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For some of us, motherhood is neither an option nor desire. Autism for me means feeling disconnected from even those closest to me, but with the complications of being cognizant of that gap. I could never love a child the way a child should be loved, and I have no desire to try. I know what it feels like to be unwanted, and to realize that my parent is unable to provide affection or appropriate parental support even if they wanted to try. It isn’t always “different when they’re yours”, and that isn’t a gamble I’m willing to take on someone else’s life.

So to the countless strangers, colleagues, and minor acquaintances who seem obsessed with my uterus, fuck off. My reasons are valid, but they are none of your business. The least you could do is be grateful I’m not contributing to overpopulation or risking increasing the social burden of my physical conditions by sharing my DNA.

Parenthood is difficult enough when you love and want your children. I have so much respect for autistic parents who are out there doing their best to raise beautiful people. I support your decisions, so please - I hope you’ll be respectful of mine.

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Do the hunters of Artemis still get periods after they join the hunt I've never really known just wondering 😊I love your account

Damn, I forgot to answer this sooner, I’m so sorry! But this bothers me so much!! Every time I read a fantasy novel I’m just like … are all of these female heroines infertile? Do they have magic? Do all of them just have way better period game then any real girl alive ever? I don’t know…

But back to your question :) I did a bit of reading on this particular subject (which I wanted to do for a very long time so thank you for the incentive :)) and I found a pretty good essay about menstruation in the Ancient Greece and Artemis. 

Most people know Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and maidenhood, which at first led me to believe that maybe they wouldn’t have their periods as periods are often seen as a symbol for fertility and thus sexuality (at least unless you actual start trying for a child, then it’s quite the opposite). Also it obviously is still seen today as the transition from childhood to adulthood. It’s also good to note that Artemis herself was granted eternal youth from Zeus before she reached menarche (back then this was around the fourteenth year and often the reason parents started marrying out their daughters), which meant she never had her period herself. All of this at first seems like the answer would be “no, Hunters of Artemis don’t get their period.”

But in this article the author also told of a myth, where a group of kids were killed by their village for ‘strangling’ a statue of Artemis, which was sacrilege. Every woman in that village got cursed and their babies were stillborn, because those children were unrightfully killed. As it turns out, Artemis is also the goddess of motherhood (which I wasn’t sure about at first Edit: She’s not the goddess of motherhood, but the patron of pregnant women) and thus can give people a healthy child or take their child away from them. Besides this, the article also said that Artemis watched over the marriage of the young girls and along with Aphrodite watched over the marital bed, symbolising the transition from maidenhood to sexually active. All things that would lead to the answer being “yes, they do get their periods.”

“The woman who can’t carry a child has the power to give or take away babies, just as the woman who can’t bleed can decide over the bleeding of others.” 

This line is almost straight from the article, which makes me believe it’s different for every hunter. There are canonically both hunters like Thalia (I assume), who became a hunter after their menarche, and hunters who decided to follow Artemis from a younger age. 

But I think everything put together that they don’t get their period for two reasons; a, so there is no difference between all hunters (e.g. hunters without periods are more ‘pure’ than the ones with, because they were more dedicated or the other way around) and b, which is probably the most important one, to mirror Artemis. 

From all this information you can decide for yourself, of course, what you choose to believe. Both options seem interesting and appealing to me, but once again I believe the answer is no. 

This got kind of long, but I hope it was a sufficient answer XD

Here is the link for the essay if any one of you want to do some extra reading and sorry again for answering so late. X

- Marge 

Acting like infertile women aren’t women is so gross. It’s like when they try to say saying transwomen aren’t women is like saying black women aren’t women. Um, wtf? Way to show how racist and misogynist you are. Those aren’t what comes to my mind when I think about ‘people who say they are women, but they aren’t’ - it shouldn’t be for you either

But the thing is, most women don’t know if they’re fertile. We just assume we are until we find we can’t conceive after years of trying, or we find out we are intersex (normally as a teenager or young adult from what I know), or an accident or medical treatment has left us infertile. Until we experience one of those - and tbh most of us do not - we assume we are fertile. And so does everyone else, and that is womanhood. That is the female experience.

Infertility is a great relief for some women, a crushing blow for others, and sometimes just plain weird. And no man can or will ever know what it is like to have grown up thinking you can fall pregnant, and no man can or will ever know what it’s like to find out you can’t. It is nothing to do with them.

