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I got a theory, what if, Frisk gives Asriel their soul, and Asriel will become the god of hyperdeath, and will have more than enough power to defeat that pink menace????? Because Asriel is a God, and he has infinite health and infinite defense, so it will be impossible for that pink menace to kill him C:

I don’t think that messing around with the “Player”’s soul is a good idea in a glitched timeline to be honest.

For 10 weeks, Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate one of these sugary cakelets every three hours, instead of meals. To add variety in his steady stream of Hostess and Little Debbie snacks, Haub munched on Doritos chips, sugary cereals and Oreos, too. Source

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Watch Dogs 2 AU: Marcus becomes the Shuffler before joining DedSec.

  • Gameplay integrating itself as Shuffler powers (teleportation, infinite inventory space, regenerating health, NetHack sense etc)
  • Sitara letting her graffiti be used as fast travel destinations.
  • Wrench renting Marcus’s space “between places” to store stuff he can’t fit in the garage or HQ. If Marcus bumps into another floating dildo he’s giving Wrench’s void to somebody else.
  • Horatio escaping the Tezcas by summoning Marcus via blood glyphs.
  • Josh taking the longest in DedSec to get used to Marcus.
  • No matter how many times Ray asks, Marcus will not have his pocket dimension be used as a bathroom.
  • Miranda is surprisingly calm when she finds out. “Marcus, I know what it’s like keeping secrets. I’m a transgender councilwoman - I’m basically a superhero myself.” 

M O T A E S E N M I - s t r o n g   s i n c e   b i r t h 

Since predebut you have only shown the world just how strong Song Minho is, that you are a force of undeniable and limitless talent. May you get even stronger, more fearless and rise to even greater heights as you turn 24, Song Minho! #HAPPYMINODAY #FEARLESSMINOIS24


i told myself i wasnt gonna do the whole captura thing but HERE I AM this will be my only captura post because im a meme and not good at this

theyre of my *main* (at the moment) frames (in order of most to least)

of course i’m a trinity main, i will give you infinite energy and/or health and be your mom-friend and then flirt with all of the npcs in the entire game

list of fun things I want to see in Dishonored 2:

  • a DLC where Corvo follows you around, offers comments and hints, (like Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite) and chucks you health and ammo. [if you play as Corvo, then it’s Emily who follows you around.] Corvo and Emily are totally, 100% not used to working as a team (unlike, for example, the whalers) and it’s a disaster. Corvo throws explosive crossbow bolts overhand, for reloading, really, really hard. Emily pretends she doesn’t see consumables because she doesn’t want her trash dad eating 300 rotten tyvian pears; Corvo literally lags behind her because he’s carrying a dozen tins of jellied eels “for later”. Corvo alerts Emily to upcoming threats by jumping up and down and waving his arms. Emily has to constantly TALK to Corvo to see what he actually thinks about something, because he wears his mask all the time and you can read Emily’s expression in her eyes and eyebrows, but you can’t see at all thru Corvo’s mask
  • that old idea about reading books aloud except now you have the option for Corvo to read it if you’re playing as Emily and vice versa 
  • “After The Flood” - after completing the main story line you can revisit all the areas of Dishonored 2 without people attacking you since you’ve resolved most of the hostilities - e.g you can gossip with black market dealers, have actual conversations with guards/overseers/etc, say hi to clockwork soldiers; although you’d probably still want to avoid those bloodfly nests
  • the “Attano Diet” option - food heals you half as much, but now you can carry it around and consume it when you want to, not just when picking it up. Implemented this time by Sokolov, for Corvo, under instruction from Emily
  • mini-games that are purely for fun, i.e. they produce interesting and amusing responses from main- and side-characters. e.g. “Blood Fly Keeper”, where you have to clear out blood fly infestations in return for compliments from citizens or one-off statuettes you can put in your cabin on the Dreadful Wailer; or “The Arte of Dishonored”, where Sokolov patiently tries to teach you how to do watercolours (Emily was taught at an early age and is skilled, but gets bored easily, Corvo is slow but surprisingly good at landscapes); Sokolov falls asleep while instructing you if you approach him during the afternoon. [mash the LMB to mix colours!!!]
  • “Daud needs a fresh drink” repeatable quests that get you to go to slightly out-of-the-way locations or to follow previously-well-concealed paths in mission levels
  • Build Your Own Clockwork Soldier! (batteries not included)
  • and finally, the ultimate game-within-a-game: the low chaos non-lethal ending where Delilah is depowered and will thereafter pop up on your main game menu, taunting you to fight her… by having vegetable- and fruit-growing competitions. unlock new varieties of pumpkin, tomatoes and apples by completing challenges. every once in a while the outsider stops by and takes the bone charms out of Delilah’s patch so she can’t use them to cheat and make her veggies grow faster 

Confession:  You know how when you first go to the Hinterlands, there’s a rift in Forannan Ravine that’s (originally) a million levels higher than you? Well, in the quest “Where the Druffalo Roam,” you have to lead a druffalo back to Redcliffe Farms, and said druffalo is right by that rift. Since the druffalo is quest related, he has practically infinite health. So, whenever I go rescue him, I bring him to the rift first, and he kills demons and turns the battle in my favor. I never lose. It’s amazing.