you all know the american high school au isayama’s got going, right?

the one at the end of every volume or whatever, with goth mikasa and jock reiner and whatnot?

so, hange’s a chemistry teacher in that au, therefore let me give you a list of things i swear they would totally do in that au for no particular reason whatsoever

  • doodle over students’ doodles when correcting homework/tests/etc
  • tell extremely bad but also extremely relevant puns
    • ex: “so we’re learning about moles today and i think you guys are really gonna dig it”
  • blow up a piece of glassware in a fume hood because they thought it would be fun to put pure lithium in water
  • set off the fire alarm at least once a year to the point where it becomes a running gag with the staff
  • go on strange tangents after lectures with armin or some other student while passing out homework
    • actually on that note they’d probably also use pop culture analogies that seem arbitrary at first but after a bit of explanation, make perfect sense
  • add a gag answer or two on their students’ finals
  • show the kids their favorite-and-still-somehow-very-relevant childhood movie on the last day of the semester
  • resell food that they have hidden in locked drawers during lunch because let’s be real here american schools suck with their budgets
  • have the entire periodic table memorized just to show off
    • (it’s not that hard to do)
    • they’d probably also have a challenge where they challenge their students to memorize and recite it too and whoever can do it wins mcdonald’s or something
  • explain the nuances of sex ed on a post-lecture tangent because they find out the biology classes are just that bad
  • be that one really cool and fun teacher that like half the students still don’t like because they’re apparently “obnoxious” or something

“…there was a small, battered case held together with a large quantity of neatly knotted string. The name Professor R. J. Lupin was stamped across one corner in peeling letters.”

okay so from this description, we can infer that neither the case nor the lettering on it is new, so was remus a teacher somewhere else before?? at a muggle school maybe? or was it always his dream to be a teacher, so one of the marauders got him the case as a gift for christmas?? did his parents give it to him with the expectation of him becoming a teacher??

i need to know

🌈 Happy Pride Month! 🌈

I know I have been absent lately! I am so sorry, but it’s the best for me, I was losing interest in sims and making content for youtube and twitter really made me have that joy again. I will still be gone, but it’s almost the end of pride month and I just had to do something for it. So let me tell you my connection to the lgbt community, I am gender fluid and panseuxal. I am not out to any of my family but, tbh, I think they just infer that I am not straight because we watch RuPaul’s Drag Race together every friday and they hear the commercials lmao!! Also, condragulations to the winner of season 9, Sasha Velour and I can’t wait to see the winner of @simblrdragrace. Love you

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In Undertale, who's your favorite monster npc, fallen human (other than Frisk/Chara), and minor battle monster?

Monster NPC…well I feel like Sans/Papyrus are kind of the easy answers there, but to give a more original answer I’d have to say Grillby. I didn’t know he actually speaks to you until I watched @hatori1181‘s live stream of the pacifist ending, and I totally lost my shit over it. Like WOW, his approval was something you don’t really ask for while playing the game, but knowing you have it at the end of the pacifist run just feels really special.

For fallen humans, I really like the idea of a kid coming to the underground equipped with nothing but cloudy glasses and a notebook. You’re able to use the notebook as a melee weapon in the game, but that was the purple soul, which is perseverance. So I like to think they were writing down everything they saw to meticulously make their way through without making too much of a fuss. Maybe making something like a bestiary of the underground.

And minor battle monster…gotta be Temmie lol. No contest.

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Hi! Um..I'm sorry but, do you have any idea why they are going with mocap animation rather than their usual style of drawing animation for their new music video?.. mocap is cool and all but it's not like their old stuff which is amazing...

I have no idea, just conjecture. My inference would be that they’re running with the theme of making the band more “human” and since using motion capture literally connects the characters actual human actors, they see it as more fitting to the theme. Saturnz Barz cost A LOT of money too, so it may be for budget reasons. Also, iirc, they’re trying to figure out a way to have a legit hologram concert so utilizing all the new technology as often as possible is likely a factor as well. But those are just my guesses. I feel you though, I’m going to miss the old style too.

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I had a nightmare. Wren's only scene in the finale was the one from the 7x20 promo. The conversation with Mona was never explained. We never found out anything about his mystery phone calls. And Marlene said Wren should've been in fact Dunhill but since Julian was busy with another show they had to come up with Rollins. I woke up so angry haha.

Oh my goddddd imagine.

This has just reminded me of something I wanted to say to you all so thank you! So, when Wren’s involvement gets revealed, please please please don’t expect him to stand there and be like, for example, “Twincer, I called you in episode 4x10 about…..” because that’s not gonna happen. A few things might be clarified directly, so Mona could literally say to him “I knew I couldn’t trust you because you were…” but other things will need to be inferred.

