infinite over the years


Over the past 7 years, 2 months, 21 days, 63,336 hours, 3,800,160 minutes and 228,009,600 seconds you Lee Howon have taught me so much I have and will continue to carry with me deep within my heart those lessons for all eternity. I never thought to fall in love with you or the others as much as I have but I don’t regret it for 1 second. You and the boys are the reason I’m alive today. You’re my entire world.

You have taught me patience, perseverance, love, kindness, determination, dedication, what family is. You’ve taught me to never give up no matter how hard and dark things get, to never give up and that there will always be people to give you strength and fight with you. Because of you and the boys I have finally found my family, a family who can accept me for me, who will be my strength when I cannot get through things on my own. You’ve taught me that it’s okay to lean and rely on others from time to time and it’s okay to share the load with them instead of trying to handle it on all my own. You’ve taught me not to be scared of the dark times, that I do not walk those times alone and that I am strong enough to get through them.

Even though it breaks my heart to see you go and leave your brothers I know deep within my heart that this is not the end of Infinite for the bond you have with them and that they are still your brothers and that you love them dearly. I’m sure this was not an easy choice for you to make. I know this is not the end, not even close.

I know you will continue to teach me things and guide me along the right path alongside Infinite like you always have. I will continue to stick by your and Infinite’s side for all eternity. You deserve nothing but happiness Hoya and I will forever love and support you and Infinite for all eternity. I will forever be by your side as I know you and the others will always be by my side through the good times and bad. No matter what you will always be a member of Infinite. Keep smiling. I love you. All 7 of you.

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You seriously do these so well, they're so nice and thought-out and links to examples....I request one for Sungyeol. Because he's so wonderful but gets underestimated far too often. Please and thank you!

Okay, so I previously did Woohyun and Sunggyu, and now it’s my handsome and small son Sungyeol! Sungyeol often gets overlooked in INFINITE, and that is just not okay. So here are some reasons to show him more love, because he definitely deserves it!


If there is one thing Sungyeol does amazingly well, it’s act. He has always had aspirations to be an actor, and was originally in the SM Acting Academy before he joined Woollim. He didn’t set out to be in an idol group, but aren’t we glad he ended up in INFINITE? Sungyeol has been in multiple dramas over the years, including Please Remember Princess, Hi-School Love On (alongside fellow member Woohyun) and D-Day

Also here is Yeol acting in a CF for a dog shelter, part of INFINITE’s appearance on Birth of a Family:


It goes without saying that INFINITE wouldn’t be as successful on variety shows if it weren’t for members like Sungyeol. He has perfect comedy timing and has never minded throwing himself fully into skits and giving everything he has for hilarity - image? What image? Let’s never forget Sungyeol’s animal impressions, the infamous owl face, his hilarious dancing or the many, many times he’s gone all out for his solo stages (Troublemaker with Sungjong, PSY’s Daddy, ioi’s Pick Me).

And here is a personal favourite of mine, Sexy Back ft Hoya:


Although Sungyeol did not set out to be a singer, you would have to be totally ignorant not to notice what an improvement he has made vocally in the 7 years since debut. He has never been one to say he can sing, remaining humble about his skills and often even putting himself down. But it shows that he’s trained his voice when you listen to him on album tracks and during live performances. He may not get the most lines, but he often gets some of the most memorable ones in songs (”Do you hear me?” anyone???). Here is a compilation of some of his lines. Then there is the fact that Sungyeol can rap! Okay so he may not be as known for it as INFINITE H, but you can check out his skills in Cover Girl or watch this awesome clip of INFINITE switching parts for Be Mine. Sungyeol got Hoya and absolutely slayed it. 

INFINITE are a group well known for their synchronised dance skills. And Sungyeol being the tallest member definitely has to try that little bit harder to make sure he stays in line with the rest of them. He may not be a main dancer or be asked to do the dance break, but without him we wouldn’t have the perfect seven members that form INFINITE, and we also wouldn’t have the cool bit at the beginning of The Chaser where Yeol parts the others like the Red Sea… 

Also look how sexy he is…


There are so many reasons to love Sungyeol, and here are a few more things I think are very important:

