Camila Cabello Said Writing “I Have Questions” Was Like Therapy

the prince is fine
Final Fantasy XV
the prince is fine

Cor: You alright Highness? *Magitek Armour explodes*

Noctis: *falls to his face* Of course.

Gladio: And you Marshal?

Cor: No problem.


Some nice audio for the DX Para-DX Buckle. While grabbing this, incidentally, the file name provides the spelling of Parad. Instead of Parado which I’ve always called him.

I don’t know if an official spelling existed prior (I certainly never saw it) but it’s one of those names that everyone spells differently. Parad, Parado… some still say Pallad for some odd reason. Now we have something substantial.

Hiatus - Childish Meddling

At this point, when I say “Hiatus”; it means, “I’m going to show up at random points during the day, reblog stuff, and maybe comment on texts that were sent to me”

If I had to make something that characterizes my hiatus-ing, I think this song would convey it well. Sounds childish and half-hearted~