If it’s revealed he is working for Twincer, we can infer that he was speaking to her on the phone and hopefully, when everything is announced, we will be able to confidently understand what they were talking about and why too. There’s not room in the episode for little things like this to be separately referred to and explained. So yeah, just a warning really! Like I said, hopefully the bigger picture is explained in a way where we can make really solid, educated inferences, but I expect this is as far as it will go in terms of how directly certain answers are given to us! (This doesn’t just apply to Wren btw.)

i have two approaches to canon
  1. So if we extrapolate from this one-off line in episode fifteen, as well as this tweet by the creator and the answers given at this comic con panel from 2014, we can infer that this character’s relationship with salad is more complex than it first appears …
  2. *pulls down sunglasses and points a flamethrower at the source material* Death of the author, baby.
Literally just all the sexual things Alexander Hamilton sent to John Laurens

“I love you.”

This one is pretty self explanatory. Men were much more intimate back in the 1700′s, forming bonds that seem very ~gay~ in today’s light. Homosexuality wasn’t a very understood thing back then because rigid moral codes and censured education prevented people from learning more about sexuality.

 But Alexander Hamilton knew.

 He grew up on an island where ‘Sodomites’ (gay people) were dumped and  allowed to mingle with the island population. Alex knew that there was a certain zone of interactions between men that went from being merely friendly to sexual. He clearly steps into the bounds of sexual while fully realizing it.

“In drawing my picture, you will no doubt be civil to your friend; mind you do justice to the length of my nose and don’t forget, that I [- - - - - -].”

Ahhhhhhhhh my son Alex, could you be more explicit? Alex here is obviously referring to his something else (you know) with the knowledge that John Lauren’s knows the size. This sentence right here is basically just one long ;).

 “Your friend” seems to be written teasingly, as if they both know how far from friends they are.

And we can only guess how dirty Alex got in those last six  CUT OUT words.

“Dear Boy” [sent by John Laurens]

John laurens calls his wife his ‘dear girl’, and here he calls Alex his ‘dear boy’.  Moreover, Laurens did not call any other man he ever wrote to as his ‘dear boy’. Laurens seems to see Alex as on the same level, if not higher, as his own wife.

“Did I mean to show my wit? If I did, I am sure I have missed my aim. Did I only intend to [frisk]? In this I have succeeded, but I have done more. I have gratified my feelings, by lengthening out the only kind of intercourse now in my power with my friend.”

This phrase right here I unfortunately do not see a lot when people talk about Alex and John’s letters. This, to me, is one of the most explicit. “Wit” also mean one’s you know what (here I give a nod to the Ravenclaw moto), so Hamilton’s saying he was pretty much just messing around with John the last letter he sent. This is the only sort of “intercourse” he is able to have with John, as they are both so far apart. He is incapable of ‘sexual’ intercourse because of their distance, so he feels he must, in the 18th century way, sext.

“I would invite you after the fall to Albany to be witness to the final consummation.”

As you might have already guessed, Alex is inviting John to a threesome on his wedding night. The idea that Alex feels so at ease inviting John to a threesome with his wife suggests they have already had something going for a long time now. 

“But like a jealous lover, when I thought you slighted my caresses, my affection was alarmed and my vanity piqued. I had almost resolved to lavish no more of them upon you and to reject you as an inconstant and an ungrateful –”

Here Alex compares himself to John’s lover, and a jealous one at that. John seems to be shying away from Alex’s bawdiness, as if realizing how strange their relationships is in retrospect. Alex is scrambling to hang on to him, even though he knows well what are and what happens to Sodomites. He would do anything for John while knowing the consequences. And John is too afraid to join him. And who the hell knows what the last word was.

“And believe me, I am lover in earnest,”

*cough cough* looks like John knows exactly what happens when Alex’s feeling frisky.

“She [Eliza] loves you a l'americaine not a la francoise.”

The French were renowned for their relaxed stance on extramarital love affairs, while Americans were more Puritan-minding and thought love affairs only should happen in church-sanctioned marriages. Thus Eliza has an a l’americaine love of John Laurens, rather than an a la francoise.

“You will be pleased to recollect in your negotiations that I have no invincible antipathy to the maidenly beauties & that I am willing to take the trouble of them upon myself.”

*cough* this sentence is a bit confusing, and could be taken a few ways. What I infer from this is that Alexander Hamilton is willing, and John knows this, to assume an air of femininity because he finds no fault with it. It was commonly noted by people who wrote of Hamilton that he was very feminine in comparison with other men of his day. Alex’s femininity seems to please John, the topic even having been discussed between the two in ‘negotiations’.

“My ravings are for your own bosom” Alex desperately misses Laurens’ intimate contact in a way that, in my opinion, could never be mistaken as simply friendship. Alex literally wants to be held by John. How fucking heartbreaking is that.

“Yrs for ever”

Ok, this one isn’t sexual, but I had to add it because it is so heartbreaking. This was Alex’s last farewell note to John. That is, if he even received it. He died shortly after Alex sent the letter; whether he read the farewell or not is all lost to history. Alex loved John so much, despite the fact that both already had a wife. He would have always loved him, even if they had grown apart…

That’s it folks: time for me to cry.