  • His love of animals! Sungyeol adopted a cute little hairless cat he named Jureumie (from the world for wrinkle), and although she has since moved in with one of Woollim’s staff, we got some super cute times with the two of them. He now has a dog called Aga (Baby). Sungyeol was also amazing with the three puppies INFINITE adopted on Birth of a Family
  • He lowkey does a lot of charity work. Sunggyu outed Sungyeol saying he actually does a lot of charity work, but he never likes to talk about it himself. 
  • His visuals are seriously no joke. Having seen INFINITE up close in real life (and accidentally at the airport one time) I can honestly confirm that Lee Sungyeol is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen, even with a facemask on and no makeup. 
  • Sungyeol loves INSPIRITS so much that he’s ready to chase us to the ends of the earth if we cheat on them. He also spoke about how it’s important to him to be able to communicate with all fans, and so he tried extra hard at foreign languages during their first world tour OGS. 
  • His friendships with the other members are very sweet, especially with Sunggyu and Myungsoo. Sunggyu often leans on Sungyeol or latches onto him at airports. And even though Sungyeol and Myungsoo admitted to fighting with each other before, they’re known to be very close. 

I legitimately love Sungyeol so much and it makes me upset when I see negative comments about him or hear that he’s not getting as much attention as he deserves. Please love Lee Sungyeol, because if you’re an INSPIRIT then he definitely already loves you!

(See all these About IFNT guides here)


A/N: Welp.

The slow descent of Jumin Han into a disconsolate existence began with a glass of wine.

He was enjoying his wine, lounging next to his companion Elizabeth the 3rd and relaxing after yet another successful day of running an international corporation. The burgundy liquid swirled over his palate as the chime of his messenger app rang throughout his penthouse. On a rare occasion, the entire RFA was gathered together, exchanging bits of their day and other minutiae. The world was exactly as it had been, down to Yoosung’s failing grades.

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*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?


Universes Collide p.4 /// [p.3] [p.2] [p.1]

“The joy and the chaos, the demons we’re made of
I’d be so lost if you left me alone.”

“Your husband is pouting again.”

A spoon stilled in its dutiful stirring, yet the milk in Hermione’s tea continued to swirl a lazy galaxy at the window sill.  Hermione paid it no mind, and looked up, frowning, from the book on her lap.  

Her tranquil moment alone had ended sooner than even she’d expected; she’d just settled in after a grueling Order meeting, not even a paragraph of the essay read.  It was, so far, four years of nonstop walking and apparating - from meeting to meeting, from battle to battle, from safe house to safe house.  Four years of nonstop building - building up Order recruitment, building up camp sites for the recruited, building up morale and hope.  Her feet, her hands, her throat were screaming for some kind of reprieve that only came just in time to leave again.

She peered up from her comfortable spot in the kitchen window seating, and there was Harry leaning at counter - oblivious to the peace he’d stepped on.

“Pouting?” She regurgitated, eyeing Harry suspiciously.  His lips were perked up just a little too highly above his mug; Teddy’s colorful doodle of himself and his godfather smiled and waved at Hermione from the ceramic.  Both of them looked far too mischievous.  “What did you do now?”

Harry snorted.  “Nothing,” he swore, taking a sip to keep his intentions contained.  “Yet.”

There was a slap as Hermione closed her book; the galaxy in her cup shook and dissolved.  She sighed, and scooted off the bench.  “Harry-”

“He’s the instigator- king of the sofa,” he defended himself with a gesture to the doorway, challenging Hermione to take a peek, “mumbling insults at anyone who dares enter his dwelling.”

Rolling her eyes, Hermione approached the doorway to the common room and peeked out to see him.

Her husband.  


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Scars - Epilogue

*A/N - I highly recommend reading the story in order, so please start with the prologue.  (Gif credit to original poster)

Scars: Prologue : One : Two : Three : Four : Five : Six : Seven : Eight : Nine : Epilogue :

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Scars - Epilogue

Pairing: Kim TaeHyung x Reader

Genre:  Angst, Mystery, Crime, Romance (Fluff and Smut-lite intermingled with angst)

Word Count: 554


One year later

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내 인생의 빛, 너.

this is a very tough topic for me to talk about and in the last 4 years, i have been able to avoid it all thanks to the help of infinite and hoya. as you may know by now, infinite and hoya hold a very special place in my heart. 4 years ago, i was struggling with an eating disorder, depression and suicidal thoughts. i had no motivation to eat, no motivation to study, and no longer a want to live. during this time, my family and i were also going through some health issues and emergencies and this took a very big toll on me. around this time, news had been revealed that infinite was making a comeback. although it seems trivial, this was the only thing i was looking forward to. i would come home from school, excited to see what would be released next and would continuously want to wait for more. infinite’s music, their energy, the bond they had with one another, the love they reserved for inspirits and the amount of happiness and laughter they gave to me was more than i could ever ask for and it was the one thing i didn’t realize how much i needed during my time of darkness.

