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Here have an hour of HD Infinite live performances and thank me later

anonymous asked:

Let's talk Infinite: what's your fav song? Fav album? Their best variety show? Bias? Bias Wrecker? I'd like to start getting more into their music and I'd like your expertise ๐Ÿ˜Š

Gahhhh this ask makes me so dang happy.

My favorite song is probably The Eye. It was the first song I ever heard from infinite and it’s what got me hooked. And as far as my favorite album? I don’t know! I like bits and pieces from so many of them tbh. Maybe season 2? Gah idk this is so hard.

I really love their weekly idol appearances. Theyre always ridiculous and end up doing things like dumping buckets of water on their managers. I watch their girl group dance off from their appearance during the eye era all the damn time because it makes me laugh so much.

But the reality showed that pulled me in was infinite show time. Which lead me to my bias Sunggyu. I just love him so much. He’s so soft and squishy yet his voice and stage presence is so powerful? I’ve been watching him on Singderella and have just fallen further down the rabbit hole.

I think my bias wrecker is probably L/Myungsoo. He’s always so quiet during interviews and there’s just a kindness about him? But then I watched his Celeb bromance episodes and just ugh he’s so charming. He was the complete opposite of how I’m normally used to seeing him so I was kinda thrown off.

BUT ALSO HOYA. I’m a sucker for dance line members. I can’t help it. And he’s so snarky and witty? Like he’s got such a sharp tongue.

Infinite was the group I leaned on when I was in the thick of my breakup. And honestly, they’re my ult group alongside BTS. There’s something about their music and their stage presence. THEYRE STILL THE KINGS OF KNIFE LIKE CHOREO AND BEING IN SYNC.

I just really hope I get to see them before my bby enlists or idk what I am going to do. I know all groups eventually end but I can’t see myself without infinite at this point.