I JUST FOUND A COCKROACH and I caught it and literally THREW it outside, I googled it and it looks like it was a fat slow outdoor cockroach that just mistakenly wandered in (please god let that be true) but historically I feel like this house has like no seal against the elements or any creature big or small that feels like coming inside, like I’m only cosmetically not living out in an open field

Problems Tumblr Staff Has Decided to Fix
  • Problem:The site has a useful level of information density and a unique conversational system that many find preferable to those on other sites.
  • Not A Problem:The site is infested with Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists who routinely harass minorities with slurs and graphic violent imagery. Also a broken recommendation system that shortens the distance between these hate groups and their victims.

Pros to stealing Dracula’s Castle:

  1. It’s already furnished.
  2. The resell value would be through the roof.
  3. Did you see that goddamn library? Hello!
  4. Also, I could easily make a bedroom in the Inner Quarters. Seriously, I would decorate a real room like that.


  1. There’s like, maybe one bathroom. And it’s technically in a painting. So, gotta install a couple dozen crappers and tubs.
  2. No Internet. No power, really. Gonna be hell to set up electricity.
  3. Dude, that infestation problem.

suddenlytouya replied to your post: me, an innocent woman: time to go peew…

i feel u

what do you mean “i feel u” is your house also literally infested with wasps

i think some weird chunk of tumblr just doesn’t know jack shit about jewish identity or issues and assumes it’s all just the same as the shit black people face? because hey they’re both minorities right??? and assume antisemitism is this overt and hateful oppression. and a lot of young jewish-american girls on here do a lot of strident blogging about how persecuted they feel and i think really encourage that conflation. 

but it’s not anything like how black people get treated, or even like the hysterical, paranoid aggression leveled against muslims. it’s a bit more like how gays are treated, with a moralistic disdain— they could be normal. they could look normal. but they’re other. they are, by definition, not christian.  

so there’s a pervasive distrust and defensiveness, coupled with the fact that jews are a significant minority and mostly look white, so a lot of people don’t know anything about them or think they’ve met any. it’s like, jews aren’t christian, they don’t have the same morals, or really any morals, it’s suspicious how they always seem to end up being doctors and lawyers, they’re out there somewhere sneakily aggregating power and wealth, they’re some sort of vague and worrying challenge. and they’re not citizens— they’re jews. 

jews are never citizens. in this, antisemitism overlaps with more traditional forms of racism. jews aren’t considered to be true members of the countries of their birth. they are always, always, foreign.

Skipping level 4 with three spells

So our party of 6 were in a cave infested with super zealous bugbears worshipping a false god of darkness. We go past the main hall and clear out the 6 other lesser rooms of their bugbears, one of which had a a huge pit with some currently unknown terror lurking in the water below feeding on the bugbear corpses we threw over. Upon reentering the main hall we stumble upon 25 bugbears praying to a desecrated idol. I, the bard have an idea.
Salazar (Bard): Can I determine which one of these bugbears is the most feeble minded? Like if he started convulsing and freaking out everyone would just be like “oh its just jeremy again”
DM: yeah roll a perception check
Sal: 19
DM: yeah you can tell there is one a little slower than the rest we can call him Jeremy.
Sal: cool i cast detect thoughts to see whats going on up there.
Jeremy: Keeps repeating “we give it all to the darkness and the darkness we follow”
Vann (paladin): well if we cant fight them then lets fuck with their heads. I cast command on Jeremy. And i tell him “jeremy, jeremy its me listen up youre a prophet now you must lead the crew into the darkness and feed me” rolls deception check and its a success.
Jeremy: guys listen the darkness spoke to me and said hes hungry we gotta give ourselves up to him.
Torbin (druid): casts sunbeam on the idol making it glow and the crowd is amazed and believes jeremy.
The group follows the sunbeam to the ledge of the of the cliff where jeremy begins assisting the 24 other bugbears off the ledge in a zealous self sacrifice to the darkness.
DM: ……. You just killed 25 bugbears with 3 spells……… 6400 exp for everyone. I hate you all. Dnd