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My two favorites are "two characters have to pretend to be a couple on a case" and "surprise we have a dog/cat now".

You know, the first one is actually my favourite (and applicable to most of my OTPs), but the second is the prompt that wanted to be written so please enjoy this Hartwin ficlet.

Harry stared at the wriggling thing in Eggsy’s arms. “That is a cat.”

“Good to know losing an eye didn’t take away your keen observation skills, luv,” Eggsy said, not looking up from where he was trying to towel the fidgety creature dry. “And before you ask, there ain’t a collar or evidence of a chip, JB isn’t trying to eat ‘em and it’s pissing down out there so I ain’t letting the cat back outside.” He looked up at his husband. “Any other questions?”

Smiling at Eggsy’s infinitely-tender heart, something not even his work as a Kingsman has yet tarnished, Harry reached out to stroke the tabby’s head. “What shall we call it?”

“Her,” Eggsy said, smiling the way that lit his whole being up. “We’re keeping her?”

“Once we’ve done due diligence trying to find an owner,” Harry said. “If one does not turn up how do you feel about Morgana for a name?”

Eggsy pursed his lips. “She ain’t a Kingsman, she ain’t getting a Kingsman name.” She regarded the now still cat. “She can be Chloe,” he grinned, “to go with Jack Bauer.”

Harry tilted his head. “JB stands for Jack Bauer?”

Blinking, Eggsy asked, “Have I never told you that? We’ve been together for over five years, luv.”

“I thought it stood for James Bond,” Harry crossed his arms.

Eggsy laughed so hard, Chloe squirmed out of his arms and headed out of the loo. Harry joined in and Chloe fled the sound of their loud laughter to take refuge with the friendly pug she’d met earlier.


Infinite (2/?) - Voice of My Heart 마음으로 Live

마음으로 말해본다 그대 지금
혹시라도 돌아올까 내게
내 맘 같지 않겠지만 그대
돌아온다면 (돌아온다면)
혹시라도 마주칠까봐 (마주칠까봐)
혹시라도 마주칠까봐 기다려..


Seven years with Infinite and counting… 


~ ☆ Happy International Women’s Day : Insp () ☆ ~

“A strong woman is one who feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow just as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful. She is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman, in her essence, is a gift to the world.”

“Love is the greatest, unifying force of the cosmos. Only love has the power to transform our inner desert of personal suffering into an oasis of eternal bliss.”  ~Anon I mus

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As we know, the ashes of Achilles and Patroklos were mingled in one urn. Not even a god could sift one from the other. Achilles has come back with his fierceness and his pride, and with Patroklos’ feeling. Each of them suffered for what he was; this boy will suffer for both.
—  –Lysimachos on Alexander, in Mary Renault's Fire From Heaven