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Hello^^ Infinite gif reaction as secret agents please?

Hello there dear~ I hope you like how this turns out! It was fun to write up so I hope that it came out as well as I felt like it went in my head haha~



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The leader of the squad. He’s charismatic and great at planning then making sure everyone gets the job that is right for them. He works hard and is highly specialized in investigation skills, but knows how to relax and just be one of the guys on his off day and his team has the most respect for him.


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The undercover specialist. He’s charming, witty, funny, and easy to get along with so nobody would expect he’s actually there for a mission. He’ll slide into any circle of people with ease and earn their trust quickly, making it easier for him to carry out his duties.


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The human lie-detector. If you’re even telling the slightest of lies, he knows it. He can read body language and the secrets behind your eyes, there’s no hiding anything from him and this comes in handy when it’s time to interrogate a suspect.


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The combat specialist. Whether it be hand-to-hand or with weaponry he is trained to fight and to kill, there’s no getting around him if you want by you better be ready for a show down. He’s lean, he’s strong, he’s smart, and he knows what he’s doing.


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The scholar. He’s the one you go to for policy and law questions, if there’s an answer you can be sure he knows it. He helps the leader with inside intel on how a certain government works or even how a building is laid out. He has a degree in almost any area you can think of and he knows how to use his smarts to help the team.


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The sniper. He’s got perfect aim, steady hands, and a gaze alone that could kill. You never see him come or go, he’s in and out within seconds and is so good not even a strand of hair is left behind as an indicator that he was ever there.


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The linguist and lip reader. He’s studied long and hard and it pays off to know so many languages when you travel so much. He’s the go to guy for foreign captives and a translator when deals are to be made overseas. He can be helpful whether the target is near or far.