If You Only Knew

Part 1 - Infiltration

Summary: You’re a DEA agent that goes undercover to try and bust Sam Winchester as the criminal kingpin that he is. What happens when you get so far in you can’t see the way out?

Hey everyone! Okay I swear I am still working on the last chapter of 86′ed, but me and @justanotherdeangirl25 had this great idea for a Druglord!Sam fic! And of course we dragged @emmy-winchester along for the ride! Let us know what you think, and as always, if you wish to be tagged lemme know, and if you find me hella annoying just tell me to knock if off and I will untag you!

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Okay thanks!!!      

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I think we need to stop thinking so hard. Like, learning is good, education is good, but there’s no action to show for it. I know we’ve been fucked by the devil himself, but we need to start doing shit.

We need to put black people on top. Infiltrate the government, courts, police force, business’s, Wall Street, etc. We literally just need to start doing shit!

I guess I’m asking for organization? Because our community on a national/international scale is soo torn, but when we had Martin Luther King Jr. (Before trifling ass bitches decided to assassinate him) we honestly could’ve taken over, JUST… LIKE….THAT!!

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Jet, Michiru is only one month older than Rei and Haruka just three.

Consider though: that’s a crappy detail.

No, really, I think it just makes no sense. I can, if I REALLY TRY AND WANT TO BELIEVE, that it’s the sort of “well you’re in middle school, but we are in ~high school~” mentality taken to the extreme. And on that really surface level it can work for about two seconds.

Long term though? BACK TO CRAP

For myself, I ignore all that. I believe Haruka and Michiru are much older than tenth graders, and they’re doing a 21 Jump Street-style infiltration into Mugen.

The episode was otherwise awful on a million levels, but I love the sort of nod 106 gives for that idea, too.

When Mako asks if it’s okay for them to be driving, only being in tenth grade, we get this amazing moment.


But yeah, accepting that Haruka and Michiru are older than the Inners by mere MONTHS doesn’t work for me on any level, and so I reject it. If you enjoy it, by all means, stick to it! Otherwise, JOIN ME.

damn i was having a dream where a dude and a lady alien robot were cop buddies infiltrating a mafia and each fell in love with a black dude who was working with the mafia and then they were having a night out watching shitty tv and talking about their feelings and the alien robot said it was funny that even if they were on earth they both managed to fell for another species that wasn’t human and chris pine (at this point the cop dude looked like him) was like wdym another species? and the lady robot said something like “they share outer physical traits, they are given lesser to none responsabilities and their feelings are treated like inferior yet scary by humans, pretty much like humans do with other species” like this lady alien had started pointing out all the internalized racism i projected in my dream chris pine was speechless and i woke up


Able tries to stealthily infiltrate Siel-E, but he can’t tolerate the heat in Elysia. 

He stumbles into @raiyi , who is, ironically, dressed for warmth <XD

what clearly happened next :3

Able doesn’t like Elyos but he likes dying of heat strokes even less :x

@_@ help… i keep wanting to draw fluffy comics about gay chanters instead of leveling uwahh


Ok somehow Rogue uses her intimate knowledge of SHIELD security to infiltrate a heli-carrier and rescue her good friend Colonel Rossi. I thought there was some major league retconning happening here since none of this was making sense but it turns out there’s a plot twist coming up… (The Uncanny X-Men #182 – June 1984)

A plee . . .

… from an incapable nerd.

Goddamit it’s so hard to infiltrate fandoms.
I’m basically the geeky kid in the playground who’s standing to one side trying to nudge my way in and failing spectacularly.

To anyone who comes across my pathetic blog please consider taking pity on me if you’re a fan of (warning:this may take some time):

Green Wing
Jeeves and Wooster
The 100
The God who is Jeff Bridges

Fangasming is a bit dull when you’re doing it on your own.


Haunting memories
Take them back
I refuse the responsibility of discarding the pain you caused
No matter how many times I’ve washed them
Your hurt is still etched in the creases of my emotions
I no longer feel warmth

You’ve infiltrated my closet
With hurt you caused
Masked in the memories tied to the falsified tales you told
Souvenirs are meant to be sweet reminders
Not bitter regrets

Take them back
Reclaim the pain you caused
Reverse the curse you left sealed on my lips.


