Boat-house by Geir Drabløs
Via Flickr:
© All rights reserved Old Norwegian boat-house. 

In Fine Style at the Queen's Gallery

Last Tuesday I visited the In Fine Style exhibition at the Queens gallery, Buckingham Palace. I have to say it was well worth the trip down to London for my GARP. The exhibition discussed mainly clothing and the meaning of the fabrics and decoration, although this isn’t at all what my GARP is about it really helped to just see the pictures and gain some more information from the audio guides and the guides within the exhibition.  

For Instance, did you know that Henry VIII always wore similar colours within his portraits because the colours of red, black, green and gold all resemble royalty and kingsmanship. 

The paintings i was most excited to see were probably those of Elizabeth I and Charles I. This painting of a young Elizabeth I is one of the images i am studying for the project and so to see this in person and hear the thoughts of the curator and designer Gareth Pugh was extremely helpful to help understand the history and meaning behind the painting. 

Overall I feel I gained some invaluable information about the paintings and the history of them, I learnt about some new paintings and old fashions. The royal collection exhibitions have definitely been the most helpful and informative of the places I have visited, not to mention the most beautiful.