Neither is pregnancy. No man can or will ever become pregnant or give birth. And even a girl who has no female reproductive system, even a woman who doesn’t want kids - we all THINK it could happen to us. We all fear it could happen against our will. We fear being forced to endure late pregnancy and childbirth. We fear dying from it. We fear the baby will die. We HOPE the baby will die. And no man will ever know. No man grows up like that, but all women do, even girls who physically cannot get pregnant. An infertile woman is a woman. It shouldn’t need to be said.

The Littlest Winchester (Part 2 of 5)

(Note: I’ve never done mpreg before but my friend has been having a hard time, so I’m doing it for her because she likes mpreg stories and friends do nice things for each other. Enjoy! To catch up on this story, you can read it on Tumblr or on Ao3.)

It took another week for Dean to work up the nerve–and the speech–to tell Sam that not only could angels breed but Castiel was expecting a fledgling within the year. Oh yeah, and oops, Dean was the fledgling’s father. Every time he thought about explaining it to his brother, his head throbbed and Castiel often found him rubbing his skull.

“It’ll be okay, Dean,” Castiel would whisper with a kiss.

“I hope so,” Dean would always reply.

“You’d better tell him before I get too big,” then came the inevitable but cautionary encouragement.

After a week of stress-induced headaches, Dean fell into bed and slept harder than he had in months. Maybe even years. He dreamed of nothing, blissfully so, and only let his mind collapse knowing Castiel dozed in the bed beside him. One nice thing about the gestating angel was the way he slept–not quite fully asleep, but a light, gentle slumber that gave them quiet time wrapped up in each other. Castiel snaked the new Snoogle pregnancy pillow around his lower back to support his changing weight and deemed it the best human invention.

Sleeping so hard made Dean jump, thoroughly startled, late one night as the mattress shifted under Castiel’s weight. He rolled on his back and took several slow, deep breaths. Abruptly then, he sat up, swinging his feet around to the floor and bending over his own abdomen. When something caught between groaning and tense panting registered in Dean’s ears, he bolted straight up, dizzy with lingering sleep.

“Cas? What’s wrong?” Dean rose on his knees and touched Castiel’s shoulders, the shirt damp with sweat.

“Pain….” he muttered. The heel of his hand pressed into his abdomen as if the pressure might give him some relief. “I don’t know, Dean. It’s like … cramping. I can’t….”

The floor dropped out from under Dean. As much as the pregnancy had stunned him stupid, the possibility of something going wrong terrified him even more. He’d just gotten used to the idea of having a baby and if…. “What… What do I do?” They couldn’t just call 911 or show up in an emergency room. “Is it because you’ve got a male vessel?”

“I don’t know!” snapped Castiel quite loudly. Frantic gestures at the nightstand drawer followed. “Call! The card!”

Dean swung across the bed and ripped open Castiel’s drawer. He shoved around different papers and notebooks private to the angel until he found a business card. Ivory and simple, the card directed the reader to an obstetrician named Dr. Lailah Galvan in San Francisco. She ran a clinic with a trademarked name design that suspiciously resembled a pair of angel wings cradling a newborn baby.

“You sure I should call?”

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heyyy uuh… i have a weird question, but does anyone have an infertile female mouse in the New england area? i have a male mouse and he seems VERY lonely, and i would like to get him a friend, but i know males are a no-no and fertile females will get pregnant, which im NOT ready for. Neutering is risky and id probably never consider it because of those risks- please message me for details!!

  • Aries: They need you to help fight in a war against other aliens.
  • Taurus: Aliens noticed your amazing cooking skills and have taken you as a personal chef and gardener.
  • Gemini: They wish to learn more about humans and our languages.
  • Cancer: Alien females are infertile and they need you to reproduce for them.
  • Leo: They confused you for an earth-creature known as a "cat."
  • Virgo: They needed a historian and someone intelligent to keep track of events that occur.
  • Libra: Aliens abducted you in the hopes of copying your DNA sequence.
  • Scorpio: You were abducted by mistake.
  • Sagittarius: They abducted you to perform experiments on you.
  • Capricorn: So you can help them develop battle plans.
  • Aquarius: They think you're one of them.
  • Pisces: They have never found an organism with fewer brain cells than you.
Turian Headcanons, Round 2

[Round 1]

[Because these thoughts haunt me night and day.]

