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170330 KCon Mexico: INFINITE H - Pretty

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Are you ready for #mnet #produce101 at 11o’clock?
Yehyun-gun came to see #widmay family member #SNUPER #snuper hyung’s showcase!
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160817 Mnet Hit The Stage - Hoya X Hyojin ‘This Love’

I’m honestly fucking tired of people mistreating Infinite. Mnet, SBS, KBS all of them still treat them poorly. SBS only gave Infinite one song to perform, cut the song in half and didn’t even upload their performance. Infinite came a long and painful way from a small company to one of the most popular boygroups and TV companies still treat them as if they’re nothing.


Although there are many talented dancers in the K-Pop industry, INFINITE‘s Hoya is considered to be among the best of the best.
In fact, Hoya is so skilled at dancing that he’s currently on the cast of Mnet dance show Hit The Stage, where he’ll compete with the industry’s other top dancers including SHINee‘s Taemin, Girls’ Generation‘s Hoyeon, SISTAR‘s Bora, and more.
And while the competition is indeed quite strong, Hoya proved his confidence by announcing, “If my performance doesn’t come out good enough to satisfy me, I’ll retire from the industry.” While Hoya made the claim as a means of exaggeration, the producer of the show reminded him that everything he said is being recorded, rendering him speechless. From his reaction to the producer’s comment, it’s clear from his reaction that Hoya won’t be retiring as a member of INFINITE any time soon.