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You know the best part about being in a fandom where the existence of infinite universes is acknowledged and demonstrated throughout the series?

Everything is canon.





To Infinity And Beyond
  • Griffin: That was a 14? I'm guessing that's not gonna hit you Merle.
  • Clint: Woo! Dodge!
  • Griffin: ...can you confirm or deny? What's your AC number?
  • Clint: My AC number... is.... ......twenty..... twenty one?
  • Griffin: Holy shit... No. Not possible.
  • Travis: Mine's only 17!
  • Griffin: Unpossible.
  • Clint: 18! 18, sorry.
  • Griffin: Justin, what's Garyl's AC?
  • Justin: Infinite.
  • Griffin: *cracking up* THIS IS.... THIS CAN'T BE. Let's take a break and let's go to the commercial break and during that we're gonna suss out some numbers VIS A VIE Garyl.
The first sign that youโ€™re highly aware is that you go through a dark night of the soul (donโ€™t worry about it), and a lot of people donโ€™t want to talk about this right? Before you can even enter awakening on the highest level, you gotta go through a dark night of the soul. Which is where you world, your reality, what you believe to be true, is shattered right before you eyes and now you wake up to the truth of you you are and then everybodyโ€™s happy for you (including the cat down the road).
—  Obviously Ralph Smart
I’m Confused

Whenever Non-Kpop fans go “Oh, they’re only popular in Asia. No one else knows them” I get so confused cause they make it seem like that’s not good and a small feat. Like Asia is the biggest continent population wise (4,157,300,000 people) and physically, so even if kpop was only known in Asia (which it is not) that’s pretty big. What they mean is “Oh they’re not big because the’re not western or they don’t speak English and that means they are irrelevant”. Say whatever you want though cause my faves keep slaying charts while you all are ignorant and racist.

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Albino Lullaby

A first-person horror adventure game set in a dark and fun subterranean world. Clinging to the precipices of underground cliffs the highly interactive environment twists and contorts around you in real time as you puzzle your way through its equally twisted narrative.

I’m going to give a quick shout out to Ape Law’s upcoming game Albino Lullaby. I actually haven’t looked into it at all yet (oops), but from what I understand Ape Law is an indie game developing team, made up of former Triple A game developers, including, but not limited to, former employees of Irrational Games. Employees who worked audio and level design for the original BioShock and BioShock: Infinite: Justin Pappas and Ryan Patrick Buckley.

They have a kickstarter up for this game, so if you’re interested and have the means, be sure to show them some support!


this will just always give me all sorts of feels

winiwn  asked:

hey there! i just found your blog a few minutes ago and im really enjoying it (i saw your 'guide to infinite' edits first). im a brand new inspirit and i wanted to ask if there is anything about infinite i should know? like inside jokes, or their personalities, or shows theyre on..? ^.^ thank you sweetie! <3

Hi! Welcome to the fandom! I will answer this publicly so people can add other things onto the end if they wish :))
I think the easiest way to do this is make a list of 20 must see infinite videos and shows  ~ most of which will be oldies but goldies <3

1. That one time infinite were so dumb sunggyu nearly had a heart attack: honestly, you should watch ALL of Ranking King, without a doubt my favourite infinite variety show and its all subbed on youtube :)) HOWEVER  ~ infinite fandom inside joke number 1: this moment IS A MUST SEE MOMENT
2. Tell Me & Gee: ~ infinite fandom inside joke number 2: A CLASSIC
3. Baby infinite receiving sex education:  this is from the show You Are My Oppa which was before they debuted. I wouldn’t spend your time watching the whole show tbh, they were all pretty awkward back then. The only important parts are this scene and the bit where sunggyu touches a bra.
4. Trouble Maker:  NOTHING WILL TOP THIS. EVER. ~infinite fact number 1: sungyeol and sungjong’s ship name is yeoljong, their ship isn’t really in the top 3 but this stage beats all others (I will mention other ships later)
5. NAM LATIN: watch the whole video but especially woohyun from the 2:00 mark ~infinite fandom inside joke number 3: THIS WILL NEVER GET OLD poor woohyun
6. Bangkok City: sungjong and his back up dancers ~ infinite fact number 2: Infinite F is the name of sungyeol, myungsoo and sungjong’s subunit (meaning Infinite Face / Flower Boy)
7. Dongwoo’s Birthday Prank: ~Infinite fact number 3: jang dongwoo is too precious for this world and must be protected at all costs (example 2: dongwoo is Ranking King ep10 watch it and cry with dongwoo)
8. Interpreting Paradise Lyrics: a classic myungsoo response, like in YAMO. this video is one of my favourites, should definitely watch for a lol!
9. Sunggyu “Eye Talk”: a prime example of infinite ganging up against their leader :’)) ~infinite fact number 4: This show is called Weekly Idol, you may have heard of it if you like other kpop groups. Infinite were actually the first ever guests to appear on the show and subsequently have made the most appearances. Sunggyu is pretty close with the MC’s, Jung Hyungdon in particular, and they really enjoy teasing him whenever he goes (10/10 would recommend any of Infinite’s Weekly Idol episodes!)
10. Infinite dancing to Justin Bieber’s “Baby”: whether you’re a fan of JB or not, this video is gold
11. Infinite Band: Myungsoo guitar, Dongwoo bass, Sungyeol drums and Sungjong keyboard … still waiting on a comeback
12. Dongwoo analysing butts: ~infinite fact number 5: jang dongwoo likes butts. more specifically, he likes touching butts (this is a clip from Weekly Idol)
13. Sunggyu interviewing himself: during his first solo album promotion, sunggyu interviewed himself and then ordered pizza, which was delivered by himself. yeah. I don’t understand it either
14. Infinite BTD trot version: no words, just watch
15. Hoya teasing sunggyu compilation: ~infinite fact number 6: hoya is known for his ad-lib (please see this tag), meaning he likes to contribute to conversations by adding unnecessary sarcastic comments or “jokes” … usually he’s the only one that laughs though – sunggyu is his main target-
16. MR MALFUNCTION = WONDERFUL ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE: proof that inspirits have bragging rights
17. Dongwoo and Hoya’s Rap??: this video is just a classic. I cant even explain it, please watch ~infinite fact number 7: Dongwoo and Hoya have a subunit named Infinite H (meaning HipHop). They are both extremely talented in rapping and dancing so their subunit is more hiphop based (as the name suggests). ~infinite fact number 8: their ship name is yadong (it means porn in korean) and their bromance is undeniable
18. HOYA THRUSTING THE STAGE: as a dedicated and slightly obsessed hoya stan, it would be a dishonour NOT to include this video. Just watch and you can thank me later ;)
19. Infinite V The Day the Sun Rises: ~infinite fact number 9: Infinite V (meaning Vocals) is the name given to Sunggyu and Woohyun as a subunit, they are a fan favourite although they have yet to actually debut. ~infinite fact number 10: sunggyu and woohyun’s ship name is woogyu (probably the most popular ship in the fandom)