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reasons you think people hate j*nerys: the incest, the “predictability”, because i prefer jonsa, daen*rys being infertile, etc.

reasons i hate j*nerys: jon and daen*rys are two fundamentally different people both politically and philosophically and would therefore never work as a couple, especially considering that daen*rys stands in the way of the northern independence jon (and robb, tbh) has built his life on fighting for for the past six seasons :)

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is it me, or does Goetia's Buer sound like a good guy? or at least a true neutral at that, this descriptions make him look like a intellectual in philosophy, a tea aficionado and a skilled medic. so what if he is a polite daemon? MAYBE he lacks true morality but from what i can tell from this descriptions, he seems like at least a cultured (possibly) polite dude.

You know, there’s a lot of them that sound like they wouldn’t want to immediately rip your throat out. That’s why I was waiting to answer this one; I wanted to go through all 72 and pick out the Goetia Goodies (O) and the Goetia Goons (X). Let’s see, in order…

  1. BAEL: Hoarse voice, spider legs, fussy. Sounds like a royal pain! (X)
  2. AGARES: I doubt he can always rein in that croc. (X)
  3. VASSAGO: One of many to tell the past and future, he can also help you find things you’ve lost. Just so long as you keep it clean, I guess. (O)
  4. GAMIGIN: A horse with a hoarse voice. That’s unethical. (X)
  5. MARBAS: Can cure diseases, but also cause them. Surely in league with Big Pharma! (X)
  6. VALEFOR: Tempts people to steal! (X)
  7. AMON: Spits fire, but cures controversies between friends. Can also cause feuds? But I have a soft spot for Amon, so… (O)
  8. BARBATOS: Lets you understand birds and dogs, opens magical chests. What a pal! (O) 
  9. PAIMON: The most obedient to Lucifer, definitely a Bad Boy. (X) 
  10. BUER: And here we are at the gentle Dr. Buer. (O) 
  11. GUSION: Depending on what a “Xenopilus” is, he’s otherwise all about friendships. (O)
  12. SITRI: One of those who makes people horny. Armed and dangerous. (X) 
  13. BELETH: He’s got all those trumpeters. Very annoying! (X)
  14. LERAJE: The belligerent demon Robin Hood. (X) 
  15. ELIGOR: Knows all about wars, but doesn’t seem to be all about fighting them. Still, will err on the side of caution here. (X) 
  16. ZEPAR: Can make people infertile! What a dickweed. (X) 
  17. BOTIS: Future-telling, reconciliation, but never trust a viper with a sword. (X) 
  18. BATHIN: The first of those who can teleport people. Neat, but rife for abuse (and Star Trek-style transporter accidents). (X) 
  19. SALLOS: Another croc-rider, but specifically saying he’s peaceful. Well, I’m sold. (O) 
  20. PURSON: Rides a bear. Despite that, the Kings are probably not to be trusted. (X)
  21. MORAX: The bull-man who just want to make the world a smarter place. (O)
  22. IPOS: The Ugliest Demon, but he makes people witty. A Cyrano in our midst? (O)
  23. AIM: A pyromaniac. (X)
  24. NABERIUS: Another teacher! (O)
  25. GLASYA-LABOLAS: “An author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter.” (X)
  26. BUNE: Dispenses money. Commie! (X)
  27. RONOVE: The monster man who nonetheless is a rhetoric expert. (O)
  28. BERITH: He is the Philosopher’s Stone in demon form. All that gold will crash the markets! (X)
  29. ASTAROTH: One of the nastiest. Plus he has bad breath! (X)
  30. FORNEUS: More rhetoric and friend-making. (O)
  31. FORAS: Can make people invisible. Lead us not into temptation! (X)
  32. ASMODEUS: Need I say more? (X)
  33. GAAP: Makes people ignorant. (X)
  34. FURFUR: Another fickle one about summoning, can also cause thunderous storms. (X)
  35. MARCHOSIAS: Vomits fire, but really wants to be an angel again, so perhaps would still be on his best behavior. (O)
  36. STOLAS: All about that astronomy and those herbs and precious stones. No bias here! (O)
