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Querido hermano

Querido hermano,
Te escribo para contarte con palabras el significado de los latidos de mi corazón.
Mi amor por ti supera las barreras mas grandes que puedan existir. Tanto es mi aprecio por ti, que desearía poder evitarte todo el mal de este mundo. Pero no te estaría dejando vivir.
Por eso recuerda lo mucho que te quiero, cuando te acompañe por el sendero de la vida sin evitar que puedas caer, pero siempre dándote la mano para levantarte.
Recuerda lo mucho que te quiero, cuando llore y ría por ti. Recuerda siempre que mi instinto va a ser protegerte, pero recuerda que al quererte tanto, siempre voy a luchar contra mi sobreprotección e intentararé dejarte andar.
Querido hermano, recuerda que aunque caigas siempre voy a estar a tu lado para ayudarte a levantar, si es lo que necesitas.
Querido hermano, recuerda siempre que te quiero.
(K. Venturi)


Let’s make things clear about INFINITE’s disbandment and rumors that Hoya’s leaving INFINITE.
Those rumors are ridiculous for many reasons:
1. They are having a comeback soon, both Japanese and Korean and they probably recorded new songs, because only like 2 weeks left, well more than 2 week, but it’s still soon. So wtf? They will cut out Hoya or something? That doesn’t make any sense.
2. We know how lazyass members are, they are so lazy that update sns once or twice in a month (Well except Sungjong and Namu) but those past weeks they’ve been VERY active on Vlive and sns, so what the hell again, they suddenly will disband or something? And Hoya is the most active tbh.
3. They’re planing an fanmeeting as I heard, they still have many shedules planned so it doesn’t make a sense that they will disband.
4. Maybe they won’t renew their contracts and make their own label, how most of old K-POP groups do. But I still think that Sunggyu will be next Woollim CEO. Idk.
5. How many times do boys need to show you, that they still want to be singers, Namu is injured and probably in pain everyday, but even this isn’t stopping him. Don’t you think that you’re hurting their prides with those stupid rumors? Don’t you remember how angry Woohyun was when fans started to believe in his dating rumors, he literally said “I said it’s not true, so stop it already.” He was angry, because with that you saying that they’re liars and every sweet word they said, was just scripped or something.
6. INFINITE is one big family, more than just idols, they are brothers. Remember when Woohyun jokingly said that he would leave INFINITE for footbal and Sunggyu was like NO you won’t. Sunggyu is an amazing leader who put his soul and heart in this band, he won’t let any of members leave so easily. It’s just a big NO. If 1 member will go, others will go too, because they said MILLIONS of times that INFINITE ISN’T INFINITE EVEN IF 1 MEMBER IS MISSING. During That Summer Concert, when Dongwoo wasn’t there, they were holding his photos and leaving space where he would stand, with it they were showing that there is no way that INFINITE will ever stop being OT7. INFINITE is OT7. INFINITE is a family. If they weren’t really that close, they wouldn’t stand on the stage for 7 years and would disband during BTD era or something.
So stop with this rumors.
They don’t make any sense.
And they are stupid.

anonymous asked:

I'm sure I'm not the only person wanting to know if Kiem and Jainan are now going to have ALL the babies. And is Tegnar going to like being a grandparent? (She is, isn't she?)

[Also for “Do Kiem and Jainan ever have children?” anon]

I can’t categorically answer this because it’s way in the future, but I can tell you the worldbuilding position, which is The Emperor Decides When There Are More Royal Babies, because all genders pass their royal titles on to their kids and you can’t just keep an infinitely-growing royal family at the taxpayer’s expense. So the official position is that Kiem and Jainan will have one imperially-mandated kid when the Emperor decides it’s a good time (though with rather more discussion than accompanied their marriage), and god help the school board that has to deal with that child because Kiem has many opinions about the running of schools by now and the board will heave a sigh of relief when they go off-planet.

…but as I said, that’s the official answer. @emilyenrose and I have come up with at least two scenarios where it wouldn’t happen like that at all, sooo.

I would have loved to see Temari’s dream. Her family having dinner with Shikamaru’s family would be the funniest, cutiest and yet saddest thing ever. Just imgaging how the characters would interact would make for such a warm atmosphere: Yoshino and Karura cooking and talking in the kitchen, Shikaku and Rasa discussing politics, and of course Gaara and Kankuro messing with Shikamaru. [Add in some baby Shikadai and ShikaTema fans would have a heartattack]