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Everything in the world has an expiration date. Just because you cling to it, doesn’t mean it won’t expire. It has been decided from the start. The scent will fade.
—  One More Time

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"Dear, Roega-daddy, I am too big for most women. In fact, so big that I terrify most women so what do you do with Dusk-Momma to ensure that she is not split in half when you two do the do. Rumor has is she likes it BIG. Please advise and offer guidance so that I may have fruitful and non-torn ladies to enjoy. Thank you for your infinite girth of perspective."

“Uh… wow. Ojene wasn’t kiddin’ when she said I’d get all manner o’ questions about… sex. Ah.”

“Well, no matter. A question’s a question, an’ if you’re confused, then it’s my job ter ans–”

“…right. So. My first piece o’ advice – are ye listenin’?”

“If ye value your safety, stop askin’ my wife lude questions. No, really.”



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To look at what is and what was and decide that these are the only possibilities– is to live in a constrictive manner. no matter what the physical eyes see, theres always a presence, an undefinable ever-expansive emptiness that presides over, and under and all around, everything. It is this space that we neglect–that were we to embrace, and open up to–would allow us to experience, consciously, the beauty and simplicity and easiness of life.

Close the eyes if it is necessary; but, open the heart to what is bigger than what is physically visible and tangible.

—  Spirit-Living
The Infinite Perspective / Give up Waiting

the softest most loving and most powerful perspective is that of the infinite, the source of all that exists. And this is where it is so beneficial to experience and perceive life.

because it is limitless and not based on any constraints, it allows for constant exploration and creation and beautiful possibilities. And yet, sometimes we abandon this which we totally have access to, to adopt some burdensome perspective.

Like, when a manifestation ‘doesnt happen’….

many of us– when we haven’t yet shifted to the reality where the creation already is/ when we haven’t yet seen it with our physical eyes– we tend to do this weird thing of saying and believing stuff like: well ya know,maybe I cant have that. Maybe im actually not ready for that. Maybe its not okay for me. Maybe i have to wait (as though waiting is even real) lol: And its like, what? Lol I mean, if that feels good to believe then fine, but if its from a place of quitting and giving up (which is different from surrender), what about seeing from the infinite perspective and being open to a different possibility– as there are so many.

what about being open to the idea that maybe we can actually broaden our sight to be able to hold space for what we ask for? What about being open to the possibility that we are actually so powerful and so loved by the universe that we can appreciate that we receive what we ask for as soon as we ask–even before then.

the moment we begin to doubt, or question or wonder why something ’ isnt happening’–we make it not happen through the limited point of view. This is partly how shifting realities works, too: tap into the infinite perspective, move to the space where its already done–and no matter what is on the physical space– know and feel that its already come to pass. And it is. This is where the chill and excitement is so natural amd easy and not forced. because when you know that you know that you know that youre in for the amazingness (or better) youve seen/asked for/etc, what else is there to do besides celebrate and relax?

sometimes when we say we are waiting, its just us not having faith, not being confident in the mighty and gentle and giving universe that is; its just us not accepting the fact that we are as powerful as we are, and not receiving the love that we are. Often, when we have this lack perspective, its just us, seeing from limitations. But we have choices beyond that. And since that’s so, why not choose what feels joyous? Why not choose faith rather than doubt? Both are choices anyway.

start to see from the infinite, as the infinite. And maybe, stop allowing a perspective and a feeling to be based on the conditioned limited thinking and seeing we have been programmed to constantly operate from. Maybe…stop thinking of waiting or thinking that we’re being asked to wait , because really all there ever is, is now.