  37. PHENEX: A sweet singer and poet. Another who wishes to be an angel once more. (O)
  38. HALPHAS: Probably nice, but is also the bad kind of gun nut. (X)
  39. MALPHAS: Can read the minds of your enemies. As if you don’t already know from their passive-aggressive tweets and comments. (X)
  40. RAUM: Another dirty thief (but of rich kings, so maybe it’s OK), but also destroys cities. Oh. (X)
  41. FOCALOR: Kills and drowns people. Right to the point! Or to the bottom? (X)
  42. VEPAR: Guides warships, but also putrefies sores and causes worms to breed in them. Gross! (X)
  43. SABNOCK: Like Halphas, only for armor, but shares Vepar’s vile worm-breeding-in-sores power. (X)
  44. SHAX: The stealer of senses! (X)
  45. VINE: Discovers wizards and witches (!), but causes rough storms on waters. Also a King. (X)
  46. BIFRONS: Doesn’t seem so bad, but hangs out with the dead so he’s probably fetid. (X)
  47. UVALL: Another Goetia PUA. (X)
  48. HAAGENTI: More alchemy. These demons need some new hobbies! (X)
  49. CROCELL: Can discover baths and warm them up real nice, but also creates noises that sound like rushing torrents, like some weirdo. Consider it ambiance, I guess. (O)
  50. FURCAS: This Knight is a “cruel old man” who teaches pyromancy. We live in the universe where pyromancy is OP, so… (X)
  51. BALAM: Invisibility, King, Bear. Not a good enough ratio. (X)
  53. CAIM: The bird-man, he lends understanding of animals and the waters (!), and things to come. He answers in hot coals, so as long as he’s not summoned near flammable objects Caim probably won’t give you any trouble. (O)
  54. MURMUR: A PERFECT philosophy teacher and mediator to the dead. Just wear earplugs for his trumpeting cohorts. (O)
  55. OROBAS: Tells of the past, present, future, and of divinity and the creation of the world. Said to be “very faithful” to the summoner. What’s not to love? (O)
  56. GREMORY: Future-telling, but another that messes with the hearts of women, if commanded. Come on occultist, just use a dating app like everyone else! (X)
  57. OSE: Ose can transform the summoner into “any Shape.” Keep your fetishes to yourself. (X)
  58. AMY: The flaming liberal science teacher. Like Caim, practice fire safety and you should be cool. (O)
  59. ORIAS: An astrologer, but can also magically promote people through ranks, presumably those undeserving of it. (X)
  60. VAPULA: A winged, lion-headed professor of “all handicrafts and professions.” (O)  
  61. ZAGAN: The bull King, can transmute blood into wine. Sounds a hair more effective than a wine festival. (X)
  62. VOLAC: Tells where hidden treasures are and where serpents may be seen. Needs a friend, badly. (O)
  63. ANDRAS: If you treat him as a joke, Andras will straight up kill you; suppose he’s tired of being laughed at for being an owl-headed man riding a wolf. (X)
  64. FLAUROS: Another particular demon; will lie if things aren’t just right, but can also burn people to death. (X)
  65. ANDREALPHUS: Who wouldn’t want to learn geometry from a peacock? (O)
  66. KIMARIS: The last horseback warrior. Logic, rhetoric, rules spirits of Africa, etc. (O)
  67. AMDUSIAS: The musician of Hell, Amdusias can also bend trees to the summoner’s will. That’s so weirdly specific I think I have to give it a pass. (O)
  68. BELIAL: The King Belial seems to be another fickle with the summoning process, requiring gifts and sacrifices, but is written to have a better demeanor than many others. Still, play with fire… (X)
  69. DECARABIA: The original star man and ornithologist, he just wants you to understand birds! (O)
  70. SEERE: He’s like a demonic U-Haul truck, carrying things to and fro as demanded. Tells of thievery, but doesn’t seem to condone it explicitly. (O)
  71. DANTALION: The last great teacher of the 72, but can control people’s minds. (X)
  72. ANDROMALIUS: Perhaps the most just of all the demons, Andromalius is said to catch and punish thieves and “discover all wickedness.” There must be a lot of internal conflict in Hell’s hierarchies, eh? (O)

