infinite eyes

hey guys! i don’t know about you, but around the holidays i usually like to curl up with some hot chocolate and read. so i’ve gathered some fics that are good for those cold winter nights.

** means i haven’t read it, but it came highly recommended 

chestnuts roasting… & all that by elsi_bee 

Louis is apparently the only person at his new job who is single as can be. It’s not a big deal to just tell his new colleagues that he has a boyfriend, right? Until he has to make this imaginary boyfriend magically appear at the office holiday party. Cue fake relationship antics with a certain someone who is more than willing to play along.

my world is filled with cheer (and you) by rbbsbb

They’re all in Secondary school together, and Harry isn’t new to pining. The annual Secret Santa gift exchange is on, though, and when he pulls Louis’ name, Harry decides that he needs to get his boy the best present that he could ever ask for.

(Or, Harry is in love with Louis, his best mate, and is his Secret Santa this year.)

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