infinite loop


CycleGAN feedback loop

Visual experiment by @mario-klingemann resembles a combination of DeepDream and cellular automata, generating abstract patterns with facial features:

Two CycleGAN models trained on face transformations are passing their outputs back and forth creating an infinite loop of ever-changing Turing patterns. 

This is an experiment where 2 CycleGAN models are pitted against each other and transform their reciprocal output images in a feedback loop. The models have originally been trained on transforming faces which is why you see a lot of eyes and noses being generated.

The process is seeded with an initial image but it quickly descends into a semi-stable state that reminds of complex cellular automata or Turing patterns.

astronautfervor  asked:

Couldn't Ayano and Kokona be friends or something? I mean Ayano doesn't need be friends with all of the "Rainbow 6" but, it beats having nothing at all and, it sure beats blaming Kokona for starting Ayano murder rampage.

Um you dont want kokona to be in an infinite loop of death?? Dirty feminist