i have been with infinite for a little over 6 years now and i can proudly and confidently say that it’s been the best 6 years of my life. they have given me so much more than i could ever repay back. the laughter, the happiness, the strength to live, supporting them was the least i could do. i am so grateful for all the memories and friends i have made through infinite that i never want to take a day for granted. thanks to them, i have been able to meet some of the greatest, kindest and funniest people. i’ve taken some of the best adventures thanks to them and i’ve learned so much more about myself through infinite.

the news was very shocking and saddening to me and it left me in tears and heartbroken but right now, more than ever, i have realized the importance of growing up, making difficult choices and leaving your loved ones to achieve your own goals and dreams. i became a fan when i was in middle school. i basically grew up with infinite and now that i have graduated high school and am moving on with my life, i have realized that all good things, must come to an end. although it is the end of the ot7 that we grew up with and loved so dearly with our hearts, this is a new beginning for all of us. for me, for infinite and for howon. i am so excited to see what infinite will bring to us and what’s in store for howon’s bright future.

thank you for growing up with me, thank you for my youth.

let’s begin our walk on our new path together.

- mimi

Home (#Jeller fanfic)

Trying to post this on Tumblr, but also posted on FFN

               She could feel his eyes on her as she waited.

               The silence between them had grown uncomfortable once they entered the building. When they were in neutral ground – whether it was half a world away or the subway station down the block – it was like nothing had changed. But as soon as they entered their – his, she corrected herself – apartment building, the air between them had become charged. Neither of them wanted to speak, for fear of disrupting the careful balance that now existed between the two of them.

               He fumbled with the keys as he tried to unlock the door. It took two tries before he heard the deadbolt slide back. He glanced over at her once more, before twisting the knob open. They’d come so far, just getting to this point was enough.


               They’d been together only a few months when she’d left. They hadn’t had their first anniversary – or even their first fight. They were happy, blissful, the beautiful honeymoon period that she’d hoped would never end.

               And then she walked out, leaving behind the only person she ever truly loved.

              She gently rubbed her finger over her wedding band, feeling each individual stone. He’d given it back to her only days before. She remembered when she took it off, the only time she had removed the ring since he had slid in onto her finger at their wedding. She had made her decision; she had to keep them safe. But in that instant, leaving seemed nearly impossible. She knew what it would do to him, when he woke up and saw her gone, saw her ring laying there. But she knew what could happen if she stayed. Kurt, his daughter, Allie, Sarah, everyone they knew and loved was at risk. She had to keep them safe, no matter her personal cost.

              In the months that followed, she had convinced herself that she had made the right decision. The pain of loss was just the price she had to pay. It was worth it, Jane thought, this was just her new normal. She would never be able to be happy; this was just penance for the crimes she had committed as Remi. She had been so naive to think it wouldn’t come back. To think that capturing Shepherd and ending Sandstorm would be enough. No, this was her true penance. To know happiness and love, and to live without it.

              But everything had changed the moment he walked back into her life.

               And now here they were, standing in the entry way of the doorway she’d walked out of so long ago, never to return.

              She felt her breath catch in her throat as he opened the door.

               He let the door swing open, it gently hitting the wall before coming to a rest. For the first time since they’d walked into the building, Jane glanced over at Kurt. His bright blue eyes were clouded with worry as he gestured her inside. For the first time Jane thought about what this must be like for him. She’d thought about the pain she’d caused – that was all she thought about some times – but this was new. They’d been apart so long, and now she was back. They had had infinite starts and stops over the years, and all of a sudden, she worried if this was the one that would finally break them.

               Jane tightened her grip on her bag, trying to work up the nerve to take that first step. One step at a time, she thought. The same way she had climbed the mountain all those times. The first step was always the hardest, she knew that. But all she had to do was take that step.

               It was exactly the same.

               Over a year later, and it hadn’t changed. Even the plant by the window was still alive, the tendrils of leaves longer as they wrapped around the pot, but otherwise identical. Patterson had given it to them as a wedding present; she had insisted it was better than flowers which were doomed to wilt and die. This would continue to grow, she said, just like their love. Someone had clearly been watering it in their absence, probably Patterson, but Jane was grateful to see it still thriving.