So out of the 72, I have determined that 27 of them would be kind of nice. That’s not bad! But aside from the many teachers among them, Buer probably ends up with one of the best professions and demeanors, if not the best.

Of course, all of these demons still have command over X number of demon legions, Buer with 50, so it’s probably all relative, anyway.

Pro-tips on writing / drawing trans characters: Not all trans guys have double incision scars. Not all trans men have wide hips. Not all trans men are short. Not all trans women are tall. Not all trans women have wide shoulders and narrow hips. Not all trans women have strong jawlines. Not all trans women have penises. Not all trans men have vaginas / no penis. Not all trans people, even the ones on hormones, are infertile. Not all trans people have transitioned. Not all trans people transition at the same age. Hormones effect the body differently depending on what age you start them. 

Unless you’re a trans person doing it for body positivity / as a coping mechanism for dysphoria, drawing every single one of your trans characters with the same traits will make me raise an eyebrow. Like, if I look at your art and you have a bunch of trans male headcanon art and every single one of them has DI scars and wide hips, I’ll be definitely going “Hmm” before thinking you’re a dumbass and clicking out of your blog.

Groundbreaking aspects of Lola’s abortion plot
  1. How sure Lola was. She knew she wanted an abortion as before she took the pregnancy test, she knew once she had taken it, she knew when she was lying there in the clinic, and she sure as hell knew she made the right choice after the fact.
  2. The decision was 100% hers, not influenced by her friends or the father or her parents, or anyone. Just her decision.
  3. She didn’t tell her father and that’s okay. Teens don’t need their parents’ permission if they don’t think they’d be supportive.
  4. But at the same time, she was scared. And having Yael there helped.
  5. Miles, the father, not being a part of the decision making process, but still being hugely supportive when he found out.
  6. The show didn’t use the storyline to vocalize the abortion debate. So many times abortion stories are like “Sure, you can get an abortion. But first we have to appease the pro-lifers by having people yell in your face about how you’re a murderer first.” But here? Not a pro-lifer in sight.
  7. They went into the room with her. They showed her getting the sedative, they showed the doctor explaining what was going to happen. Doing that took away so much of the mystery of it. It’s just a medical procedure, and a simple and quick one at that.
  8. “It wasn’t difficult for me. Scary, yeah. Not difficult. And afterwards I didn’t feel sad.”
  9. They debunked so many myths, like it being risky, or causing infertility. 
  10. The people in the clinic were so kind. The counselor she saw before the procedure was soft-spoken and told her there was nothing wrong with taking more time to think about it. The doctor talked to her about her interests, and explained everything that was happening. He even made her laugh.
  11. Lola went back to school the next day, feeling crampy, but ultimately feeling good. She didn’t feel sad, she felt okay.
  12. “Am I the first 16 year old you’ve ever done this to?” “You’re not the first today.” Like damn. Probably my favourite line of the episode. If there’s one line that will make people feel less alone, it’s that one.
  13. She talked about it publicly. She wanted to break the stigma.

I can’t even say how pleased I was with how this story went. This is the best abortion storyline I’ve ever seen.

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Hi, how do I combat when someone says I have privilege as a cis woman?

“Cis privilege” is a phrase genderists like to throw around to try to imply that cis (read: female) women have some kind of advantage over trans (read: male) women. To me, it makes the most sense to point out that transwomen still have male privilege in many ways. 

Transwomen don’t have to worry about getting pregnant after a rape. Transwomen don’t have to worry about receiving abuse from medical staff during childbirth. Transwomen don’t have to worry about not having access to birth control or abortion. If a transwoman becomes homeless, he won’t have to worry about where he’s going to find access to menstrual products every month. He is not subject to a special tax on hygienic products that he needs regularly. Transwomen are built like males (because they are males, duh) and are therefore stronger than the majority of women. Transwomen did not grow up hearing that their brains aren’t suitable for math and that their crowning achievement in life will be getting married and having children with a man. Transwomen are not socialized as children to be submissive and insecure. 

The list goes on, and while all the manifestations of male privilege are varied, they all have one thing in common: these privileges exist because of the sexual dichotomy inherent to the human race. There is, always has been, and always will be two sexual classes in humans: a class that is able to become pregnant, and a class that is able to impregnate. And while intersex and infertile people exist, they still fall within this dichotomy and are treated as such. Many infertile women still get periods. Intersex people with breasts, feminine facial structures, and high-pitched voices are still raised and socialized as females.

When they talk about women having “cis privilege” they’re really talking about having access to exclusively female spaces, awards, teams, clubs, and opportunities. What they fail to recognize is that those spaces, awards, teams, clubs, and opportunities are exclusively female because males already have all of those and tend to dominate co-ed spaces, awards, teams, clubs, and opportunities. It’s not that we’re privileged because we have access to female-only spaces; it’s that we have those female-only spaces because we lack privilege. And the reason we lack privilege is because we are of the reproductive class that can become pregnant.

Male privilege is also pretty visible even in transmen and transwomen. Look at who makes the news, and why. Transmen make the news for having babies. Transwomen make the news for excelling in their careers. Despite being transgender, they still fall within the reproductive class they were born into.

One last thing: trans activists will argue that “cis” women have privilege over transwomen because we get to be treated as the gender we identify as. This is easily dismantled when we point out all the ways that being treated as women puts us as a distinct disadvantage. We are less likely to get high-paying jobs. We are dismissed as ignorant and even stupid in STEM fields. We are disproportionately targeted as victims of human trafficking. Psychiatrists are more likely to diagnose women with Borderline Personality Disorder (which is seen as crazy, clingy, and unstable) and men with PTSD (which is seen as tragic and heroic) for the same symptoms. Being treated as women is not a privilege. Not in the least. 

I hope this helps.

I noticed a clip on Facebook about a greeting card company making sympathy cards for women with infertility. It immediately made me cry because I know the pain of it and I know so many women going through that same pain. Unfortunately, not everyone gets that, so imagine how freakin pissed I was reading the comments under the video claiming that women who undergo fertility treatments are “selfish”. Like seriously, fuck any DUDE telling a woman that she doesn’t deserve a biological child and is selfish to want one. Honestly, half the comments were about adoption from people who have clearly NEVER considered adoption themselves, like its such a simple option. I know we researched adoption and in my state the average cost was $30K while a round of IVF is about $10K. It’s just ridiculous to have to go through this heart breaking experience AND to be taunted and made to feel like shit from ignorant people.

