infinite explosion

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I bought Fallout 3..... idk what to expect.....

I completely borked my FO3 save by timing it really poorly

I was hiding in the back of a truck and tried to save myself by throwing a grenade but I couldn’t get out of blast radius before it went off and killed me so I just got stuck in this infinite loop of fiery explosive death

Explosive Intellect (Closed RP with @Infinite-Xerath)

After disembarking, Voksmi both tipped the pilot and failed to notice his attempts to signify he had been forced into providing transit. “That was a fun trip!” she remarked to Xerath. “Anyways, my house isn’t far. I used to live farther in Bandle’s downtown, but I both needed a larger space for my laboratory and, well… the other yordles didn’t… exactly… appreciate me hanging around. Especially late at night. Uhhh… my house is two blocks that way.”

The yordle pointed towards a street. ”I should have some materials there, but I doubt I have enough to construct an inducer yet.” The technician set off walking. It was clear that Voksmi was at least trying to obscure her natural lurch; she resembled a younger yordle imitating the Bandle City gunners’ march. Poorly. She also whistled a cheerful tune as she continued down the sidewalk.