               She walked around slowly, taking it all in. It really was exactly as she’d left it.

               Their favorite picture from their wedding, slightly off center, but the smiles radiating on their faces, was still hanging on the wall, a thin coat of dust resting on top of the frame.

               The book she’d been reading was still left on the end table by the couch. She reached out, gently running her fingers over the cover. It was as if she could just pick it up, start reading from where she had left off all that time ago.

               Jane swore that if she opened the fridge, she would see the same leftovers and take out containers that had been there last year.

               She smiled at the newest pictures on the table – updated ones of Kurt’s daughter. She’d been just a baby last time Jane had seen her. Now she was a toddler, the little girl clearly taking after her father in terms of looks.

               In that moment, her heart started to race, the familiar panic returning. This was why she had left. She had to keep them safe.

               “Jane,” the voice seemed distant, until she felt his hand resting on her arm. “It’s okay. We’re okay.”

               She stared into his eyes, the worry that had darkened them before had abated, now they shown only with concern for her.

               Taking a deep breath, she looked around once more, trying to process the scene that lay before her. How could it all be the same? How could it feel so much like she was returning home – when it had barely been her home to begin with?

               She’d lived in the hut on the mountain for longer than she’d lived here with him. And although that tiny hut had provided safety, it had never felt like home. It was just that – a shelter from the storm inside her heart, waiting for her to ride out the pain and storms, waiting for her to find her way back here.

               And now that Jane was here, she felt that warm feeling sweep over her.

               They had made their life here, together. This had been their home, no matter how brief of a time they had shared it.

               Early mornings spent with steaming cups of coffee, enjoying the silence so rarely heard in the city. She loved those moments, sometimes before Kurt would even awake, being alone, but so surrounded by his love she was never truly alone.

               Lazy weekend afternoons spent lounging on the couch together. Sometimes reading, sometimes talking, oftentimes just daydreaming in silence. It never mattered as long as they were together. She could almost feel his gentle touch running up and down her arm, remembering the moments they shared together.

               Evenings watching Kurt cook dinner in the kitchen. She didn’t mind helping out, but oftentimes she spent the time perched on the countertop, sneaking bites and tastes as he did all the work.

               Nights spent wrapped in each other’s arms, safe, warm, and loved. Knowing that there was no place she’d rather be.

               It was then she realized the truth – what she had been seeking for all those months. She had left to protect him and everyone she loved. But the only way she could truly be safe is if they were together.

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Are you still willing to take prompts? I know you already did one, but could you do another number 20 set in the 100 universe?

since you asked for canonverse, i had to oblige. we all know it’s my fave. this is canonverse, but got a little off course. i couldn’t get the idea out of my head. it’s short but honestly, i got feels just writing it. enjoy!

20. top of the head kisses

title from in our bedroom after the war by stars. recommended listening for the read. listen here

the war is over & we are beginning 


“I love you.”

It’s no big revelation. There’s no urgency when she says it, those words he’s prayed a thousands times to hear. They are sitting in a meadow, surrounded by the lush trees of an ancient forest, one that’s risen from the ashes an infinite number of time over millions of years. The trees tell a story, a history of mankind on the evils they’re capable of.  They tell a story of forgiveness for even though mankind burns them down, they always come back. It seems appropriate.

Bellamy turns to watch her, the corner of her mouth turned upwards contently, the puckered scar (a gift from Eligius, the story of a fight only Clarke could have won) on her cheek sinking inward, blending almost naturally into the structure of her face. When she smiles, he noticed, it’s nothing but a dimple. She isn’t looking at him, instead focusing her attention on where Madi is currently handing tools over to Raven from beneath the Rover. Monty sits next to her, guiding her on the properties of each tool. They had been out to harvest when the Rover broke down (lack of maintenance, Raven had grumbled).

There have been plenty of opportunities for her to say it. But she chooses now. She chooses now because they are finally still. The world is finally still. There is no impending war. No threats of nuclear meltdowns. Not even friction among the people. Among the broken tribes left after it all, they split up. Too many wounds to heal together. They’ve made their own tribe now,, a small village they built with their bare hands near the sea. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful.

He isn’t surprised she chose this moment of all the others in their time on Earth to say it. For the longest time, Clarke Griffin believed herself to be cursed. She believed that her ‘I love you’ sent people to an early grave. Her father. Wells. Finn. Lexa. Jasper. Her mom. She believed each one of them to be a body on her, another kill mark on her shoulder.

