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[TRANS] Pikicast - INFINITE “The group that said that they didn’t want to see us again has returned” (1/2)

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AGAIN - An Interview That Might Continue
INFINITE, who came back as a group

AGAIN - An Interview That Might Continue
Sunggyu: Wah-wah
Woohyun: I’m the hidden handsome man / Dongwoo: Boongshin
Myungsoo: Porn is the best / Hoya: You guys are as funny as ever
Sungjong: I want to mature / Sungyeol: Soy milk is love

WARNING: We’re neither a music magazine nor an entertainment magazine. If you want to know more about INFINITE’s music, refer to the interviews below. They are good interviews.

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Trans: via @wowwh: Infinite and Inspirit who is loveable and i’m so happy to be with i will always be responsible for you!