infinite heart


Hoya. For being a part of something special to all inspirits. For sharing your voice and dancing. For your sass and blunt humor. For your acting. For your smile.

I’m sad that he’s leaving infinite. I love infinite regardless but I’ll miss Hoya not being with the other six.

I hope everyone continues to support infinite as 6 and Hoya, wherever he may want to go with his career.


to: hoya

thank you for becoming a part of infinite, allowing me the privilege of having once known a group of seven boys who shared such a strong bong it was touching to witness.

thank you for giving your all to infinite, for putting in so much effort and working ceaselessly to deliver your best at all times despite the various obstacles in your path.

thank you for your existence, for playing such an instrumental role in contributing to the best years of my teens along with the rest of infinite.

even though you are no longer a part of infinite, i’m deeply grateful for all the beautiful memories you have left me. i only wish for the best with whatever you have decided to do in the future and hope that maybe one day in the future, our paths may cross again, one way or another. 

thank you, lee howon.

the signs as sweet things I wanna say to the people in my life
  • aries: you always manage to put a smile on the faces of those around you.
  • taurus: you always know exactly how to say things to warm people's hearts.
  • gemini: you are very beautiful and funny, please don't forget that.
  • cancer: you have this wonderful ability to make people feel better about anything after one conversation.
  • leo: you manage to shine a light on the good in the world, even when you're engulfed in the darkness.
  • virgo: you give so much love to everyone in your life, it seems at times that there is infinite love in your heart.
  • libra: you have this charming sense of humor that captures the attention of every person you meet.
  • scorpio: you care so deeply and so fully about so many things, and trust me when I say that it isn't unnoticed.
  • sagittarius: you remind the people around you of the love and laughter and fun in life when they lose sight of it.
  • capricorn: you give the best advice, and people should listen to you more often than they do.
  • aquarius: you are very loyal, a close friend could tell you that they killed someone and you'd offer to dig the grave.
  • pisces: you are, above all, a beautifully fierce friend who would die for those you love.