“I can’t lose you,” she once whispered into the night, voice shaking after another nightmare tore through her sleep. It’s the closest thing he ever had to an admission, at least vocally. Her actions have always spoken louder. She chose him over the human race. No matter what, she always chose him.

He tells her every day. Every night. When he leaves her sleeping in their cabin early in the morning. When she brings him his breakfast. When they leave for days at a time to harvest and hunt or just get away. When they fall asleep tangled together. She’s  never said it back, but she always shows him. In the way she kisses him, in the way she takes care of him. In the way she’s trembles and moans his name when they make love under the stars. In the way she smiles after he says it and replies, “I know.”

Now it’s his turn. He pulls her into his side and she clings to him, hands gripping his shirt and nose buried into his neck. Holding on to him for dear life.  Like saying it had been tethering her to the Earth and now she might float away. He places a kiss on the top of her head, something he discovered she likes. It makes her feel safe, she had told him. And she is.

When he finally responds, it’s simple.

“I know.”

[FAN ACCOUNT] 170304 INFINITE Fan Gathering III

******* WARNING: Super long post ahead! Like super duper extra long post this time! We apologize ahead of time!

Hi everyone! We know it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted anything besides asks, so we first want to thank you all for your patience and understanding! We’re not too sure why, but life has been kicking both of our butts simultaneously for quite some time now. Also, sorry it’s taken so long for me to do this. I’ve been hit hard with post-concert depression and I’m still quite busy. I also needed some time to collect all of the memories that have been slowly coming back to me. Good news is that our boys had a fan meet and I (dayounggie) was lucky enough to nab a ticket for the Saturday one. Unfortunately, since I work late hours, I was unable to even attempt to get tix for the Friday meeting, but luckily and LOTS of stress later, I managed to get a ticket for Saturday. I was really bummed out to miss out on L-soonie and the ladder game to pick the next member for the v app show, but the Saturday rally had its own perks!

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Whatever Wednesday, Tire picking, Zeus, Clem and Dave’s Favorite Shifter, and Mark

Describing any bicycle as “high performance” is plain bad wrong, because without a person on it it can’t perform at all, and one the bike has its person, how it performs is how the person performs. You don’t go down to the local art supply store and ask for, “the same paints and brushes, or the closest equivalent, to what Grandma Moses used.” They’ll kick you out of the store. As we all know, there’s only one Grandma Moses, may she rest in peace.

All that’s obvious, but it’s still good to remember when you’re picking out a bike. These are my personal recommendations, with the deep conservatism and infinite wisdom! that I’ve acquired over the years.

Tire size by your weight (in pounds!):
under 150: paved roads: 32mm +; on trails, 40mm+
150 to 200: paved roads: 38mm +; on trails, 45mm+
200 to 250: paved roads: 42mm +; on trails, 50mm+
250 to 300: paved roads: 48mm +; on trails, 55mm+
over 300:    paved roads:  55mm+; on trails, 60mm+

You might be able to ride skinnier than these recommendations, you might even be used to it and prefer them, and that’s all cool. But it isn’t dumb to put more rubber and air between you and a thorn or a bump.

Fenders: Yes or No?
If you ride on wet roads, use them. It is befuddling how many people spend more than $5,000 on a bike that can’t fit fenders, so it’s a fair-weather bike only.

Brakes: Disc or Rim?

For most riding, rim brakes are great and are easier to maintain. For super fat tires and mucky or icy conditions, OK, get discs.

I know ALL of the arguments for disc brakes, and I know they’re better in some conditions. I think they’re ugly, I don’t like the stress they put on the frame, I don’t like KNOWING the small ones near the hub are at a mechanical disadvantage that is unavoidable on cars and motorcycles, and I resent the way bike makers are quick to adopt, under “technological improvement,” stuff from motor vehicles. I don’t like “market-driven” wholesale trend-following adoption. Yes, I know when discs are better. We made the HHH tandem rear wheel disc compatible, because a heavy-ridered tandem on a long descent needs some of its speed retarded so the V-brakes can jump in and not be overwhelmed.

Gears: Internal or Derailers?
Derailers are easier to work on and cheaper to replace; good internal gears have too long of a history to dismiss, but they’re about 2 ½ pounds heavier than a derailered rear wheel, and cost about $1,250 more.

