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When people ask others what did kpop teach you, they'll say something like this: Got7: Just right Infinite: Nothing's over B.a.p: Wake me up But when someone asks me what did EXO teach me, my mind goes blank. What should I say?

Ummm are you serious??

Well I guess I have to teach you youngsters what exo have taught us all:

*clears throat*

When the skies and the grounds were one of legends,through their divine/twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life. An eye of red force created the evil which covered the heart of the tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry. To attempt to keep alive the heart of the tree of life the legends hereby divided the tree in half and hid each side, hence times is overturned and space turns obscure. The divine/twelve forces divided into two and created two suns that look alike into two worlds that seem alike. The legends traveled apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but must stand on different grounds. They shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies. The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky in two words that seem alike, the legends will meet greet each other. The day the red forces purify and the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root… a new world shall open up.


Currently in the works is an amazing BIRBSEX DATING SIM! In fact, this idea was my new year’s resolution, to make my first game ever, so here we go~

Do you love the birbsex? The infinite eyerolls? Of course you do! Well, then this will be the game for you! BIRBSEX: The Game is a dating sim where YOU get to play as Wirt! And, following the storyline of Over the Garden Wall (well, for the most part), you will attempt to achieve the BIRBSEX! But, hey, if you wanna get freaky with Sara or Lorna or Adelaide, then there will be opportunities for that, too!

Some of the stuff you can expect in this game:
-Playing as the extraordinary dork that is Wirt
-Non-birbsex options (Lorna, Sara, Jason Funderberker, Miss Langtree, Auntie Whispers, pretty much any character that talks)
-Cool art and awesome voice acting
-A totally funny and enjoyable story that YOU get to choose as you go!

Now, yes, I am currently working on this by myself, and it’s my first game I’ve ever actually made. Which, obviously, means I would SUPER APPRECIATE some help! Above, you can see some test images; they probably won’t actually make it into the game, but that’s because that’s where all of YOU come in!

Some things I am going to be in desperate need of:
-Voice actors! Lots of them!
-Programmers (familiar with RenPy and/or Storybook)
-Composers (volunteer or commission is fine!)

As of right now, I’m hoping to finish it by December 2015, but with how the OTGW fandom appears to be growing, we might have more time to get things done. If you think you’d like to help with anything, let me know via tumblr!

Thanks so much for any and all consideration!

Confession: I cant be the only one thinking Hyuk needs more lines? They should do to Hyuk what they did to Infinites L in Nothings Over. He had a high note he needed to make but sometimes his voice would crack but it helped him sing better live & get more lines.