KAI, HYUNGWON, L and N REACTION: Where their fiancee is going through depression and thinks about doing the unthinkable but doesn't want to tell them


Hakyeon has his “natural” motherly side, a side that would come out when he discovers what his fiancee is planning. He’d have his ways of making her/him what she/he’s thinking. It just broke his heart to imagine that the person he loves so much is going through such rought times and he wasn’t able to do much more than being by her/his side.


Myungsoo is more tricky than appears to be, he would realize quickly that something was happening, but he’d have serious problems in expressing his feelings and help his fiancee. He’d find a way to stay more and more time with her and show all the good things that happened when the two were together until the matter arise naturally.
“ Jagi, I love you and I’ll stay with you and take care of you forever…”


Jongin would try to remain calm and strong, but he was so torn up inside that he couldn’t contain his tears. This would lead him to talk to you as soon as possible, showing as soon as possible how much he loves you and how important you are to him.


Hyungwon would notice the change in the air when he’s finally back from his busy schedule. His precious sleep would be bothered cuz something felt wrong. He noticed her loneliness and would casually aproach her to ask if something was wrong. If she didn’t answer him a good excuse he’d be more incisive until he gets what he wants.

“Please jagi.. be honest with me. I know I’ve been busy but please tell me now that I’m here”

He’d be heartbroken when he hears what she was thinking.

~ADM Pandacchi and Misso

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