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Shatt prompt hehe Matt is returned to the group along with mr holt and shiro kisses Matt and then goes into hiding because oh shit no he's my friend etc

set after the s1 finale, ignoring the s2 trailer lmao. i hope you like this & thank you for the prompt! <3


Shiro wasn’t thinking. He was definitely not thinking. He cannot emphasize how little he was thinking. He wasn’t thinking at all.

It had been a fairly easy mission – Allura had gotten wind about a Galra ship in the Outer Rim. Now, the mission had been clear: infiltrate the ship, find out if there were any prisoners on board, free the said prisoners, get the hell out of there. Do not get caught. It all basically boiled down to: survive. And it had been easy, too. It was a small ship, its main use to transport prisoners from one work camp to the other. There hadn’t even been that many soldiers to defeat. A nice break from the whirlwind of what happened with Zarkon and that wormhole.

They didn’t waste any time getting the prisoners into an escape pod and sending them off to the Castle. And that’s where Shiro’s problem began – he hadn’t been thinking.

He stopped thinking about the Holts a while ago, realizing that the memories of the people he once trusted the most brought him nothing but pain. He realized that the memory of Matt only brought him more pain and anger, mostly at himself. Because he could’ve saved him. And that was the thing that made him scream into the night after one too many nightmares, that made him wander in the dark like a blind man, made him drown like someone desperately clinging to their last breath. If he fought harder, just a little bit, maybe he could’ve saved Matt.

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I googled coolhole and it was the first result so now I've infiltrated your secret club

I googled coolhole and found a livejasmin model but the page is down now. A girl once stripped on the computer under the alias “Coolhole”.

Mass Effect AU:

  • Shiro’s straight up abducted by the Cerberus group for their experiments.
  • Pidge is a salarian attempting to infiltrate the dalatress’ data to know what really happened to the Kerberos expedition group.
  • Are we not going to talk about the uncanny resemblance between Zarkon and Saren though?
  • Allura’s still an altean because alteans are now a race in this ME AU and she’s like queen of some fancy planet.
  • Hunk is that kind hearted person, the only one really, to go to Tuchanka and research a cure for the genophage by himself and he’s still treated like shit by the krogan. Wrex endorses his research though, and secures his well being, so not that many krogan really attempt anything against him.
  • Lance is that person that used to believe in Cerberus’ ideals and worked for them and was absolutely heart broken when he learned about his hero, Shiro, being captured and experimented on.
  • Lance is the one that helps Shiro escape.
Media Research Center Infiltrates Democratic Convention with Ads
Media Research Center (MRC) President Brent Bozell issued the following statement announcing the MRC’s plans to blanket Philadelphia with signs and ads exposing the leftist media’s love affair with Hillary. From billboards to mobile building projections to sidewalk graphics to taxi TV ads to taxi tops, everywhere convention attendees in Philadelphia look, they will see the MRC. The on-site activities will be complimented by round-the-clock monitoring of the convention by a massive team of analysts in Virginia and around the country.

you know how in ATLA when Zuko and Soka infiltrate the Boiling Rock and it’s kinda like. a window into the life of an average Fire Nation soldier’s life and how it showed, you know, despite being the main antagonist of the series, that the people within the Fire Nation, even the soldiers, are in fact, human?
I know the Galra aren’t technically “human”, but what if they had an episode of Voltron like that? maybe like. tying in with the popular Galra!Keith theories or maybe Allura uses her shape shifting abilities and one of them sneeks into a Galra settlement to gather intel and we kinda get some insight into the lives of the average Galran. idk I just don’t like the idea of everything being so black and white, Galra bad, Voltron good like. gimme some depth.