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I'm writing a character in a lotr-type fantasy world, who is a very active warrior and has had a few injuries related to her pelvis. What are the chances of her being capable of carrying a child to term without a miscarriage? Do you have any suggestions on how to be respectful with that subject in general?

Well, when you say “a few injuries related to her pelvis,” what I’m picturing is the actual pelvic bones, the girdle that holds our legs together and basically keeps us all alive.

Injuries to the pelvic bone itself likely won’t prevent pregnancy, because the actual reproductive systems are intact.

I wish I knew exactly what kind of trauma we were talking about because I suspect we have different definitions of “injuries related to her pelvis”.

If you’re talking direct trauma to the uterus, such as a stabbing, it’s hard to say for sure what the outcome is. It will depend on the wound – and what you want as a writer. Those with uterine wall ruptures tend to get scar tissue over that area, which prevents embryo implantation – it makes it harder to have kids.

Also, it’s extremely vascular, and bleeding to death pretty much prevents kids 100% of the time.

But you do have some leeway here. She could become unable to bear children. She could be told she’s unable to bear children due to the scarring but have a fetus implant itself on the uterus anyway. And she could have issues that don’t affect her uterus at all and have normal pregnancies.

As for “be[ing] respectful with that subject in general”… Understand the psychology of pregnancy. Does your character want kids? Or was she dreading them, or did she have a distant wistful someday… in her mind?

In most cases, women tend to feel a sense of loss when it comes to this aspect of their bodies. First of all, she’s had a capability taken away against her will, and if a family was something she wanted, she may see that dream as ruined. (Note that even though adoption is a Thing™, she may still feel this way and not be consoled by that fact. Or she may be 100% okay (after some processing) with adoption.)

The loss of children, even in potential, is more than enough to send someone through the Kubler-Ross stages of grief: Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression, and Acceptance. @scriptshrink is the one you want for psychology!

The bottom line is that if you want her to suffer significant injury to her uterus, you can do that, just realize it will bleed a lot and need good care for her to recover. Also, consider reading some infertility stories online (from people who have gone or are going through infertility) to get an accurate idea of how people feel.

Best of luck!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I don't think it's homophobia with Jill. It literally is her job to get people to reproduce. And she's best friend with Gil, I'm sure she doesn't say that out of malice but more like to tease him. And with 20 000 humans, everyone is important to get the species to continue, the context makes it have sense to me. Plus my Ryder gets to be a dad :D I want to see the baby in the next game.

Jill knows that there are families in Andromeda, older people, infertile people or even children that might have lost their parents during the trip and who could be adopted… But she pressures her gay best friend and makes him feel he needs to have children to “contribute” to the Initiative, despite the fact that he IS already contributing, in a BIG way. 

So we’re not talking about some cute little relationship where a platonic couple raises kids because they really want to. If we were, I wouldn’t be upset? 
We’re talking about the only mlm LI who is constantly talking about the “biological imperative” and his guilt and unhealthy relationship with his best friend, making it hard for people to even talk to him. He is also, so far, the ONLY one who is constantly talking about it. Other people aren’t, despite the fact that nothing indicates they want children or even that they can. 

This is really bad. 


Saint of the Day – 22 May – St Rita of Cascia – (born Margherita Lotti) Patron of Impossible Causes, Abused Wives and Widows – (1386 at Roccaparena, Umbria, Italy – 22 May 1457 at the Augustinian convent at Cascia, Italy of tuberculosis)- Mother, Widow, Stigmatist, Consecrated Religious, Mystic, – Patron of Lost and impossible causes, sickness, wounds, marital problems, abuse, mothers,  against infertility or sterility; infertile people, against loneliness, against sickness or bodily ills; sick people, wounds; wounded people, desperate people, forgotten people,  difficult marriages, parenthood, Cascia, Italy, Dalayap, Philippines, Igbaras, Iloilo, Philippines.   Attributes –  nun holding a crown of thorns, holding roses, holding roses and figs, with a wound on her forehead.  Her Body is Incorrupt and lies in the Basilica of Cascia.   Pope Leo XIII canonised Rita on 24 May 1900.

Blessed by God,
you were a light in darkness
through your steadfast courage
when you had to suffer such agony
upon your cross. You turned aside from this vale of tears
to seek wholeness for your hidden wounds
in the great passion of Christ… .
You were not content with less than perfect healing,
and so endured the thorn for fifteen years
before you entered into the joy
of your Lord.

