Park Hyungsik in Singapore

I put safe mode on for ~24 hours as an experiment. Here’s everything I saw blocked:

  • a drawing meme that had a bunch of outfits for people to pick from
  • a Bioshock Infinite edit
  • a Mirrors Edge gifset
  • a Mass Effect Andromeda edit focusing on one of the m/m romances
  • a commission post that had already censored nudity
  • a Tales from the Borderlands gifset
  • Dragon Age fanart
  • a Tomb Raider gifset focusing on Sam/Lara
  • an Overwatch fancomic
  • a Kingdom Hearts gifset
  • a Pillars of Eternity edit
  • a Final Fantasy gifset
  • a picture of two men hugging
  • a powerpoint on how to write amputee characters
  • a pokemon gifset
  • this:

Conclusion: I have no doubt that LGBTQ+ content feeds into the algorithm, but also, what the fuck.