Writer’s Annoyance #...I’ve lost count

Nitpicking over every little detail and movement or whatever in a story. Nobody writes out every single detail. Actively reading = making inferences. Make those. 

PH MY GOD so i workshopped my poem in class today and like. my poem was pretty gay. like it didn’t say outright but when u read it u can infer it’s gay

but i got the feedback and one of the comments asked “is this about your mom or your girlfriend? maybe make it clearer” and i CACKLED

Does anyone have a thing where you become obsessed with one person and what they think of you? And is there a name for this? Is it a symptom of something?

This has happened to me a few times, I had it happen with 2 of my high school teachers, one classmate, one of the managers at work, and right now I feel like it’s happening with my residence hall director. All of these people knew at least some part of my story—the classmate read my poetry in middle school, both teachers knew about my struggles from either counselors or inference, and my manager was one of the few who knew when I attempted in February. My residence hall director was the RHD on duty the first time I went to the hospital last year and he came with me to the ER, and arranged for my dad to pick up my stuff once I left college, and this year he responded when my friend called campus safety.

I don’t want this, I don’t know why I care so much. I simultaneously want to talk to him and avoid him, and that’s how I’ve felt about everyone else. I want him to think I’m okay but I also want validation of my sickness. I don’t know why I get like this with people.

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So here’s something I haven’t talked about before but I’ve been on the precipice of:

Reaper is a tragic character and there were a lot of factors that went into the current persona.

Stop inventing more black and white reasons for him to hate Jack.

The more times I see “Gabriel saved the world and he was treated like shit” posts the more I just rub my temples and think about the long, long post I’ll eventually write about dissecting the matter even though we don’t have all the information. Even right now I’m trying to keep from writing this dissertation because I know it’s a long read and based solely on inference and character study and while a lot is backed up by canon, it’s all still conjecture.

Gabriel has every reason to hate Jack and what Overwatch was.

Stop pretending it was because everything in the world came down and hit the poor angel at once. Gabriel was not a saint, he was not a sinner, he like every other human being they’ve made for this universe, was something of both and putting him on a pedestal cheapens the experience of going deeper into the lore as time goes on.

The nuances of the story are much more interesting than sticking a blatant racism label on it and calling it done. Racism was involved, yes, but calling it the main reason ignores the microaggressions of racism and turns it from what’s prevalent in our society today into a cartoony type of crime that people can’t relate to the real world.

congrats, dan and phil. ur officially the kids i used to hang out with in highschool

(also, pls remember this is just a silly drawing, and to use tw tags for drug use, just to be safe!!!✨ )

I hated Harry’s whole “I never had a dad so I didn’t have anything to base my fathering skills off of” thing because he’s got a couple of father figures that were in his life? So here’s a list of Dads™ in Harry’s life & what he could have learned from them.

Rubeus Hagrid:

• Sometimes the best answer to a problem is a cup of hot tea and a sympathetic ear.

• Protect your children. Protect your children from people who mean them harm. Protect your children from adult problems. Protect your children and just let them be kids!!

• Let your children know they can always talk to you, even if they’re being a little distant and be understanding that they have their own lives going on.

Sirius Black:

• Make sure your children know they’re wanted. (Just imagine how Harry felt when Sirius asked if he wanted to live with him. Like…that had been the first time someone was like hey harry! you aren’t a burden! i want to willingly take care of you! …i mean aside from Molly Weasley ofc)

• Do everything in your power to make your home a safe place for your children.

• Don’t fucking tell your children you wish they had never been born wtf. (Harry is dense sometimes but I know he picked up on Sirius’s sadness when he talked about how he was unwanted/disowned…)

Albus Dumbledore:

• Give advice when you can give advice and when you can’t give advice assure your children they are capable of making good decisions.

• Admit when you’re wrong.

• Have an open and honest relationship!! Be transparent with your child!! Don’t keep things from your child!!! (Because Harry obviously hated being lied to and hated the mind games!!)

Bonus: Remus Lupin:

• Chocolate fixes everything so cut the ‘no sugar’ bullshit