This poem was engraved on the casket of St. Rita of Cascia and is one of the few contemporary sources that tell us about her.   St. Rita received her “hidden wounds” in an unfortunate marriage.   Shewas born in 1381 in the city of Roccaporena (near Spoleto, Umbria, Italy) where various sites connected with her are the focus of pilgrimages.   Her parents, Antonio and Amata Ferri Lotti, were known to be noble, charitable persons, who gained the epithet Conciliatore di Cristo (English: Peacemakers of Christ).   She was married at age twelve to a nobleman named Paolo Mancini.   Her parents arranged her marriage, a common practice at the time, despite her repeated requests to be allowed to enter a convent of religious sisters.   Her husband, Paolo Mancini, was known to be a rich, quick-tempered, immoral man, who had many enemies in the region of Cascia. Rita had her first child at the age of twelve.  For eighteen years she endured the abuses and infidelities of a violent husband.   She also suffered the rascality of two sons who were strongly influenced by him.   She was delivered from these miserable circumstances in a horrific way:  one day her husband was brought home dead, brutally slashed by his enemies.   Her rambunctious sons planned to get revenge, but died before they could obtain it.

Rita was then free to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a nun.   She applied to enter the Augustinian convent at Cascia of Italy, in 1407.   But her suffering was not over.   Even though orders customarily received widows, the Augustinians three times refused Rita because she had been married.   Only after six years did they acquiesce and install her as a nun.

The poem said Rita “sought wholeness” in the passion of Christ.   In her meditations she preoccupied her imagination with his agony.   On Good Friday, 1441, she prostrated herself before a crucifix and begged Christ for some small share of his suffering.   As though punctured by a crown of thorns, a single wound opened on Rita’s forehead.   For fifteen years it caused her daily pain and embarrassed her, as its putrid odor frequently offended her sisters.   In 1450, when she was preparing to visit Rome for the jubilee year, the wound temporarily healed.   But it reappeared when she returned to Cascia and remained until her death.

Rita died of tuberculosis on May 22, 1457.   Three days later, Domenico Angeli, a notary of Cascia, recorded eleven miracles that occurred upon the saint’s death.   He left us this brief profile of her religious life:

“A very honorable nun, Lady Rita, having spent forty years as a nun in the cloister of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene of Cascia by living with charity in the service of God, followed the destiny of every human being.   God, in whose service she persevered for the aforementioned time—desiring to show all the faithful a model of life, so that as she had lived serving God with love by fasting and prayer, they too, all faithful Christians, would live also—worked many wonderful miracles and through the merits of Saint Rita, especially on 25 May 1457.”

The Legend of the Roses

It is said that near the end of her life Rita was bedridden at the convent.   While visiting her, a cousin asked if she desired anything from her old home.   Rita responded by asking for a rose from the garden.   It was January and her cousin did not expect to find one due to the season.   However, when her relative went to the house, a single blooming rose was found in the garden and her cousin brought it back to Rita at the convent.   St. Rita is often depicted holding roses or with roses nearby.   On her feast day churches and shrines of St. Rita provide roses to the congregation that are blessed by the priest during Mass.

The Legend of the Bees

In the parish church of Laarne, near Ghent, Belgium, there is a statue of St. Rita in which several bees are featured.   This depiction originates from the story of her baptism as an infant.   On the day after her baptism, her family noticed a swarm of white bees flying around her as she slept in her crib.   However, the bees peacefully entered and exited her mouth without causing her any harm or injury.   Instead of being alarmed for her safety, her family was mystified by this sight.   According to Butler, this was taken to indicate that the career of the child was to be marked by industry, virtue, and devotion.


A large sanctuary of St. Rita was built in the early 20th century in Cascia. The sanctuary and the house where she was born are among the most active pilgrimage sites of Umbria.

French singer Mireille Mathieu adopted St. Rita as her patron saint on the advice of her paternal grandmother.   In her autobiography, Mathieu describes buying a candle for St. Rita using her last franc.   Though Mathieu claims that her prayers did not always come true, she testifies that they inspired her to become a strong and determined woman.

In 1943, Rita of Cascia, a film based on St. Rita’s life, was made starring Elena Zareschi. The story of St. Rita increased in popularity due to a 2004 film “Santa Rita da Cascia”, filmed in Florence, Italy.   The latter film altered the facts of St. Rita’s early life.

St. Rita is often credited as also being the unofficial patron saint of baseball due to a reference made to her in the 2002 film The Rookie.

We need more feminism in this world. When male politicians are unable to have children, people just brush it off. I mean have you seen how people don’t mind that Emmanuel Macron entered a marriage that he knows, wouldn’t bear him children. People neither praise him or bash him for being in such situation. They simply respect his situation. Meanwhile, put female politicians in the same situation and you’d have people constantly rubbing it in their faces about how they don’t have children for whatever reason - and that’s true in the situation of Theresa May who couldn’t have children because of infertility and yet people still bug her about it, including a female member of her cabinet who said she can’t be PM because she isn’t a mother.

Unpopular Opinion: Borrasca Isn't That Great + EDIT

 Before I begin, this will contain spoilers! You’ve been warned of you haven’t read the entire story yet.

