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Infinite's Ideal Type of Girl
  • Woohyun: I like the fans who love us. I really want to hug those who really like me. /inserst Namgrease
  • Myungsoo: For me, honestly speaking, I like girls with long hair as well as those who are pure.
  • Sunggyu: I like those who are cute and a little sexy. Truthfully. Cute yet sexy type.
  • Sungyeol: I like girls who are cute, true to themselves, and kind.
  • Sungjong: For me, I like someone who has a bright character and someone fun will be good.
  • Dongwoo: For me, as long as she's a girl. As long as we match and get along well together~
  • Hoya: I like girls who are kind hearted.

If Sungyeol was your boyfriend, I think it’d include: 

- zoo trips
- couple items/outfits
- cheek kisses and nose boops
- late night karaoke 
- ice cream dates 
- him getting protective when boys make comments about you
- “Yah, what did you say you punks?!” 
- “Yeollie, calm down-”
- “No! They’ve disrespected my love, my meaning of life, my-”
- “Yeollie… YEOLLIE they’re gone calm down.”
- “That’s right they better run.”
- brushing each other’s hair
- spa days 
- him taking you to work every day unless he’s away
- then he finds every excuse to call/text/snapchat/face-time you
- you calling him to wake up and hearing his groggy voice
- him feeling insecure because you chose him
- but him also full of love and pride because you’re his and no one else’s
- and he’d rather lose all his senses than to lose you

Types of girls Infinite would fall in love with

@ammylittlesoul, Hi! Here is the answer for your question which I deleted by accident. 

Actually a similar question has been answered here. 

But this is my idea of the kind of girls Infinite will end up with!

Sunggyu: here

In my opinion, the first thing Dongwoo would look for in a woman is compatibility. I think he is the least appearance-concerned among all the members. He would mostly judge the girl based on her personality and character rather than on how she looks. To be specific, he seems to have a thing for girls who are open and extroverted. He would probably notice louder girls better. A girl who would laugh at him when he does all the crazy things he usually does and has a nature that reflects his own to an extent would make him happy. Family plays a big role in his life, so he will want his girlfriend to be homely and as family-oriented as he is. I do think he will appreciate a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. He always said he liked chubby girls, so probably a pretty, voluptuous woman would catch his eye.

Woohyun would fall for a woman who loves him and keeps giving him all of her attention. I feel Woohyun is so much more than he lets on. He mentioned before that he was attention deprived and was quite lonely in his childhood. So, he would want a girl who would look at only him and never makes him feel alone again. I can tell he is a little insecure about his appearance and skin, so she should be capable of making him forget all the self-doubt and make him believe that he is loved impartially at every point of time. I observed him usually laughing quite happily whenever the members (especially Hoya) crack a few jokes, so someone with a good sense of humour is a big bonus. She should accept his greasiness and be okay with how he behaves with his fans as his love for them can never be compromised to anything or anyone. She should be okay with his extensive gaming and sports activity and he would love her to cheer for him on his solo stages and his soccer tournaments .I imagine him with a cute girl who always smiles and is a little on the shorter side. But honestly, he is a huge believer of fate and it looks like destiny will play a big part in his love story.

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You’re an Idol, he likes you and you say he’s your ideal type  (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -you admitted it on an interview and he found out rather fast. Both of your groups began picking on the two of you- “Hey Y/N just saying I’m available” 

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Dongwoo: -your friend let it slip that you liked him. Dongwoo didn’t just like you he was in love with you by that point. He enjoyed to tease you like boys did to girls- “So jagi when are you going to kiss me. I mean I know you want to”

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Woohyun: -once he found out he was shocked that you actually like him back- “like she really does. Um wow I actually never saw this coming”

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Hoya: -you had even told him in person that you thought he was cute. But you didn’t say he’s your ideal type til yesterday on tv- “so I’m just not cute anymore to Y/N”

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Sungyeol: -it was after being shipped and a few years of friendship you had finally admitted he was your ideal type- “I’m glad she finally realized it”

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L: -he found it really cute that even after telling him in person and on tv you were still very shy around him- “It’s adorable Y/N how shy you still are about this”

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Sungjong: -you had actually been dining at the same restaurant a few days after you had said he was your ideal type. You looked up to see him sitting there across the restaurant- *gif* 

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Ideal Type


Genre: Fluff

Length: 758 words

Summary: He revealed on a TV show that you are his ideal type. (Request)

“________-ah! Come see this!”
“Wait a sec!” You answered from the bathroom. You finished brushing your teeth and entered your maknae’s room. She was sitting on her bed, her laptop on her laps.
“What is it?’ You asked, sitting next to her.
“Watch this!”
She started a video: It was a part of a Weekly Idol. They were doing the profile verification segment with INFINITE.
“So, your ideal type is Hyuna-sshi?” Hyeong Don asked to Sunggyu.
“Aish! So typical!” Added Defconn.
“Actually… It’s not her anymore.” Sunggyu said shyly.
“Who is it now?” Questioned Defconn. “We want to know!”

You suddenly hit the space bar on the keyboard to pause the video.
Your maknae was laughing while you tried to get this information to your head.
“You haven’t seen the best part yet!” She said and pressed play.

