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myungsoo will fight anyone who tells him not to wear black 

STAN INFINITE STAN TALENT - Check out this amazing ‘A Capella’ version of INFINITE doing THE EYE complete with special sound effects and super INFINITE ONLY style of choreography!

[170928] Sunggyu’s Tokyo mini live and fanmeet

Translated by Yeolsprout

Translated by ifntinfo

I love that Sunggyu came out and talked briefly about Hoya leaving, and said that he’s chasing his own dreams, and that they are as well. That’s him being a leader - talking about it because he would know it’s the right thing to do, to reassure the fans. 

Also, he’s working on both his solo and Infinite albums! And both solo and group concerts!! On one hand, this is all very exciting but I’m really worried about how he’s going to manage it all, on top of the musical.

He had also mentioned during the fanmeet that he hasn’t been sleeping well, and he’d basically worked through the night, and then flew to Japan. He ate a simple meal at the hotel and then started preparing for the fanmeet. He said that he was busy because they’ve now renewed their contracts, and he would like to rest at home for a few days (translation by inftvisual_).

He looked so tired. Sigh. I’m guessing that he (compared to the others), is rushing to squeeze lots of activities in before he eventually enlists, but I’m seriously worried about how he’s being worked to the bone.

UPDATE: My post about Day 2 of the Tokyo Fanmeet here.