 Alright so everyone has been talking about the Borrasca story from reddit which I have sat down and read myself. I’ve seen a lot of people say that the story is well written, scary, amazing, blah blah blah. Whatever. I hate to be the party pooper but there’s a huge glaring problem with the story.

 There’s a giant loop hole in the plot. So much so that the story doesn’t make sense because of it.

 We learn that that the people of the town are infertile because of the drinking water. We also learn that the Priscotts have been taking women from the town and have been forcing them to produce babies to keep the towns population up along with making it profitable by selling some of the children.

 The loop hole is if the towns people are infertile, then how can they take some of them and make them produce babies by raping them?? They’re still infertile, they still shouldn’t be able to produce any viable children either. Not only that but the reader assumes that the people in the town still drink the water because it wasn’t addressed on whether or not they would be drinking from another source.

 This doesn’t make any sense and sadly ruined the story for me. E for effort but unfortunately this story unravels quickly. The writing wasn’t bad over all but I think people really have to be careful in making sure that everything fits together and the plot makes perfect sense.

 Overall I’d give the story a 4 out of 10 because of the major glaring problem it has which was pretty much the entire main plot line - the mystery of what was going on on the mountain.

 I’m hoping that the person wrote it notices this and is more thorough next time they decide to write something.

 EDIT 09/10/15: Alright so thanks to a bit more thought and discussion I’m going to be able to delve into further detail about Borrasca and it’s faults (since I now have my thoughts organized). So I noticed that there’s more plot holes than I thought, some of them don’t even have anything to do with the water. There’s a lot of things that are left unanswered. 

 Firstly with regards to the baby farm, there’s no way that it would even be possible for it to operate successfully (I guess that’s a relief) because the conditions are so deplorable that there’s nearly a zero percent chance that the women there would be able to bring a child to term. Not only that but the women themselves even with the food/water provided by the people running the farm are still practically starving. Not nearly enough nutrition to provide for both them, and their babies. 

 There’s a slew of other problems with the baby farm as well such as the condition of the building itself, the lack of medical attention/care, the fact that the women are kept sedated (which could in turn harm the babies while they’re in the womb), or even the simple fact that for most of the time the women are kept on their backs strapped to their beds. There’s a good chance that they’d die long before they came to term with their first child, little lone subsequent pregnancies especially seeing that they’re literally too weak to even stand on their own. They could easily die during childbirth or illnesses like pneumonia, the flu or even morning sickness. I’m sure this isn’t everything wrong with the baby farm but that’s a basic scope of the problems it presents.

 Another funny loop hole is how on earth did Kimber manage to escape the baby farm, make it down the mountain, get through town without being noticed and then being able to leave for good all while she was naked, too weak to stand and could’ve faced the possibility of Prescott or the sheriff beating the pulp out of her (Kind of what they did to the other two protagonists). The chances of her actually being successful is slim to none. There’s no way she’d have enough strength to escape someone if they decided to attack or get down the side of the mountain. Chances are she wouldn’t of gotten far and probably would’ve collapsed before she even made it back to town.

 There’s another major beef I have with Borrasca and that’s the simple fact of how did Prescott or anyone else involved somehow not get caught? There’s a lot of things against them such as how the hell does no one get suspicious of old mining equipment sounding off at random times throughout the day or night when the mine has been shut down for years? How did no one bother to go and investigate before the present day of the story? There’s no way everyone in Dristain was that dumb or covering up the murders/rape of the women up at the baby farm. No bloody way.

 One thing that didn’t make sense to me was also the fact that if Prescott took women from other towns for the baby farm then why bother to take them from his own town where he knows that the water could’ve possibly affected them or inbreeding? Why risk his business for what would be considered as lower quality goods when he easily and has already gotten better ones from other places? And since he does get some of the women from other places then how would he possibly keep such a big secret under wraps? How did people not get suspicious/curious of the disappearances or even the state questioning them for that matter? Why wasn’t this investigated seeing as there’s a higher percentage of missing people in this demographic area versus the surrounding places?

 One big question with regards to the women and their infertility is this: how would Prescott or anyone for that matter be able to find out who is able to conceive and who is not? Do they just grab a random person and hope for the best? And when it comes for the townspeople, how can they tell who’s been affected by the water? What is the concentration of the toxic runoff in the water? How long does it take for the levels of metals within the body from the water to become toxic? How badly does the water affect people besides infertility and if they have been exposed and are able to bring a baby to term then how would this affect the child? Bioaccumulation is a real thing ladies and gents so one would think that the toxic effects of the water would increase the more the families continue to reproduce. 

 These are just some of the things I have found wrong with Borrasca in terms of its plot. It’s highly unrealistic and thanks to this, isn’t really that scary overall spite the fact that the author did try to have a realistic approach to the story. Which is shown by the portrayal of the settings and the characters. 

