“Damage from the Diamonds.”

This simple drawing, and the eerie music that accompanies it, makes this one of the most sinister images we’ve had in Steven Universe. From this, we can understand how strong the Diamond Authority really is, like the Diamonds are some kind of terrible deity.

When the Diamonds finally start showing up in person, and the Crystal Gems have to fight against them, I believe they’ll be in an entirely different league. Yellow Diamond is clearly still angry about Earth, and we can infer the others are just the same, and there will be Hell to pay.

“I guess it’ll take more than a kiss to heal damage from the diamonds…” So now we know why the majority of the gems left on Earth have become corrupted, it’s because of the explosion of light emitted by the Diamond Authority as they left Earth. As the episode infers, the light corrupted gems which witnessed it, and left them in a monstrous state. I personally think that the Diamonds would do this in order to ensure that the gems left behind on Earth would be powerless, and unable to continue the rebellion.

why is physical appearance such a big deal why does it matter so much to people why would you decide you can infer someone’s quality of character by the way their facial features are shaped and arranged i dont even care if i sound basic fake deep right now i legitimately think its shallow as fuck and i dont get it

some pretty baseless random guess tho- the following content lacks of proper confirmation but it’s still interesting to think of it…

for some reason this scene just stuck in my head as i noticed centi got more than two arms here. unlike when she’s first brought back in this episode, she had normal limb numbers, two arms and two legs. so i started considering that extra limbs might be the effect of corruption. that probably is a fair inference ppl can have. but then it reminds me of malachite’s image. having three pair of arms is a rather noticeable feature of malachite. of course it could be due to the fact that jasper and lapis weren’t in a good harmony when they fused and their bad relationship reflects on malachite’s appearance. but i always find this explanation isn’t that sufficient for me bc three pair of arm is apparently more than what they already had. if the abnormal look just came from that they couldn’t get along well and worked as one, then they could just have other extra body parts like more mouths, noses or sth else. but where did the extra arms come from?

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What do you think about Steven as a character? Some feel that the Gems should be the full time focus without Steven. How do you feel?

Steven’s an interesting character to me because you don’t get to see a lead character like him often! He embodies heroism (enthusiastic, encouraging, empathetic, curious, generally level-headed) in a way that is equal parts youthful exuberance and personal understanding. How often do you get to see a sci-fi/space fantasy with gorgeous mood-driven colors and lady heroes that has a child - an empathetic little boy - for a main character?

These “some people” you’re talking about are probably people looking for a more complex story, or one that doesn’t involve children. And while there IS such a story contained within the Steven Universe universe, it’s mostly hidden in the background, inferred from offhand comments by the characters, murals on the walls, and careful frame-by-frame examination of the episodes, because the FOCUS of SU as a show is on Steven. If “some people” would prefer a show about the Gems, then that’s their prerogative and they’ll have to look elsewhere; this just isn’t their show.

Which, I have to point out, is totally okay! As much as I and many other people love SU to death, it’s still not everyone’s cup of tea, and you can’t fault them for that.

But anyway, yeah, I like Steven cause he’s a good role model. And I’m not just talking about “for kids”… :)

Ser Chicky Gower's Heroism

I’ve been playing tabletop role-playing games (like Dungeons & Dragons) for over a decade. Most of the time players are only concerned with saving each other from danger. Often they don’t even bother with that. Rarely do they concern themselves with Non-Player Characters. NPCs are faceless, disposable dispensors of loot, experience points, or quest info. Usually it’s a struggle to even remember their name.

In all my experience, as a player or Game Master, I’ve never seen what @chickren did in ep 7. Without hesitating she saved a castle full of NPCs even though it meant death for her party. And most people in Blackhorn are jerks (excluding Jonah)! But that didn’t matter. Because (I infer) Chicky is playing her character as a True Knight, and it wasn’t really choice for her at all. Chicky displayed dramatic role-playing in this briefest of moments, and she will get nothing but shit from her party for it.

Meanwhile, no NPC was there to witness what went down. So nobody [that I control] can tell her they appreciate what she did. To the Moorsheads, the Doore ladies destroyed their expensive alchemy lab and murdered their pyromancer. I wish like hell that I could insert a NPC that knows what really happened so that I could express my admiration for her heroics (through the NPC’s voice).
But that won’t happen. She’s hated and feared by the people she saved. And she doesnt ask for recognition or glory in the future episodes. Reminds me of another knight who saved the population of King’s Landing and never got credit for it.