All internal gears are marvelous engineering widgets, designed by people who are anywhere from 2x to 4x smarter than me. I don’t like that they nest everything where you can’t see it. That makes the bike more mysterious than it has to be, and you miss out on all the action. On a derailer bike, if something’s funky with the shifting, even a fool has a 50 percent chance of figuring it out. I’ve broken derailers in perfect storms and accidents. I think it’s GREAT to do that. It forces you do deal with a minor inconvenience, it breaks up the predictability of the ride

Where is this all going, and what’s it even mean? I have no idea. There are lots of ways to make bikes. There’s no need to lock in, to sign up with a tribe and get the prison tattoo. I can see having a disc-braked single bike for slushy slimy commuting, and maybe even internal gears, so ice wouldn’t freeze my derailer, or whatever happens. You pick your weapon for the conditions, but when the weather is not supper cruddy and the descents aren’t ultra steep or long, that’s when you bring out the normal bike and ride it, because it’s perfect for that.


On another note, one of two of you know I like Bob Dylan, and along with that comes now and then Joan Baez, because she was part of him–they were a couple or something–in the early ‘60s, maybe '63 to late '64.

I LIKE Joan Baez’s singing, but she’s kind of like Paul Simon in a way…really good, but best in small doses. Here are my three by far favorites:

this is a rare song she wrote herself, about her relationship with Bob:

here’s a song Bob wrote but never sang, but she did:


Several of you wrote to correct me about no good songs coming out of 1979. I stand corrected, although I’ve never heard any of them.


Yesterday a guy with a Zeus came by. Notable I think is that he’s had a broken left foot for 20 years. It doesn’t heal, so he wears a huge boot. He gets around on his bike, this Zeus. I was a Zeus NUT. I loved the catalogues and the parts and the fact that they were always denigrated as cheap Spanish Campy Copies. Zeus was innovative, often ahead of anybody else, and I rode and races on lots of Zeus parts. Their best, the 2000 series, came out in 1974 or so, and I always wanted a full group.

Eventually I got a Zeus track bike (after having a Raleigh Team track bike with a Zeus fork crown!). The 2000 series was a grade up from these earlier parts, but they’re still neat. Modern parts work better, but does that always have to matter?

The bars could stand some retilting, but still..

Nice curve to the blades, and nothing says '70s bike like chrome fork-ends, high-flanged hubs, and 4-cross spokes.

If the Reynolds sticker doesn’t say “A” quality, then it’s not.

Chrome-topped crown? the line between chrome & paint is arbitrary here.

What red-blooded American boy in 1971 wouldn’t have committed all kinds of nefarious crimes to put one of these on his bike? “Zeus” is the best bike brand name ever. I wonder why there’s no “Allah” or “God”. Seems like a great opportunity for some enterprising young rabble-rouser.

——- NEW CLEM SHIFTER RIG (Roman did it for our showroom demo)

It looks normal, but wait!

Dave’s favorite shifters are these $18/pair cheap SunRace thumbies–not to be confused with the better SunRacers we have. With good cables and shifters, o my, they’re deadly.Roman built up this bike with them and did a nifty barhugging wrap, because the cables were exiting so close, anyway. It shifts great. Impossible to deny that.


Mark making a light bracket from a 36T chainring


I have come to the conclusion that most of the crappy songs that were “hits” over the past few years are infinitely better when performed as jazz… Except Blurred Lines… Nothing can save that garbage fire.

this is in no way new news but fuck valve is full of fucking dummies i swear to god

like for a company that loves to make money they could have gone and released a game literally every gamer in the fucking world has been asking for for over TEN YEARS and made infinite fucking money but instead they make a card game nobody wanted and leave half life to get done dirty like this. im not even a diehard half life fan but god damn this just makes me really upset

despite all of the chaos and the heartbreak that has lingered around the relationship I have with my biological mother, we have slowly- over many many years, after countless bad days and infinite amounts of forgiveness- managed to find a middle ground where we can be friends

she is the only person in my life who will call or text just to ask how my dogs are doing, and she never forgets to say “I love you”, or make sure I pass the message along to Rob, who’s she’s only even met one time.

I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care what I’ve been told, what she has or hasn’t done, and the bad times are just that- times, that are in the past… she’s a really special human.

it both terrifies, and excites, me to allow myself to see just how many qualities I share with her. Im grateful for what we’ve been through. Im grateful for the hurt, because it allows me to see how I don’t want to be.

Mostly, I’m grateful for forgiveness- it allows me to see who I am, and who I can be if I remember where I came from.