Last Edit: May 16, 2014


  • Turians don’t sweat; Palaven is too hot and the sun is too strong. If turians evolved to sweat, they would lose moisture far too fast, killing the species. Instead, they preserve water inside their bodies, and tend to shade themselves during the hottest parts of the day on any planet. To avoid overheating, the interlocking of their plates is constructed in such a way to support airflow, allowing for large blood vessels underneath to cool the body.
  • Turian blood is blue, a mixture of cells (like our RBCs, our WBCs, and platelets) and haemocyanin, a sort of copper-based subsitute to haemoglobin. Unlike Haemoglobin, which turns our blood red when oxygenated, haemocyanin remains outside of the cells, and turns blue when oxygenated (it is a gray color when not exposed to oxygen). However, Haemocyanin is not as efficient at processing oxygen as haemoglobin, so turians have evolved to handle this pressure with more haemocyanin per milliliter and a larger blood cell count. Turians cannot handle high altitudes for long periods of time without proper respiratory assistance, and are not fond of dry, mountainous areas(it can crack their carapace).
  • Because of their blood and diet differences, turians are extremely resilient to outside and alien illnesses. Many bacteria that would be a hazard for Asari, Human, Batarian, or Salarian generally does not register in their systems because the bacteria  have nothing to feed off of, and therefore die before they can ever reproduce. Viruses can be trickier though, but again, this is rare, due to viruses needing a copy of genetic material to force the cell to replicate, and turian genetics just don’t match up with other levo-amino acid species, and thus incur little risk from exposure. They can still fall ill to bio-engineered viruses and bacteria, and have plenty of microbes on Palaven that plagued them for centuries, before modern medicine caught up to them and basically wiped the dangerous microbes out.
  • Turians to not experience a menstruation cycle, or at the very least, they do not bleed. They do however have an extended period of fertility (see Turian Headcanons, Round 1), so their hormones and bodies do go through a natural cycle of readying the body for reproduction. The difference however is that if the female remains infertile, she simply absorbs any leftover nutrients necessary for sustaining life back into her body. This helps makes sure that there is no unnecessary water or nutrients lost, and the females go right back to normal afterwards.
  • Turian eyes have a polarizing agent to them; this allows them to see more clearly in sunlight, as well as see each other more easily by cutting off any potential reflection from the thulium in turian skin.
  • Speaking of turian skin, it is prone to tarnishing on the edges with age. As the thulium oxidizes, it tends to cause orange and blue hues along the skin. These need to be periodically cleaned, and if they aren’t it can cause elaborate lines and dis figuration. It’s generally not seen as clean or sanitary to leave one’s skin in this condition however, and turians liken this oxidization to the same level that humans loathe acne and blemishes.
  • Turians are very close to obligate carnivores. The main portion of their diet is comprised of meat, and their bodies have adapted to/for this (searing teeth, hard, cartilaginous mouths, and mandibles to help hold prey in place, claws for tearing, digigrade stance for fast movement, binocular vision, deep chest for heavy breathing). They do however supplement their diet with side dishes of fresh greens, dextro-dairy products, salted snacks, and sometimes even the occasional dextro-amino-based chocolate treat. Fruit and other fleshy plants tend to reek havoc on their digestive systems and are best avoided, as are grains and seeds.
Medical Advice???

Okay so my mom had my brother and I at 19 and 21, so pretty young. Her whole life she has had extreme stomach and back pains. Her periods are never regular ( maybe like twice a year). Finally after an incident where she blacked out (age 33) because of how extreme the pain was she was rushed to the doctor and was diagnosed with an extreme case of endometriosis. When she puts herself on birth control her periods are more regular and there is less pain (as most already know helps with endo.) She was told that if she didn’t have my brother and I so young, she never would have had kids. She’s pretty much infertile. This is where my question comes in. I have a long family history of infertility. Almost every female on my mom’s side is infertile. Her older sister has tried multiple surgeries and medications, etc. And she still to this day is not able to get pregnant.

Now I, at age 16, am regular with my periods. However, I am already getting a lot of stomach and back pains. Especially in this last year. My mom and I did a lot of research and obviously found that Endo. CAN be hereditary. How soon do you think that I should see a doctor about this? Now, I’m not that concerned about fertility. I don’t think I really want kids; it’s just concerning that I would no longer have that option. I also planned on donating eggs when I got older and I don’t think I would be able to do that anymore because of this. Any advice? Thank you in advance if anyone has any.