Just wanted to share that thought here, ‘cause I couldn’t think of a way to do so in-game.


Zeton:  I…I haven’t lost respect for you, daddy. I just…I never thought you’d be capable of… *unable to finish*

Anton:  *infers the rest* …stealing from people? I know. Zeton, I appreciate you for not bringing it up in front of Chaya.  She doesn’t know yet.

Zeton:  No, I couldn’t do that.  I really like her.

Chaya returns to the patio and Zeton sits back down in her seat. Anton grabs another menu to check out the drink selection.

Chaya:  *cheerful tone* So…are we ready to go yet!

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I'm sorry for being this slow, but when you talk about the long awaited surprise for fitzsimmons, are we just inferring that there will be one because it is a season premiere or is there a specific reason for expecting a surprise? Thanks and sorry to bother :)

Hi Anon!

No worries at all!  The surprise is an actual canon event that came to us by way of the tag scene with Radcliffe.

Specifically when Radcliffe asks Aida if Fitz would be joining him for Aida’s birth and the response was. “Leopold had to decline, he is organizing a surprise for Jemma.”  

The reason we think we have a really good chance at seeing said surprise is Jed and Mo said one of the reason’s they did the time jump in the finale was so they could jump right into the story.  Pick up pretty much where it left off.  

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Would you happen to know what the mouths of temnospondyls might look like? Like, would they have mostly exposed teeth like crocodiles, or huge lips like frogs, or something in between? Do we know?

Hmm…. if we’re bracketing from non-tetrapod fish and salamanders, we could infer that their teeth were covered at least partially by fleshy tissue. The presence of lips has been proposed at least once (by Janvier, 1992) on account of mandibular sensory-line grooves and vascularization, but this was rejected by Steyer (2002). Eaton (1959) and Rocek & Claude-Rage (2000) suggested that lips in anurans are an adaptation to suction-feeding at the larval stage.

(Src: Steyer, 2002)

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New Battle: Who would win in a fight: Mitt Romney or Ted Cruz Battle Ground: The Edge of an Active Volcano, the only thing they're equipped with are neckties.

oooooh… this is a toughie. now, i’m gonna infer that richer men not only own more ties but know more tie knots because of class stuff. romney is worth $250 million, while ted cruz is worth a mere $3.5 million. from this we can infer that mitt possesses more tie-related knowledge and ability to use a tie. however, this is barely relevant.

now, ted cruz is 5′10″, while mitt romney is 6′2″. in a fight, a taller person’s weakness is balance. the edge of an active volcano is not the place to lose one’s balance.

the weapons favor mitt romney.

the scene favors ted cruz.

now, both weapons and scene are unconventional, but i’m going to say the scene is more important. therefore, i think ted cruz would win.

just for fun, compare ted cruz holding a gun to the closest thing the google search “mitt romney holding a gun” had to, well, mitt romney holding a gun:

i don’t know about you, but in my eyes ted has won this round.

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i'm forwarding you my dentist bills courtesy of the cavities induced by your latest SWAR update (it was so great and i'm so glad rey's ambivalence seems to have lessened and to see kylo's complete devotion to her is just so heartwarming. argh and i'm not a hux fan but the way you wrote hux's character actually warms me up to him a bit (can it be inferred that in the beginning hux saw rey as romantic rival?). anyway thank you so much for writing such a wonderful work!!! <3 <3 <3

I didn’t plan to warm up to Hux, but thanks to seeing @every-day-is-star-wars-day‘s obsession with him I decided to give him a bit of a second chance. He’s not a complete asshole - at least, not all the time. I’m glad you’re liking him a bit  more! I know I’m liking writing him in a more favorable light.

Kylo’s head over Louboutin heels, honestly, and I love it. 

Thank you so much for sending me an ask! I’m so, so glad you liked this chapter (even though it gave you cavities - I’ll send Kylo the bills, he can afford it much better than I can ;) ) 

unforth-ninawaters replied to your post:Is it bad to go as fem!dean and male cas?