So, in summary. In our very first episode of The Challenge of the Superfriends, Lex Luthor builds a dream-altering device that he uses to control the Superfriends into stealing the world’s most priceless treasures. When confronted by the authorities, they turn themselves in, only to find that the police are members of the Legion of Doom, who fire them towards the Sun in a rocket-powered jail cell. Meanwhile, the Legion of Doom turns every other human on Earth into Bizarros and Cheetahs, and forces them to bring the Legion incalculable wealth, even though there no longer is any world economy to use that wealth in. After surviving the vacuum of space and lethal proximity to the sun, Wonder Woman telepathically uses her magic lasso to make a trillion-to-one blind rocket adjustment. The Superfriends then reverse the Legion’s transformation of humanity, and infiltrate by poorly disguising themselves as Bizarros and Cheetahs before allowing the Legion to basically walk free instead of actually taking them to jail.

When your friends ask you why they should watch Challenge of the Superfriends–a question that surely comes up on a regular basis–you can tell them that it’s one of the most illogical, drinking contest-compatible cartoons of all time, and that the episode above was just the first and not even the worst offender.

All in all a successful episode! Thank you to those who have followed along. I don’t know when I’ll do the next episode, but there will be fair warning!

that post was meant to be a joke! user phynali had read every one of your points to filth already, so it wasn’t necessary for me to bother, so I was just making light of one of your less thought-out points. Chill! It was a ridiculous claim, admit it. My chopping of the quote didn’t really misrepresent what you said…I was trying to get to the point. But honestly I’m surprised you have a big enough conscience to understand that concept, seeing as people from your side deliberately cut context to paint us as a villainous people all the time. Like so you do understand the tactic…I shouldn’t have to explain it to you, that’s nice to know.

It’s still funny that you think a-spec people have this insidious plan where they want to “infiltrate” LGBTQIA+ specific feeding areas to take food from starving people knowing full well they can get all the food they need at home. What is the logic in a group of people doing that? People who are LGBTQIA+ even by YOUR limited definition wouldn’t go into those shelters if they didn’t need food.

And even at “all-inclusive” events, like, asexuals aren’t going to be the majority! You will see maybe a few or a small bunch of aces in a mass of hundreds to thousands of rainbow flags, like there is no way we could eat THAT much food.

Just another resource we aren’t stealing. :)

Man I didn’t even mean to make a serious post of it all. It was just funny!


Jim-To-Be Theory Masterlist: 

Talon-  Maybe Jim infiltrates the Court of Owls & takes on the Talon alias? This trailer showed what one talon looked like. Idk, does anyone else want to see Jim in a mask besides me?

Grey Ghost- This is who my money’s on right now. The Grey Ghost was a TV character who inspired young Bruce Wayne. With some minor background tweaking, I can totally see Jim taking on the Grey Ghost & becoming Bruce’s Bat motivation.

Bat!Jim- So Jim doesn’t take up the cowl until way after Bruce!Bat exists (  thank you, @purrsuasion ), but maybe with the help of bby!Bruce & Lucious they can build the armor that Bruce steps into later?

The Question- It would be a pretty cool way to reintigrate Montoya back into the story. Having Jim as The Question partnering up with Montoya. However, since Vic Sage is an actual character with his own origins & storyline– I’m doubting this one actually happens…. But they still need to bring Major Crimes back. 

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it kind of sucks to read you saying i hate being suspicious of every cis lesbian follower of mine who doesn't explicitly state no terfs allowed. i'm only 15 so i might not know something but why just lesbians???? why is being a terf seen as something exclusive to lesbians? it makes me so sad

Hey pal! i’m not “suspicious” of every cis lesbian who doesn’t state “no terfs allowed” as in i’m automatically going to hate them, but suspicious in the sense that I will probably do a quick search of their blog to see what comes up when i search the keyword “terf” w/ their content. It’s true that not all terfs are lesbians, but most terfs are white cis lesbians because the whole ideology behind terf culture is that men are gross, and they think that trans women are secretly men trying to infiltrate female spaces. Obviously while there ARE some bi/pan/even straight radical feminists who also believe this, it’s mostly lesbians who immediately assume that every trans lesbian is a straight man trying to have sex with a lesbian? I hope this makes sense! Please understand that i’m not like. I don’t hate lesbians at all, I just have had a history of not checking blogs before I follow them, and then I end up following terfs so I am just really wary at this point :)