 I personally think that Borrasca tries to hard to be a serious horror story. The pacing is wonky, the timeline is somewhat hard to follow after the major time skip and the writing isn’t that amazing in general. To me there’s nothing inherently special about it, it’s simply just another story someone slapped together, posted on reddit and somehow managed to become wildly popular.

 That’s really about it…

anonymous asked:

I think most people that have biological kids that I know just thought it'd be cool to get pregnant and I think there is some natural fascination in seeing the mad Pokemon mashup of you and your partners kids. I get that part of it fine. But like, if you say you can't love a non-biological kid you are either ignorant or just a bad person. Personally I only want to adopt because I am Not Into Babies.

Honestly I just don’t understand the people who spend so much money on hormones or IVF or surrogacy. Adoption is expensive and there are barriers but the determination to spend so much money and resources to have “your own” child, that’s what weirds me out.

Everyone in my family is recognizably related, so I guess that’s cool for parents, but if you want a child, don’t you just want a child? Don’t you just want someone to love and care for, who needs your love and support? The focus on it being “my” child, throwing so much money in the hopes of getting pregnant, when you could be putting it into meeting children, children who already exist, who you could love… someone posted a (truly, I think) heartbroken status about how hard they and their partner are trying to get pregnant and how 100 people have announced pregnancies in the time they’ve been trying and asking people to spare a thought for infertile people, and infertility is a barrier for poor people but when you start spending serious money on fertility treatments &c–you could also be adopting a kid. No uncertainty. You could be having and loving a child already at that point, you just don’t want that child. You don’t want that kind of child. You want your own.

That’s why I think is baffling and mystifying. There are so many amazing and lovable kids that people don’t want. They would rather throw thousands and thousands into processes that may or may not work.
I think it’s so crazy. I didn’t love working in daycares but it was really rare not work with kids who were lovable and charming, flexible plastic child brains are so hilarious and funny and bizarre! Spending time with any kid, it’s hard not to start loving the ridiculous little freaks. And some of them are SO lovable and loving.

I have no inkling of what would be inside someone to be focused on needing their own blood child over everything else. I don’t get it.


This International Day of the Girl, here are seven modern Filipina women who have paved the way for Filipina girls to receive equality no matter what field they aspire to be in

Public Service/Politics

  • Elena Gallinero-Opinion - She is currently one of the most reputable Regional Trial Court judges in Iloilo City and was one of Iloilo’s Ten Outstanding Women in the year 2009. Apart from that, she was also one of the speakers in the UNIV-University Seminar Asia-Pacific in the year 2016.
  • Geraldine Roman - She is currently a congresswoman in Bataan and made history for being the first transgender to be elected into the House of Representatives. She is known for her hands-on approach when it comes to dealing with her constituency, an approach that district representatives in the Philippines rarely practice. She is also one of the forerunners of giving LGBT Filipinos more rights.
  • Judy Ann Miranda - She is the Secretary-General for Partido Manggagawa (Labor Party of the Philippines) and is one of her party’s key figures in pushing for equality for Filipinas in the workplace. In 2011, she made a famous speech during the International Women’s Day.


  • Gaby Panlilio - Touted as the “Future Ice Queen of the Philippines”, Gaby Panlilio is one of the many female figure skaters in the Philippines who are paving the way for more Filipinas to make a mark in the figure skating world. This is especially important since there isn’t enough representation of Filipina female figure skaters in the global arena. 
  • Hidalyn Diaz - She has broken many ceilings for Filipinas who engage in weightlifting after winning a silver medal for the Philippines during the Rio Olympics in 2016 despite the fact that weightlifting, especially in Philippine setting, is dominated by men.

Culture & Arts

  • Ataska Mercado - She is a recording artist, a former contestant of The Voice Kids Season 2 and is currently assuming the role of Pepper in Resorts World Manila’s staging of “Annie”. Apart from that, she is well known for being an intersectional feminist even at the young age of 14. At that age, it is rare for Filipina women to engage themselves in topics considered to be “mature”, feminism included - and here is Ataska showing Filipina girls that they are never too young to care about social issues.
  • Agot Isidro - The two-time UP graduate and award-winning actress did not let people who made fun of her infertility stop her from succeeding in life and standing up for oppressed people. That’s despite the Filipino society looking lowly at infertile people. She serves as a role model for all Filipina girls, and especially Filipina girls with health issues who are discouraged to succeed by the Filipino society’s perception of them.
Natasha Romanoff + Bruce Banner + That Scene

I analyze the farm scene more here, but the number of people who are misinterpreting that line at the end is really making me so sad. I’m not even going to put this behind a cut, because it’s too out in the open. Let’s break it down:

Bruce: “Even if I didn’t just…In the future with me, I can’t ever have this — kids — do the math, I physically can’t.”

