9 December = What inferences can you draw?

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I really should have taken the time to build a bowler hat for reference, too. On the other hand, no matter what shape I draw it would always been recognized as an old, worn, repellent, misshaped hat… 
It takes me 2,5 - 3 hours to finish each page, btw, and I am finishing the page for tomorrow right now. So I don’t know that much more than you guys, I read this thing just one page ahead of you. xD

People have a hard time accepting free-market economics for the same reason they have a hard time accepting evolution: it is counterintuitive. Life looks intelligently designed, so our natural inclination is to infer that there must be an intelligent designer–a God. Similarly, the economy looks designed, so our natural inclination is to infer that we need a designer–a government. In fact, emergence and complexity theory explains how the principles of self-organization and emergence cause complex systems to arise from simple systems without a top-down designer.
—  Michael Shermer
“Does Leta Lestrange like to read?”

One thing I love about JKR is that she leaves a lot of the story to be inferred. This is a big part of show-not-tell storytelling that Rowling largely excels at. 

I loved this line because there was a lot of unseen story wrapped up in it. 

The clever watcher will note that there must have been a rather significant conversation between Queenie and Tina offscreen for Tina to know about Leta. After all, only Queenie learned about Leta, not Tina. 

Which means Queenie thought there was a reason Tina ought to know about Leta Lestrange. Like she probably noticed Tina was falling for Newt a bit, but Queenie, who’s read Newt’s thoughts on the matter, knows he’s still carrying a torch for Leta. Queenie probably doesn’t want Tina to get her hopes up with regards to Newt. 

Which makes me really really really curious about what Queenie learned about Leta and Newt’s relationship. I mean, he still has a picture of her, for Merlin’s sake!

incrediblefrown  asked:

Re: Italics-less foils; so can we infer that it doesn't take the same herculean effort to sneak a watermark onto a card for its foil? Crux of Fate and the Siege cycle from FRF had those Khans-Vs-Dragons watermarks on them that aren't present on the regular kind.

Every time you see a card that is different in any way, that was a new card that someone had to lay out.

i’ve seen people compare hxh to naruto in terms of like, “annoying unnecessary exposition”, but it’s actually very rare that hxh’s infodumps are super intrusive? they generally make sense and are not just Explaining Things I Could Very Easily Infer. the first 20-30 episodes are pretty slow but not so slow that it literally made me want to turn off the show and do something else

as it is when i’m watching naruto rn i skip about 30%+ of an episode every time because it is almost entirely just recaps of shit that just happened which is… Irritating 

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Hello!! I just found your blog through one of your Amazon bookstore pics. (Btw, I'm with you 100% in the whole YA needing to be treated like serious literature thing. That's one of my everlasting rant-passions.) In the pic I saw, you mentioned your thesis, and I was wondering what you're writing about, if you don't mind sharing.

*waves* Welcome to my blog! Here we cry and laugh about characters and angrily rant at trolls. 

But anyway! Thesis! So here’s the long answer: I’m a Gender and Women’s Studies major at am writing my thesis on three things: 

1. Analyzing the original Beauty and the Beast French fairytale through a critical feminist lens. 

2. Analyzing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast through a critical feminist lens.

3. Analyzing/comparing/contrasting/making new inferences about Sarah J. Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury through, you guessed it, a critical feminist lens (with a specific focus on race, gender, sexuality, identity, and class). 

It’s currently 51 pages and all the writing has been completed it just needs to keep going through some intense edits and will be available to be read publicly (at the latest) in March if you (and the slew of others who have asked) is interested in reading it :)

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What do you think the paper in Lydia's hand is?

it’s actually the records from stiles’ jeep :O [watch the sneak peek here] we can infer that b/c the stilinski’s are talking about the jeep and how it was stolen etc.

but you don’t know how much i wish it was a letter from stiles to lydia or that drawing we saw back in 3x18 “for lydia” ……… somethings are more important though; like the fact that stiles and lydia are emotional tethers and love each other and their reunion is going to be the greatest thing television has ever seen

well, returning to Ostagar was upsetting

congrats, dan and phil. ur officially the kids i used to hang out with in highschool

(also, pls remember this is just a silly drawing, and to use tw tags for drug use, just to be safe!!!✨ )