“_____-sshi? Why?”
Sunggyu seemed happy just saying your name.
“She’s really pretty, but what I like the most about her is her voice.”
“She’s the lead vocalist of her group right?” Asked Defconn.
“Isn’t she the leader too?” Added Hyeong Don.
Sunggyu nodded happily.
“It’s a perfect match right!?” Defconn said. “You should send her a video message!”

Sunggyu’s face turned red as he looked the camera.
“______-sshi… I know we have never talk before, but I really like your voice.  It may sound weird, but I would really like to… to do a duet with you.”

You screamed in front of the computer. You couldn’t realize that Sunggyu was actually asking you to do a duet with him. You had debut only seven months ago and you were still an unknown group. It was unbelievable that the leader of a popular group had notice about you and your group. Actually, you had become a singer because you were a fan of INFINITE. Sunggyu’s voice is what made you want to be a singer. He was your inspiration. It was thanks to him that you could stand on stage today.

Three weeks later, it was your turn to stand on the set of Weekly idol. You were pretty you’re your group had been invited thanks to Sunggyu talking about you. It didn’t take a long time before they brought that subject.

“_______,  INFINITE’s Sunggyu chose you as his ideal type. How do you feel about this?” Defconn asked you.
“I’ve been a fan of INFINITE and especially Sunggyu-sunbaenim since their debut, so I’m really happy about this.”
“Is Sunggyu your ideal type as well?”
Your cheeks turned red and you nodded as you let out a small yes.
“It’s definitely a perfect match!” Hyeong Don said, clapping happily.
“Let’s call Sunggyu.” Defconn added and a staff member brought him a phone.

You felt nervous as you heard the phone ringing. You had never talked to Sunggyu since Infinite had not promoted since your debut. What would you say?

“Hello?” Sunggyu answered.
You felt your heart skipped a beat at the sound of his voice.
“Sunggyu! How are you?” Hyeong Don asked.
“I’m good hyung! What about you?”
“I’m good too. We are filming Weekly idol right now and we have a special guest. Guess who are with us today!”
“Hum… I have no idea really…”
Defconn made you a sign to speak.
“Sunggyu-sunbaenim…?” You said shyly.
“Nice to meet you.” He said awkwardly.
“Nice to meet you too.” You added shyly.
“______ told us that she is a big fan of your also. Sunggyu, are you happy?”
You heard Sunggyu’s adorable laugh and smiled. You just loved the way he laughed.
“Yes, I am.” He finally said.
“You should tell her what you said in your video message. She probably didn’t saw it.”
You were about to say that you saw it, but Defconn made you a sign to stay silent.
“Why are you doing this to me?” Sunggyu said. You were sure he was probably embarrassed.
“_________-sshi. I… I really like your voice and I would be really happy if you would like to do a duet with me.” He talked really fast probably to avoid stuttering.
“I would be really happy to!” You answered.
Sunggyu sighed from relief.
“You’ll probably fall in love during the duet and you’ll have to thanks Weekly idol for matching you two.” Hyeong Don said.
“You better invite us to your wedding!” Defconn added.
Sunggyu was laughing once again.  
“Thanks for answering our phone call.” Defconn said.
“I look forward singing with you!” You said in a hurry before he hung up.
Sunggyu laughed, but he added “Me too!”

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Gif reactions of infinite when they see a pretty girl and like her at first sight! Thank you!


Isn’t shy about it.


notices her and can’t stop smiling. 


Forgets to look cool but keeps looking at her.



Tries to hide that he’s looking. 



Makes eye contact

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Male Idols ' s unique types

Pann: Male idols’ unique ideal types

Infinite Hoya

Woman who is respectful, 4-D, skinny, sexy, and good with foreign languages

Block B Zico

Woman who has long hair, cool personalities, pretty butt & pelvis, and with no thigh gap when wearing short shorts


Woman who is kind, sexy, with big eyes, chubby cheeks, and who can give him protein drink after exercising


Woman who has kindness and white mind (as white as snow), who has pride and passion, who doesn’t open the door when he’s taking a shower

Bangtan Boys Suga

Woman who likes hip-hop and hates clubs, who suits skinny jeans and who wears expensive headphones

BTOB Sungjae

Woman who has big cat-eyes, who is skinny and glamorous, and with a pretty belly button

Winner Seunghoon

Woman who’s good at exercising with a pretty body line when riding a bike, who’s healthy and sexy, who doesn’t hit him hard when she laughs

B1A4 Jinyoung

Woman who’s calm and like a sunflower, who’s respectful and knows how to treat elders, who carries a grandma’s bag on a subway


Woman who’s feminine with pretty eyes, with unique morals and clear uniqueness, who doesn’t have guys around her


1. [+226, -2] Congrats, you guys are appointed to live as single forever

2. [+156, -1] Upvote if you read the whole thing to see if you fit in one of them…

3. [+116, -7] Woah I paused at Zico’s picture ㅋㅋ

4. [+59, -1] Nope, Zico’s ideal type is this


5. [+53, -0] What Jongin meant by “as white as snow” is not the skin, it’s the mind ㅋㅋ He said he doesn’t mind skin color

6. [+47, -8] Being specific with ideal type means they’re in a relationship

7. [+44, -1] I know Jiho would be there… Congrats on your future as an old, single man. How does he expect thigh fat to be smooth, it’ll just be a chunk of fat

8. [+41, -1] Suga’s ideal type is someone who wears expensive headphones ㅋㅋ He can find his ideal type at an electronic shop