infinite decay

as someone who has been winging their eyeliner nearly daily for the past 5 years, i am always looking for a better eyeliner. for some reason lately brands have stopped making liquid eyeliner with a brush, like the one shown above, and markers and gels have become more popular. for those just starting out with eyeliner it’s a lot easier to achieve a cat eye with marker style eyeliner and gel pot liners, but for those who don’t need tape or spoons or tutorials anymore the classic brush style liquid eyeliner is best (as i have found). i tend to not use pencils except when tightlining or when lining the waterline because they are easier to smudge and less precise (as are gel liners) and i like sharp lines.

i wear contacts and have dry eyes, so i am constantly putting in eye drops and rub at my eyes more than the average person. i also have oily eyelids and as i said before, i prefer thick dramatic sharp lines.

ive tried tons of eyeliners. kat von d’s pen/marker smudges very easily, makeup forever’s pencil dries up very easily, milani’s eyetech extreme fades and smudges, maybelline + mac’s gel liners always end up in the crease of my eyelid, wet n wild + prestige’s liquid applicators are a nightmare, nars’s pencil dries up quickly, and so on. the best eyeliners i had found were urban decay’s 24/7 liquid eyeliner (which is now being discontinued) - it usually lasted throughout the day, it usually lasted when swimming, it peeled off easily in the shower, and the applicator was great. but the packaging always came apart and parts of the “bottle” would break off, it was $20 for a product that lasted no longer than 4 months (usually less), and urban decay is no longer cruelty free anyway. jane cosmetics’s liquid eyeliner is similar to urban decays but not as long lasting and smudges and melts off of oily skin much easier, although the packaging held up a lot better and was less expensive. the best pencils i have found are marc jacob’s, buxoms, and urban decays, in that order. unfortunately none of these are cruelty free and i received all of them in sample form.

i thought the search for the perfect eyeliner was hopeless. i had accepted that the gray smudge under my eyes after 4 hours of wear was inevitable and that eyeliner just wasn’t meant to stay in place and last a long time on oily, watery eyes like mine.

but then asi was looking through milani’s website, i found a new candidate, their infinite liquid liner. i was so excited to see eyeliner in the classic brush style applicator form and i ventured out to 3 of the closest CVS’s to find it.
unfortunately, only one store carried it, and they only had one. the product in the bottle looked stiff like it had been sitting there a while. but i took the chance that it may have been solidified and bought it anyway, because the only other eyeliner i had planned on trying (makeup forever’s aqua liquid liner) was $13 more and i had been using prestige’s eyeliner with jane cosmetics’s brush for the past two weeks; i was desperate.

i’ve been using milani’s infinite eyeliner for the past week or so and it is the best eyeliner i have ever tried. although it wasn’t solidified, it is kind of thick and globby, and has the same consistency as tar when applying it. because of this it’s not as easy to get an even line as jane’s or UD’s, but it is still possible. i’m pretty sure the likeness to tar is just the bottle i bought, i’m going to try and melt it by sticking the bottle in some hot/warm water this weekend and see if that works. even if it’s not just that bottle i bought, i will still repurchase this because it stays on forever. no smudging, no melting, no leaking. ever. it stays in perfect place all day, from when i apply it at 6am til 11pm at night, after i’ve showered and rubbed off my mascara already. it never comes off unless you use a makeup remover (i suggest MUFE’s sens’eyes for this one!!!). although it doesn’t look as smooth, sleek and thin in texture as other liquid eyeliners, the longevity of this product is like a miracle of god. i’m so happy with this product, i recommend it to everyone. if you’ve used it before please share your experience with it to me! wish me luck in my attempts to thin out/melt it.

When I went into the hills and vales to survey for the new reservoir they told me the place was evil. They told me this in Arkham, and because that is a very old town full of witch legends I thought the evil must he something which grandams had whispered to children through centuries. The name “blasted heath” seemed to me very odd and theatrical, and I wondered how it had come into the folklore of a Puritan people. Then I saw that dark westward tangle of glens and slopes for myself, and ceased to wonder at anything beside its own elder mystery. It was morning when I saw it, but shadow lurked always there. The trees grew too thickly, and their trunks were too big for any healthy New England wood. There was too much silence in the dim alleys between them, and the floor was too soft with the dank moss and matting’s of infinite years of decay.
—  H.P. Lovecraft  “The Colour Out of Space”