…what if it was fem!top!Dean (and Cas just loved to get pegged?) (just curious - since I’m inferring that your dislike of fem Dean is tied to your love of bottom Cas?)

(You inferred correctly. At least I guess so…)

I suppose…! 

I don’t know if I’d risk reading it because I could go into grumpy mode anyway simply because it’s Cas/fem!Dean. I mean I could probably take alpha fem!Dean and omega!Cas too. >w< But I don’t know if I would really read a story with Cas/fem!Dean whether there was nsfw content or not.



A tactical glimpse of blending JKD and Muay Thai. At RCW we do many stand alone classes, but also understand the importance of creativity, experimentation , and blending the arts into a total package. 

As Guro Inosanto and Ajarn Chai have shown me over the years, and the Gracie’s and Pedro Sauer, you must first have structure and fundamentals and then you must add to it creativity and make it your own. As Bruce Lee famously espoused over JKD and training: 

“Know the principal, abide by the principal, dissolve the principal”. You could also put it, know the rule, follow the rule, bend the rule. It doesn’t infer that the fundamentals are shattered or no longer valid, it means that the basics are so intrinsic that proper creativity can take place. 

A good boxer or Jiu Jitsu practitioner has to think on the fly. In order to do that the core fundamentals must be sound and so ingrained that they’re automatic. What happens with most people when left alone is two fold. They seem to either follow the rule endlessly and desire to live in a box. Therefore progress is stuck because they stifle their own creative will. Conversely the other student is too creative for their own good. They never got down the fundamentals, they jump to something fancy, ask endless “what if” questions and proclaim themselves an expert ahead of their time. The latter is a little more dangerous because if you can never attain structure the basics will never stand out and the game will be riddled with holes. 

YOU have to cultivate and develop the essentials, and then after a number of years you’ll begin to realize what is uniquely yours. What moves fit your body, your personality, your style? No one can answe those questions truly but yourself. At RCW we have a sound path to the basics and it shows in everything we do. After 10 years I can tell you I’m thrilled to see our senior students exploring their boundaries and distilling new ideas back into what I’ve shared with them. Many times I learn from them, they’ll perform a technique better than me, or in a way I hadn’t thought about. It’ll be a good mechanic too, because they’ve done a great job honing the basics. 

Know the rules, follow the rules, bend the rules. So it’s kinda like the matrix ;) 

JJ Abrams would like to make a Knights of Ren movie

“I gotta say Kathy Kennedy, who’s running it all, she seems to be pushing all the right buttons. There isn’t something that I’d love to see—I guess the one thing I would say is there’s a Knights of Ren story that I think would be pretty cool to tell.”

Given Abrams’ comments here, one could infer that there are currently no plans to further explain the Knights of Ren backstory in Episode VIII or Episode IX. Or maybe Abrams is talking about a specific Knights of Ren story that he cooked up during the development of Force Awakens that didn’t make it into the film.

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Just curious: do you find the best friend relationship between James and Sirius to be as strong and interesting as the inferred love between Remus and Sirius? I feel like I don't see enough stuff on the tumblrs about James/Sirius besties headcanons/roleplays etc. theres like a thousand more posts about wolfstar, which I like but I also really dig the friendship between James/Sirius and their silliness. ((Runaway was fantastic tho, so good on you!))

(( OOC: James’ and Sirius’s friendship is my favorite thing. 

I love wolfstar… and I really like that dynamic, but I honestly think that James was the most important person to Sirius. More than anyone else ever. EVER. James’ and Sirius’s bromance brings me life. )) 

So there’s this inferred plot point going around that when the crew realizes there ‘aren’t enough lifeboats’ (aka there’s a finite number of people they can save and it’s not everyone), decisions will have to be made about who gets a survival spot and how that will be determined. I’m really interested in how these decisions are going to be made, because there’s potential for an echo of the Culling where certain people decide to lay down their lives in order to ensure the survival of people they care about/give them a better chance. The Culling was such a traumatic and formative experience for both Kane and Bellamy, and after all their development I think Kane would campaign furiously against it, this time choosing to have hope that everyone can be saved. Bellamy, who destroyed the radio out of selfishness and inadvertently played a significant role in those deaths, is now the kind of person who would do anything – including laying down his own life – to protect the group at large.

