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movienut14  asked:

What are five movies you seldom see mentioned on this site?

This is a FABULOUS ask. Thank you SO much.

  1. The Right Stuff (1983, dir. Philip Kaufman) This is in my Top 10 Faves of ALL TIME, and despite the 3+ hour length, it feels short, and moves quickly as it sketches out the beginnings of the American space program. I love so much about this movie, from the pacing to the cinematography to the clear influence of filmmakers like Nicolas Roeg and Peter Weir to the unbelievable score. AND IT’S NEVER ON TUMBLR. AND I AM SAD. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE. 
  2. Dodsworth (1936, dir. William Wyler) Another fave. Gorgeous drama that never really descends into melodrama about a middle aged couple coping with being middle aged. It’s beautiful and poignant, and Mary Astor has a fabulous role. And I never see it on my dash. And I am sad.
  3. Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993, dir. Francois Girard) Another fave. These will all be faves of mine. Easily one of my favorite biopics ever made, and this from someone who sort of hates most biopics. This creative approach to the Canadian classical pianist/recording artist Glenn Gould’s eccentric life is… just one of the most enthralling and engaging portraits of A Life I have ever seen. Each of the eponymous 32 films is some different aspect or comment about Gould’s life and work. In addition, this film has some of the most beautiful and reverential portrayals of classical music I have ever seen.
  4. I Know Where I’m Going! (1945, dir. Powell and Pressburger) This is my favorite romance. Of. All. Time. I will never, EVER get tired of the beautiful little romance about a riches-seeking working girl who gets distracted by the dashing-but-penniless Scottish laird. Wendy Hiller is perfection, Roger Livesey is crush-worthy, and the cinematography is stunning. There’s a reason Martin Scorsese counts this as one of his favorite films. 
  5. Forbidden Planet (1956, dir. Fred M. Wilcox) I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA why tumblr doesn’t love this movie more than they do, because this is a PERFECT film for tumblr. A campy space action movie about crash landing on a new planet that’s actually Shakespeare’s The Tempest, complete with cheesy-but-awesome special effects and a super young Leslie Nielsen? WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE? WHY DO I NEVER SEE THIS ON MY DASH?

Honorable mention: Mostly anything by Preston Sturges, but especially The Palm Beach Story because it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. Jacques Becker’s amazing prison break Le Trou. Robert Redford’s Ordinary People, because it’s AMAZING. Kon Ichikawa’s moving drama The Burmese Harp. And, although it’s hardly Oscar-worthy, a personal cheesy favorite of mine, that camp-tastic Pierce Brosnan and Julianne Moore romcom, Laws of Attraction.

THANK YOU! That is GREAT ask.

Also, I might pass this ask along to other film blogs, or encourage others to post their Five Films They Seldom See on Their Dash.

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친구야 수고많았다 그치?
너의 무대를 서포트하는 마음보다
내무대라는 생각으로 열심히 임했어
그만큼 몸도 많이 다치면서
무식하게 연습했고, 젤친한 친구무대라
결과가 좋길바라는 마음에 정신적
압박감도 너무 컷나봐
그래서 나도 모르게 눈물이 계속났어
주위에선 이제 새로운 파트너와
하길바랄텐데 당연한듯 앞으로
더 멋지고 재미난일 많이해보자고
얘기해주는 너에게 고마웠어

우리 광석이도 수고 정말 많았다
애정한다 시끼들아 ㅋ@fxxldoggssy

‘i would love you in any shape, in any world, with any past. never doubt that.’ 

optional bias
word count: 314

You place a hand to the edge of his jawline, absently tracing it down to his throat then to his chest. You urge to feel him, the faint throbbing of his heart almost surreal even from under your touch.

His arm pillows your head while the other is placed lazily on your side.

“What are you thinking?” He murmurs, bringing his free hand to push away loose strands of your hair away from your face. To him, you look ethereal with the sliver of moonlight peeking through the curtains.

It’s the dead of the night. Silence surrounds the two of you but your thoughts are louder than ever. Your breathing remains even, matching his. It’s when your gazes meet that you let out a light chuckle.

His eyes turn into crescents, urging you to say something. Anything. He wants in.

“It’s just—” Soft and stuttering, your voice makes it obvious that you’re aware that he notices your cheeks turned crimson. But, he smiles and patiently waits. “I’ve been thinking about possibilities and what if…" You hesitate. “What if there’s a world out there where we never even met?” And the feelings you are feeling now can never be echoed in another universe.

You have been stuck with those theories for a while now. Paralleled, alternated worlds where if you hadn’t made a certain choice, would it ever lead you to him? The mere thought scares you. The thought of never having met him, and loved him at all. And be loved back the way he does.

“Luckily, we’re not in that world then, hm?” He leans in to gently press his lips on your forehead.

Your eyes flutter close as he brings his kisses down to your lips, and boy, nothing felt more real. The warmth as he wraps you in his arms feels like home.

“Either way, I’ll always find my way to you.”

She lives in a Fairy Tale,
somewhere too far for us to find.
Forgotten the taste and smell
of a world that she’s left behind.

I sure do miss home sometimes. 

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This song means a lot to me sooo…<3