All this bellyaching about “feminist Star Trek” and “SJW Star Trek” based on the Discovery trailer… like, leaving entirely aside the fact that the we know nothing whatever of the actual plot and are apparently inferring the show’s politics from the mere existence of the protagonist, y’all are aware that this isn’t the first time a Star Trek series has had a black lead or a female lead, right? Between Sisko and Janeway we’ve had fourteen seasons of Trek with a non-white-dude protagonist. This is not a new thing.

i always liked that trope in persona fanfics where like. mc retains memories when going into new game+ and changes actions based on what they experienced in the “first playthrough”

so like… new game + au where mc gives the lonely weird uptight dude an actual support system

So I’ve seen the discussion and conversation about the Kardashian segment on the Late Late show with Harry being asked if it’s true/right that she (Kendall) ‘lays’ all day. A pun playing on the other guests chickens which he named after the Kardashian females.

It’s this type of subtle sexism and disrespect that infuriates me. Would they have asked Kendall about her sex life if she was there - NEVER. Harry (who we are meant to believe was Kendall’s sexual partner) is now 'dating’ Tess doesn’t get asked what frequency he’s getting laid but will shade Kendall and infer she’s a got a high sex drive at best or a slut at worst.

What makes it worse is that you’ve got three men there sitting there making that joke about the sex life of their apparent friend (if not ex).

Would they like their mum, their daughter, their sister described like that - my guess is no. So if that’s the case why do it to ANY OTHER FEMALE. This disrespect (and call it what it is, it’s not just a joke) is insidious and pervasive and makes people think it’s ok to treat women like objects.

Harry I love your music especially some of the new album, but the way your treating females as a commodity to sell a story or get a quick laugh isn’t ok. You talk about being a feminist, guess what that means more then posting about the womens March. Stand up for women and call out this shit not just participate.

To Harry and his team, not to mention James please try harder cause this isn’t good enough.

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What do you think Nidoking and Nidoqueen are based of?

Their lines seem to be inspired by bits of all sorts of animals - we git some unmistakably mammalian influences, for example from rhinos, rodents/rabbits etc. but also something archaic and reptilian - hey don’t have cheeks for example. I think that they form a unique little clade within pokémon, a distinct body plan (that includes having also similar quadruped pre-evos) that allies them with the rhydon line. Indeed the Nido royalties, Rhydon, and Rhyperior all are known as The Drill Pokémon. Also, Khangaskan shares many features of this group too. 

The body plan of a large, eared, bipedal, tailed, spiny, reptiley-mammal has an unmistakably gen 1 feel about it, it is so recognisable, for example it stars as the iconic gym statues, and as one of the major roster sprites in gen1/2. Rhydon like mons everywhere man. 

Of course, rhydon was one of the first Pokémon designed, and you can see from this early concept art that the original rhydon was even more Nido like than now.  

Ok I don’t know where I’m going with this, but before I had a tendency to shoehorn pokémon into definitive groups based on real life counterparts, however this often runs into difficulties where you have pokémon based on more than one unrelated real life animal, or when a real life counterpart simply doesn’t exist. Plus we have lots of game mechanic bullshit that can be just plain biological sacrilege - eggs, B̑́ͧ͐rͨͩ̇ͣ̏ͧE̷͗E͑͟d͗͆iͤͦͫ͒n͟Ǧ̃̃̄̌, evolutionary stages (though I see pokémon evolution in this sense as a form of facultative metamorphosis) etc.  

I think now it’s better to assume that Pokémon is an incredibly different universe, but one that does share some fundamental biological and evolutionary laws and similarities. Thus for example instead of saying that Rattata is a rat definitively, it could be better to say that Rattata is an organism that shares many morphological and ecological characteristics with a rat, and thus, since we have very limited data to go upon (we can’t properly study it’s physiology, behaviour etc., sequence DNA etc., and like,the pokedex is written by a ten year old child lol), we can infer aspects of it’s biology from rats as well as it’s evolutionary relationships to other rodent like pokémon that share a similar suite of physiological and ecological characters, from what we know about such relationships in Rodentia, and from real world character evolution. 

So what can we say about the Nidos? They are part of a distinguishable group of pokémon that all possess a distinct set of ecological, behavioural, and morphological characters, which have analogies to a variety of real life mammalian and reptilian real life counterparts, such as rhinos, glires (rodents and lagomorphs (hares, pikas, and rabbits), and mammal like reptiles. The variation within this group of pokemon is less than the differences between members of this group and other pokémon, and this unites this group as a clade. It would be a lot of work to actually work out what pokémon the drill pokémon + khangaskan are most closely related to, i.e. make a phylogenetic tree, but here is just a rough within group tree with a possible scenario of major character evolutionary events (indicated by black rectangles). 

(also, the breeding rules between the Nidos, and whether the king and queen are different species or this is just sexual dimorphism is completely clouded by game mechanics of having gendered pokémon before established gender mechanics, so I’m not going to into that - however, I will say for a quick example, meerkats live in a matriarchal society and the alpha female usually has most of the breeding rights - however, because she has to defend the her position, as well as the group itself from danger, she often has very high testosterone levels which reduces her fertility - perhaps nidorina and nidoqueen are extreme examples of this, changing physically to take on a more protective role, letting nidoran sisters/aunts/mothers take on breeding roles)

Twister (M)

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 3,009

Summary: You’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t expected a game of Twister with your boyfriend Jungkook to turn into something much less innocent.

Requested by @0bluewater2

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