women. In fact, so big that I terrify most women so what do you do with Dusk-Momma to ensure that she is not split in half when you two do the do. Rumor has is she likes it BIG. Please advise and offer guidance so that I may have fruitful and non-torn ladies to enjoy. Thank you for your infinite girth of perspective."

“Uh… wow. Ojene wasn’t kiddin’ when she said I’d get all manner o’ questions about… sex. Ah.”

“Well, no matter. A question’s a question, an’ if you’re confused, then it’s my job ter ans–”

“…right. So. My first piece o’ advice – are ye listenin’?”

“If ye value your safety, stop askin’ my wife lude questions. No, really.”



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"Dear, Dusk-Mom, I am too big for most women. In fact, so big that I terrify most women so what do you do with Roega-dad to ensure that you are not split in half when you two do the do. Rumor has it you like it BIG. Please advice and offer guidance so that I may have fruitful and non-torn ladies to enjoy. Thank you for your infinite'in-depth' perspective."


“Heeeey, guess what, I’ve got a very great tip for you in that department…”


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And how exactly was the Earth set up with those perfect conditions? It would be impossible on its own. You probably already know from basic principles of science that things never arrange themselves perfectly by their own accord--there has to be some sort of energy input, some sort of force, that causes a thing to perfectly arrange itself. And looking at it from a logical/philosophical perspective, an infinite regress is impossible: every series of causes has to have some sort of initial cause

For starters, the “energy input” you are referring to is the input from the sun and from other celestial bodies that eventually lead to the formation of the Earth we live on today over billions of years.

I would recommend reading this Wikipedia article for a base-level knowledge of how planets and solar systems form in the infinite expanse of our universe.

And as a last comment, our existence is far from perfect.

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pearls, penthouse, satin <3

What’s something about your personality that surprises others?

I think most people who talk to me are pleasantly surprised by my ability to empathize with their situation, regardless of whether or not I have an intimate friendship with them or not. I feel confident in my ability to analyze others from a rational perspective, especially when I’m given the opportunity to observe them for a while, and put together motivation and emotion fairly simply. That sounds a little clinical, but being able to see from another person’s perspective is infinitely valuable to me. Unfortunately, being so empathetic has a lot of downsides, too…

I couldn’t begin to tell you how much it tortures me to feel hated or disliked - not because someone has taken issue with me as a person, but because my existence has disrupted theirs so much that one powerful, negative emotion overcomes all other positive ones I might be able to give them. I take being told that I’ve hurt someone very hard and will beat myself up over it. I’ll often think more about the feelings of other people, regardless of how I might feel, and become paralyzed with insecurity, indecision and doubt to the point where it will send me spiraling into a low period.

Maintaining some distance so I don’t overly invest myself in the well-being of others has made this somewhat easier for me, but it still happens more than I’d like to admit.

What would you consider your dream home? Describe it.

I’d love a small colonial-style home with a big, gorgeous vegetable, fruit and flower garden with a modern, vibrant aesthetic inside. I’d fill it with all of my favorite things - modern and classical art prints, framed film posters, all of my favorite books and movies, comfortable places to lounge out and watch television or read and lots of pets to love and care for. I’m an introvert to the extreme and any home I make would reflect how happy I am spending much of my time in it, though I also really love gardening too.

What is your most favorite article of clothing?

I have a very soft, fleecy gray sweatshirt that I wear all of the time! All of the little images I’ve ever drawn of myself have been wearing this sweatshirt.

To look at what is and what was and decide that these are the only possibilities– is to live in a constrictive manner. no matter what the physical eyes see, theres always a presence, an undefinable ever-expansive emptiness that presides over, and under and all around, everything. It is this space that we neglect–that were we to embrace, and open up to–would allow us to experience, consciously, the beauty and simplicity and easiness of life.

Close the eyes if it is necessary; but, open the heart to what is bigger than what is physically visible and tangible.

—  Spirit-Living