Hot Dam! Let's learn some cow lingo!

Want to learn some cow lingo? I knew it! 

Dam - The mother of a cow

Sire - The father of a cow

Calf - A baby cow

Yearling - A cow that is a year old

Bull - A male cow

Steer - A male cow that has lost his manhood

Heifer - A female cow that has not developed an udder yet and therefore is not producing milk

Cow - A female cow that has developed an udder and is producing milk

Freemartin - An infertile female cow; occurs when the twins born are one male and one female

Now go show off your newly learned vocabulary!
Showtime Orders 'L Word' Documentary From Ilene Chaiken

There’s life left in Showtime’s The L Word. The premium cable network announced Wednesday that it will debut L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin, a documentary from series creator Ilene Chaiken, in August.

Chaiken and the Elves will visit Bible Belt towns like Laurel, Gulfport and Hattiesburg to tell the stories of a dozen women, including a newly out-and-proud former pastor banished from her church who later regains her self-esteem by launching a program to support her local LGBTQ community; a white mother who would accept her daughter’s black lover, if only she were a man; a couple who grapples with both infertility and female-to-male gender transitioning; and a former life-long lesbian who struggles to “pray the gay away” and hopes to do the same for her openly gay son.

Mary Lyon

Born in 1925, Mary Lyon is an English geneticist who is best known for her discovery of X-chromosome inactivation (also known as lyonization), which is the process by which one of the two copies of the X chromosome present in female mammals is randomly inactivated.

During WWII, Mary pursued her studies at Girton College at the University of Cambridge, where she studied zoology, physiology, organic chemistry and biochemistry, with zoology as her main subject. During that time she became interested in embryology. She went on to do her PhD with R A Fisher, who was Professor of Genetics in Cambridge, where she characterized a mutant mice strain.

After her PhD, Mary joined the group of Conrad Hal Waddington, funded by the Medical Research Council to investigate mutagenesis and the genetic risks of radiation. She has published many papers on radiation and chemical mutagenesis and on studies of mutant genes. She was head of the Genetics Section of the MRC Radiology Unit at Harwell from 1962 to 1987. She retired from active research in 1990.

In 1961, while working on radiation hazards, Mary Lyon proposed the random inactivation of one female X chromosome to explain the mottled phenotype of female mice heterozygous for coat color genes. The Lyon hypothesis also accounted for the findings that one copy of the X chromosome in female cells was highly condensed, and that mice with only one copy of the X chromosome developed as infertile females. Examples of X chromosome deactivation are calico fur patterns in female cats and Duchenne muscular dystrophy in human males. 

Trans women comparing themselves to infertile women is really dismissive and insensitive honestly. Trans women willingly undergo hormonal therapy that can stop their ability to produce viable sperm. Infertile women, through no fault of their own, have been unfairly demonized throughout history and are struggling with body parts that may not be functioning as they would like them too.

As someone with women in my life struggling hard against infertility, I am sickened by the glee I see in appropriating the title of “infertile woman” when the issue is not your infertility but your male biology.

It’s dismissive of a real struggle and misogynistic.

Not everyone who can has a vagina can get pregnant. There are infertile bio-sex females, people who have had their ovaries/uterus removed, and trans women who have had reconstructive surgery in order to have a vagina.

Not that I ever get legitimately mad with Alan Rickman, but isn’t it frustrating that the most beautiful man in the world doesn’t have kids? Let me walk you through the frustration –
Rima is so pretty, very intelligent,  successful,  and just an all-around good person
Alan is the sexiest man alive, who is also very intelligent and has so much to pass on (gorgeous eyes, that beautiful hair, genes for a sexy voice, and the brain and heart of a kind man who respects women -thank you Mama Rickman).
I undertsand if there were issues (female infertility…or *gasp* male infertility) or if they just didn’t want children (which doesn’t seem to be it because you can tell Alan loves kids. Ex- always tells people interviewing him to shut up when they try to talk about HP because of younger generations, talks about neices and nephews)….Anyway, if I had to pick one person that I wanted to reproduce the most it would be him….it would be them. So, it’s a little fucked up, but I respect their decision.