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So I Just Noticed...

In The Infernal Devices, a scene with Will and Magnus happens in which Magnus kisses Will in front of Camille. This made Camille think -though I can’t remember if she truly believed it or not- that Will and Magnus had a relationship going when they in fact did not though I wouldn’t have been opposed to it, and Magnus later straight up tells Will it never happened and that he was hallucinating from the aftereffect of painkilling spells because he only wanted Camille to think he had a new lover.
But then, a hundred or so years later, Camille is being held in the institute and refuses to talk to anyone but Magnus. And what happens? She brings up Will. How Magnus must have a thing for pretty boys, as Will and Alec look alike. So what I’m hearing is Magnus never told her. In a hundred years he didn’t get around to telling her that he never did actually cheat on her with Will and the idea of Will makes Alec feel jealous despite there only being a kiss between the two and I just started laughing at 4 AM about that because thats what I think about when I wake up before my alarm. I can just imagine Will being like “What the ACTUAL HELL MAGNUS? YOU SAID NOTHING HAPPENED!”

You know when you really think about it every single major problem shadowhunters have ever had can be traced back to some shit they did

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I will never understand how someone can finish a book, like it and then just go on living. I have to go look for all of the fan art and fanfiction that has ever been published. Do deep character analysis, see what other people think of it, and basically just scroll down the book’s tumblr tag for HOURS looking at everything that’s already been discussed about it then imerse myself in the fandom so much it will consume my every thought for at least the coming week.

You know the thing about Cassandra Clare books...

You know the thing about @cassandraclare books that makes them so incredible is not the story, which is undoubtedly great, but it’s the fact that virtually everyone can see them self represented in them.

It’s not just that it has one of the best, less fetishized and widest LGBTQ+ representations that I’ve ever read, including married LGBTQ couples, LGBTQ adoption, a transsexual character who’s transition is barely touched upon and is completely accepted as the gender she identifies by the man who is in love with her, even after she revealed the truth about herself, and gender non conforming character and so on.

But it also shows one of the widest representations in general:
There are gorgeous girls who can kick your ass in 12in heels, guys who are completely in touch and comfortable with their emotions as well as those who struggle to hide them away. character who are questioning them self and the beliefs they grew up with, petite girls who struggle to be taken seriously, a plus size girl that no matter how much she diets or exercise can’t seem to loose weight, a non fetishized boy-girl friendship, a guy who loves reading classic romantic stories, minority characters who are smart, strong, talented and proud of their heritage, an autistic character, a character who lost everything and struggles to trust everyone ever again, and so much more.

@cassandraclare books are incredible because no matter who you are, you can find a character that represents you, or who you aspire to be.