20 weeks...growth scan!

Grateful and relieved and so in love with our little babes!! The scan was so quick but just incredible! Obviously they had to be awkward but all measurements were completed and they both look good and healthy…that’s all I cared about!

Baby A is breech…got it’s bottom down and is low down…that’s the one that’s been kicking me when my trousers are too tight!! The pic of Baby A is hilarious…seriously looks like a little alien…our little alien!! So cheeky…I can tell already!

Baby B is transverse and face down…looks like a little skydiver (or as my SIL pointed out like he/she has had one too many drinks)!!

One placenta is anterior and the others posterior…but that doesn’t seem to be in any way an issue…I guess it’s to be expected!

They are both still measuring a little ahead which is good and it was the best to see their little hearts beating…I swear that’s the biggest relief each time! And the detail of this scan is mind blowing! I still really find it hard to believe they’re growing inside me…that DH and I finally have these miracles and they are in my belly! It’s totally crazy!!

It’s strange to really explain to anyone that hasn’t been through the pain of infertility how hard it is to imagine being pregnant and then for things to be ok with the pregnancy! It was a long wait (not as long as some but still long) and we battled through with our love and respect for each other in tact and now we’re pregnant…with two babies…I feel so lucky…I don’t ever forget how fortunate we are to be in this position and I cannot forget that there are so many others that don’t get to be this lucky!

I am so so so so grateful universe…thank you for every day so far…thank you for today’s scan results…I hope this is just the beginning of the happy memories DH and I will have with our little family! And now…time to get shopping!!!