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Introverted Feeling

From Carl Jung’s Psychological Types

Introverted feeling is determined principally by the subjective factor. It differs quite as essentially from extroverted feeling as introverted from extroverted thinking. It is extremely difficult to give an intellectual  account of the introverted feeling process, or even an approximate  description of it, although the peculiar nature of this kind of feeling is very noticeable once one has become aware of it.

Since it is  conditioned subjectively and is only secondarily concerned with the object, it seldom appears on the surface and is generally misunderstood. It is a feeling which seems to devalue the object, and it therefore manifests itself for the most part negatively. The existence of positive feeling can be inferred only indirectly. Its aim is not to adjust itself to the object, but to subordinate it in an unconscious effort to realize the underlying images.

It is continually seeking an image which has no existence in reality, but which it has seen in a kind of vision. It glides unheedingly over all objects that do not fit with  its aim. It strives after inner intensity, for which the objects serve at most as stimulus.

The depth of this feeling can only be guessed - it can never be clearly grasped. It makes people silent and difficult of access; it shrinks back like a violet from the brute nature of the object in order to fill the depths of the subject. It comes out with negative judgments or assumes an air of profound indifference as a means of defense.

The primordial images are, of course, just as much ideas as feelings. Fundamental ideas, ideas like God, freedom, and immortality, are just as much feeling-values as they are significant  ideas. Everything, therefore, that we have said about introverted thinking is equally true of introverted feeling, only here everything is  felt while there it was thought.

However, the very fact that thoughts can generally be expressed more intelligibly than feelings demands a more than ordinary descriptive or artistic ability before the real wealth of this feeling can be even approximately presented or communicated to the world. If subjective thinking can be understood only with difficulty because of its detachment, this is true in an even higher degree of subjective feeling. In order to communicate with others, introverted feeling has to find an external form not only acceptable to itself, but capable of also arousing parallel feeling in them. Thanks to the relatively great inner (as well as outer) uniformity of human beings, it is actually possible to do this, though the form acceptable to feeling is extraordinarily difficult to find so long as it is still mainly oriented to the fathomless store of primordial images.

If, however, feeling is falsified by an egocentric attitude, it at once becomes unsympathetic, because it is then concerned mainly with the ego. It inevitably creates the impression of sentimental self-love, of trying to make itself interesting, even of morbid self admiration. Just as the subjectivized conscious of the introverted thinker, striving after abstraction to the nth degree, only succeeds in intensifying a thought process that is in itself empty, the intensification of egocentric feeling only leads to inane transports of feeling for their own sake. This is the mystical, ecstatic stage which opens the way for the extroverted functions that feeling has repressed.

Just as introverted thinking is counterbalanced by a primitive feeling, to which objects attach themselves by a magical force, introverted feeling is counterbalanced by a primitive thinking, whose concretism and slavery to facts surpass all bounds. Feeling progressively emancipates itself from the object and creates for itself a freedom of action and conscience that is purely subjective, and may even renounce all traditional values. But so much more so does the unconscious thinking fall a victim to the power of objective reality.



Truly wanting diversity amongst otome heroines means accepting that kind, thoughtful, supportive, quiet etc etc types count as part of that diversity. A character doesn’t have to be strong to be meaningful.

Elliot Is Dead

Here’s my Mr Robot theory:
When Elliot’s dad pushed him out of the window he broke his neck and died and Elliot’s dad survived his sickness and he himself had schizophrenia and is trying to live the life Elliot would have lived while trying to get revenge on Ecorp because they’re the reason he got sick and angrily pushed Elliot out of the window in the first place.

We don’t see the world as it actually is we see it through Elliot’s mind. I mean we see everyone calling Ecorp ‘EvilCorp’ because that’s the way the persona (Elliot/Elliot’s Dad) sees it. So it means that the way in which we see the story of Mr Robot completely depends on how the persona sees it. So as we watch the show the whole thing could be a completely different world.

In part 2 of the Season 2 premiere, Mr Robot says to Elliot how he will show him that everyone sees him. So this could infer that Mr Robot is not just a representation of his state of mind but also his appearance.