Bruce: Let’s not forget I just killed and maimed a bunch of people. I’m suffering enough. Now I’m here on this farm watching this idyllic slice of life I can never have and all but told you the first time we met I wanted, that I see makes you light up — and it’s hurting me how much I can’t have this thing that I want and I know you want.

Natasha: “Neither can I. In the Red Room, where I was trained, where I was raised, um, they have a graduation ceremony. They sterilize you.”

Natasha: The thing that made you ‘a monster’ took away your ability to create life [metaphor sign starts blinking]. Me, too. That doesn’t mean we can’t be happy together and have a future.

Natasha: “It’s efficient. One less thing to worry about. The one thing that might matter more than a mission.”

Natasha: It eats me up because I want things that matter more than a mission in my life. The process of sterilization was one more dehumanizing thing that I went through and it’s something that I regret.

But I’m still standing in front of you, proposing starting a life with you. I don’t think that being sterile makes me unable to love or be happy or have a family. I’m bringing it up because you mentioned your thing as a deal breaker, but it’s not.  

But, really, I know you’re not just talking about the gamma radiation killing your sperm. The larger issue here is that you feel unsafe. I get that. But Clint and his family helped me get over that feeling, and I can help you.

Natasha: “It makes everything easier. Even killing.” [Pause] “Still think you’re the only monster on the team?”


I repeat: You’re a mess over killing even though it was an accident and you were mind controlled and you go to such lengths to disassociate yourself with the Other Guy, because you carry the guilt of creating him. I carry that guilt, too, because, yes, my choices were taken from me, but, me, the Black Widow, I kill easily and have my whole life BECAUSE OF THIS PROCESS OF DEHUMANIZATION, WHICH INCLUDES BUT IS NO WAY DEFINED BY STERILIZATION. 


Bruce: “So we just disappear?”




Listen as someone who has a VERY VERY good chance of being infertile I am just as offended by Marvel’s Black Widow shitty “infertility makes her a monster too” thing. Actually more so than the rest of you who aren’t infertile because Marvel basically just personally called me a monster.

BUT please don’t treat infertility as something to be brushed off, even if the person didn’t want biological kids anyway. I never wanted bio kids, I always wanted to adopt, but it’s still upsetting. Being told your body can NEVER EVER EVER do something you took for granted is hard to adjust to and very upsetting.

No one should be defined by their ability to bear children, but you also can’t act like infertility isn’t a big thing. We’ve lost our right to choose that you still have. Have a little sensitivity in the way you talk about this please?

shadow-rue  asked:

Hi, so perhaps a silly question about the to belong universe, do the people eat meat? Or do they think that's weird since they themselves turn into animals?

The majority of the people in this world are vegetarian/vegan, since eating cows and such is basically cannibalism. :o But in some cultures fish and insect meat is consumed, and dairy is also quite common (Imagine a sails lady yelling out “Fresh goat milk! Milked myself just an hour ago! XD”).

However, eggs is a very sensitive topic, even if they are infertile. People are usually very divided on wether or not it´s appropriate to eat them. 


P.S.: Contains pure sarcasm. If you are not smart enough to get it, don’t even read it. 

1. Being gay is not natural. Humans always reject unnatural things like eyeglasses, polyester, and air conditioning.

2. Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people will make you tall.

3. Legalizing gay marriage will open the door to all kinds of crazy behavior. People may even wish to marry their pets because a dog has legal standing and can sign a marriage contract.

4. Straight marriage has been around a long time and hasn’t changed at all. Women are still property, blacks can’t marry whites, and divorce is still illegal.

5. Straight marriage will be less meaningful if gay marriages were allowed. The sanctity of Britney Spears’ 55-hour and Kim Kardashian’s 72-day marriage would be destroyed.

6. Straight marriages are valid because they produce children. Gay couples, infertile couples, and old people shouldn’t be allowed to marry because our orphanages aren’t full yet and the world needs more children.

7. Obviously gay parents will raise gay children, since straight parents only raise straight children.

8. Gay marriage is not supported by religion. In a theocracy like ours, the values of one religion are imposed on the entire country. That’s why you have only one religion.

9. Children can never succeed without a male and a female model at home. That’s why we as a society expressly forbid single parents to raise children. 

10. Gay marriage will change the foundation of society. We could never adapt to new social norms. Just like we haven’t adapted to cars, the service-sector economy, or longer life spans. 

Virgo Legend

Virgo in Latin means “Virgin”. Virgo is associated with the messenger of the gods Mercury (Roman) and Hermes (Greek). There are references of Virgo with the Roman goddess of justice Astraeia.

Virgo is associated with the legend of Persephone, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, who had been abducted and taken to the underworld by Hades.  In revenge her mother ruined the harvests, the earth became infertile and the people were starving. Zeus was forced to issue a decree stating that Persephone should spend only a short time each year in the underworld, and when she was released Demeter permitted Nature to resume its natural course.